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Good Morning, Everyone!               🎳  RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY 🎳

🎶 Keep the BALL ROLLIN‘, Keep the BALL ROLLIN‘…Girl, the name of the game is love…On your mark, get set, let the kissin’ start, and just keep the BALL ROLLIN‘, Baby right into my heart….🎶

🎳 Get BITTEN by the Bowling bug, and one is sure to see,
It tends to grow much BIGGER, there is MARVEL, not ennui…
I heard the faint SONATA of the pins all tumbling down,
When my friend from Indiana brought his bowling love to town.
He spoke at LENGTH about its’ pros, why I would surely love
The sport of hurling this big ball, while wearing a small glove,
Persistent as a PULLEY, he dragged me to a lane…
And I must say my interest piqued, the doubt began to wane.
So now it’s added to my list of pastimes I find grand,
It’s exercise, it’s fun for me…(the shoes though I can’t stand)…
I’ve gotten better at it, this sport that they call Bowling,
It’s not up there with Baseball, but I do GET THE BALL ROLLING! 🎳

After a week of considerably easy puzzles, we thought maybe we’d be subject to a PARALYZER today..something to really STRIKE our solving ability. But alas, we’ve been SPAREd! The words all seem to be old favorites, and nothing to really KNOCK us DOWN! I couldn’t PIN DOWN MARVEL or BIGGER in my records, yet they do seem familiar. If anyone does remember them, please feel free to let us know. So, let’s ROLL over to our cartoon, and work on our solution. Looking at the FRAME today, we find ourselves at the Grand Opening of a new BOWLING ALLEY. The owner, Mr. HAM BONE, looking to get things off to a good START, is shown standing at the FOUL LINE, poised to throw his BALL. He seems to have a distinctive look about him, meaning he may be an actual person Jeff knows. But I really don’t know where to APPROACH a search from, so I’m just mentioning it, but there’ll be no FOLLOW THROUGH. The LINE he’s speaking is classic Jeff! “Get the GAME going, with the first STRIKE“! HA! The pun within the fun! Good PLAY, Jeff, a DOUBLE WHAMMY! Standing watching, are a group of FIVE. The man farthest left, looks to be our Jumble HEAD PIN, David Hoyt…Not that I automatically think of David every time I see a bald man now…And not that there’s anything wrong with that..if I did..it just looks like him. The others, from LEFT to RIGHT, are a guy who seems to have just ROLLED out of bed, a woman, holding a BOWLING BAG, and at the BACK END, a man and a woman who appear to be clapping…Everyone looks to be anxiously waiting… Our question asks…What was the owner anxious to do…GET THE BALL ROLLING! Well, DROP THE BALL..I mean Drop the Mic! Good one, Dave! PERFECT STRIKE!

Ok, eye candy…Again, I’ll go DOWN the LINE..Dave, is giving a little THUMBs UP. The next guy? Uh, let’s get BACK to him…The blonde woman, whose name is ANNE, according to her shirt, for some unknown reason, has her tongue hanging from her mouth…I can’t PIN that one DOWN. The next man, who I’m naming DIRK, is very SOLID looking, and our women at the END, who I’ll call MEG, is looking AVERAGE. So, let’s go BACK to our number TWO…Ok, I hate to sound FOUL, but I am from BROOKLYN, so I’m not going to SPARE this guys’ feelings. Where’d he ROLL in from, the GUTTER? He’s dressed in shorts and a Tee-shirt. (At least I hope they’re shorts)! Over that, he’s wearing a bathrobe! C’mon, SPARE me! I mean has this guy CROSSED THE LINE, or what? He’s holding a Pilsner glass with what I presume to be beer. He looks like an regular ALLEY cat. You know, maybe that’s why Anne has her tongue hanging out..She many be afraid he’s going to BUMPER! I just can’t CHANNEL this guy..but I’ll name him MARK MURRAY, and pick him as the eye candy for today. THE FULL MURRAY…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!..And remember..STRIKE while the iron is hot…and you’ll always be SPAREd any indecision. Bottom LINE, no one likes those SPLIT decisions…At least not in my oPINion! 🎳🙋🏻

22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/10/2018

  1. BITTEN by the failure of the newer and BIGGER PULLEY at the start of the SONATA , it was a MARVEL that the stage manager kept his demeanour throughout the LENGTH of the performance.
    For a Sunday Puzzle, today was not a difficult time. SONATA gave me a brief tic, as it did the last time it appeared. All those vowels tend to slow me down. The solution, even with all those letters, was fairly obvious and came quickly.
    Not familiar with our song Angela, but it is “spot on” as usual.
    Your poem is wonderful–love that word “ennui”
    Off for my morning walk and I’ll check in later for other comments.
    Have a Justifiably great day every one.

    • Good Morning, Earl. I MARVEL at your sentence! Despite the words being easy as you’ve said, getting them to sound cohesive as a group was a bit of a challenge. Kudos, Sir! And Thank You very much for the Poem Nom. I found doing it fun, despite the diversity of the words. And ever since my last use of ennui, and our subsequent conversation, you come to mind every time I use/hear the word. Not that I “relate” the definition of the word TO you…There is nothing boring about you, Sir, by no means! 😉. In fact before you, it was always Sinatra, (BMH), who came to mind, from the classic 🎶I Get a Kick Out Of You🎶, easily one of my Top 10 favorites of his. So, if nothing else, you’re in very good company! ROLLING around with what’s becoming my usual Sunday brouhaha, your post hit before I was able to include mine. I did it and ran out the door for Mass, so I’m just seeing it now. Of course I turn my phone off in Church. The song choice is 🎶Keep The Ball Rollin’🎶 by once again, Jay and the Techniques. The year, 1966. If you remember, on Wednesday, I featured their song, 🎶Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie🎶. This is definitely the first time I’ve ever used the same artist twice within the same week. And they say lightning never STRIKES twice in the same place! 😂I’m glad you found it as suitable as I did. Sometimes, it seems as if the Jumble Guys are “hearing” the same music! LOL..Anyway, if I may, I suggest again you take a minute to listen to it..I do think it’ll STRIKE a chord! Hope your walk went well, and here’s to a great day! Justifiably so! 😉🎳🎶

  2. Sunday puzzles usually give me fits but not today’s.Being a former bowler,it was nice to see a bowling related puzzle.Alas my Cavs hangover has persisted with a Cleve Indian extra inning loss to the Tigers last night.When will it ever end?

    • Have you considered moving? …Oh, wait, I believe you already have…Them I’m out of suggestions…
      LOL..Good morning, Chuck! I saw that extra inning debacle last night, and I thought…”Poor Chuck..He may soon need an exorcism”…You are Catholic, right? I think I recall you mentioning playing Communion with the Neccos. Think about it..it can’t hurt…😂 As for the agony of defeat, you’re preaching to the choir. The Mets were again beaten by the Yankees last night. So far 2 out of 2. The final game scheduled for tonight. Last year, my beloved cousin had a broom delivered to me. A regular Sweetheart that guy. One can only imagine what might be in store for me this year…But am I going to let it get to me? Am I going to lose faith? Did I not light 2 big candles this morning to St Anthony, the patron Saint of “lost things”? No, ah, maybe…and yes, I did! …The price we pay for being Sports fans…I should have listened to my Grandmother and took up gardening…😉 Hang in there, Chuck…There’s always tomorrow! Have a good one, Sir! ⚾️🙋🏻

      • Yes indeed,I am Catholic.The Tribe did beat Detroit,this afternoon,so maybe I’ve turned the corner.I am definitely on your side rooting for the Mets to beat those “Damn Yankees.”

        • There you go! Maybe the curse has been lifted! 😉 And you got a good arm there with Klubot, he did well…Yea, Chuck I’d like to see us come away with at least one in the plus column. I know you can relate. I’ve heard that damn “Swoosh” sound so many times today, and received so many texts with pics of brooms, that I’m thinking of turning off all social media until it’s over! The pressure’s relentless…And this is all from family! But looking at losing the last 8, and 13 out of the last 15? We’re not exactly batting 1000! Literally! Maybe we’ll be rained out! 😉Funny thing is, I don’t hate the Yankees, I just hate seeing us lose to them so badly. I developed a serious soft spot for Judge. So here I was last night, when he went long, and I wasn’t sure if I should stand and cheer, or cry in the beer! Luckily I was drinking wine…made the decision a little easier! 😉 Anyway, as I said, I lit my candles this morning, winked at St Anthony…and the rest is up to fate…Let’s hope it’s not Fait Accompli! See ya on deck! Enjoy! ⚾️🙋🏻

  3. The answer popped into my head right away, but I had to back into MARVEL AND SONATA. Wishing all a great day.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. I think the answer may be an automatic SET UP today. It seems to be coming quickly to everyone. Sonata we had back in October. But as I mentioned I couldn’t find MARVEL. It may be new. And three others this morning have told me that they were stuck on it. All in all though, a cute, fun puzzle, and an easy one, considering it’s a Sunday. Here’s to a great day, Caroline! 🎳🙋🏻

  4. Good morning especially the early bird. I thought I recognized your opening song but then as I read on I wasn’t sure. After reading your answer back to Earl I decided to play it first before commenting. Perfect choice and yes I remembered it well. You and Earl make it a pleasure to read your input each and every day. I thank you guys for that. I really thought we were going to be hit hard today but we were saved again. I had a little trouble and the words from 1-6 were answered in this fashion. The first being 4,5,1,6,2 then 3. The cartoon answer again was a complete blind solve which gave me the three letters “ERL” for finally getting Marvel. All and all another rewarding day. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! You’re very welcome! And Thank You so much for those kind words! 😘 But keep in mind, the pleasure’s mine also…you soooo bring Sunshine to my mornings! I’m glad you enjoyed today’s music selection…Checked it out before commenting though, huh? What’d ya figure..Once BITTEN, twice shy? 😂😂 Just teasing, Bud…But good move on your part nonetheless! You’re a quick learner..I like that! 😉 Ok, now this word order. I admit I’m mathematically challenged, but I do consider myself pretty good at Reading Comprehension 101. So, if I’m reading this correctly, you said MARVEL was your stumper…Yet you go on to list it as your first word solved. You pulling a “Gaslight” on me here? Let’s review…4-5-1-6-2-3. Are you with me so far? So, what am I missing? (And could I possibly get a Win 4 out of this)? Whatever…Ok, so…the ball’s back in your court…I can wait…🏀🙋🏻

      • Angela,sometimes (my children say often) my mind thinks differently then what I expressed. But in this case even though it may be confusing I got it right. I’m smiling because you got it wrong. I’ll do it this way. Words 1-6 were answered 1-4th,2-5th,3-1st,4-6th (marvel) 5-2nd and finally 6-3rd. Remember,if it doesn’t come after say 30 seconds I move on to the next word and then back again. Now that I got everybody totally confused I bid you good day.

        • Paul…LOL… I have no problem whatsoever being wrong. And even less of one being corrected … But what does one call this? Creative Math 101? I’d say Brooklyn Math 101, but that’s where I learned so…I’d be defeating the purpose! So, once again, I’m so happy to make you smile. It truly warms my heart…but, and this is a big BUT…something’s rotten in Denmark! Or Brooklyn, or Staten Island for that matter! …And tell your kids I’ll pray for them..😂😂 (I’m going to read it again because for a minute there, it did make sense…and it scared the c–p out of me)! …I bid you good day also, my Fair Prince! 😂 🙋🏻

  5. DONE!! Instant solve of the cartoon and quick solve of the clue words.

    CLAY DAVIS, your double-letter rule worked all four times today! Thanks!!!!

    Steve, I will be recuperating from a wonderful Saturday of birthday celebrating but wish to thank you again for the lullaby song.

    Mike, et all, happy, happy Sunday!! See you tomorrow!

    • Hi Lelia – Here are two more instrumental “lullabies” – check out “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny that I heard yesterday, and this link to “Rockport Sunday” by Tom Rush, supposedly written in Rockport, Maine. You can almost hear the seagulls.

    • Yes, it’s been like clockwork to have it working so well and thank you for pointing it out to get the word out even more, pardon the pun!

  6. Hi all – Clay’s double letter trick really helped on BIGGER and BITTEN, and also worked on PULLEY and SONATA. Appropriately, LENGTH took the longest.

    I like David’s bowling glove through which you can give a thumb’s up sign. And I hope the guy beside him doesn’t try bowling in open-toed sandals.

    Betty, there was one good headline I missed in the East Bay Times yesterday – “Sweeping Beauty”. And, looking at the weather forecast, of course Tuesday, parade day, is supposed to be the warmest and sunniest of the week!

    Two things of note at the thrift store yesterday.
    One was the signs saying “Closed Tue. June 12 due to Warriors parade.”
    The other was that my supermarkets and coffee shop haven’t been coming through with “Songs from the ceiling” lately, so it was left up to them yesterday, playing Bobby Darin’s “Dream Lover”, and the haunting and hypnotic steel guitar instrumental “Sleep Walk” by the duo of Santo and Johnny. Wouldn’t you know it, Angela – two kids from the BROOKLYN SIDE of town! That’s a song that sounds like it written expressly for the purpose of slow dancing at the prom.
    From Wikipedia: “Sleep Walk” was a principal inspiration to Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green for his 1968 instrumental “Albatross”, which became a worldwide hit. “Albatross” in turn inspired the Beatles song “Sun King” from Abbey Road.”

    Happy Sunday all.

    • Steve…That song was written for better things than a Prom! 😉 Trust me, I know, because we STILL play it constantly!!! 😉😉😉(Three winks)!! And when that old 45 looked like it might be wearing out years ago, we copied it to a disc, Just in case…I think it’s one of the most beautiful, sensual songs ever written. Want to hear a weird piece of trivia? Santo and Johnny, last name Farina, (I think, not positive), played at Richie Valens funeral. I don’t know how or where I learned of it, but I think about it all the time when I play 🎶Sleep Walk🎶…but the thought doesn’t linger…😉 Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! 🎳🙋🏻

        • Maybe my parents, you mean! 😂 It’s a very common Italian name, so that’s probably why it stuck in my head….(I went to look too) Talk about inane stuff stuck in the abyss! 🎶🙋🏻

      • You hit another one out of the park again. After reading this I listened to Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny and would put this in my top twenty instrumentals. Have to think about it but might be even closer to ten. It is a beautiful piece.

        • Did you remember it? Top Five here…A few times over the years we tried putting words to it…🎶🙋🏻

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