Jumble Answers for 06/10/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!               🎳  RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY 🎳

🎶 Keep the BALL ROLLIN‘, Keep the BALL ROLLIN‘…Girl, the name of the game is love…On your mark, get set, let the kissin’ start, and just keep the BALL ROLLIN‘, Baby right into my heart….🎶

🎳 Get BITTEN by the Bowling bug, and one is sure to see,
It tends to grow much BIGGER, there is MARVEL, not ennui…
I heard the faint SONATA of the pins all tumbling down,
When my friend from Indiana brought his bowling love to town.
He spoke at LENGTH about its’ pros, why I would surely love
The sport of hurling this big ball, while wearing a small glove,
Persistent as a PULLEY, he dragged me to a lane…
And I must say my interest piqued, the doubt began to wane.
So now it’s added to my list of pastimes I find grand,
It’s exercise, it’s fun for me…(the shoes though I can’t stand)…
I’ve gotten better at it, this sport that they call Bowling,
It’s not up there with Baseball, but I do GET THE BALL ROLLING! 🎳

After a week of considerably easy puzzles, we thought maybe we’d be subject to a PARALYZER today..something to really STRIKE our solving ability. But alas, we’ve been SPAREd! The words all seem to be old favorites, and nothing to really KNOCK us DOWN! I couldn’t PIN DOWN MARVEL or BIGGER in my records, yet they do seem familiar. If anyone does remember them, please feel free to let us know. So, let’s ROLL over to our cartoon, and work on our solution. Looking at the FRAME today, we find ourselves at the Grand Opening of a new BOWLING ALLEY. The owner, Mr. HAM BONE, looking to get things off to a good START, is shown standing at the FOUL LINE, poised to throw his BALL. He seems to have a distinctive look about him, meaning he may be an actual person Jeff knows. But I really don’t know where to APPROACH a search from, so I’m just mentioning it, but there’ll be no FOLLOW THROUGH. The LINE he’s speaking is classic Jeff! “Get the GAME going, with the first STRIKE“! HA! The pun within the fun! Good PLAY, Jeff, a DOUBLE WHAMMY! Standing watching, are a group of FIVE. The man farthest left, looks to be our Jumble HEAD PIN, David Hoyt…Not that I automatically think of David every time I see a bald man now…And not that there’s anything wrong with that..if I did..it just looks like him. The others, from LEFT to RIGHT, are a guy who seems to have just ROLLED out of bed, a woman, holding a BOWLING BAG, and at the BACK END, a man and a woman who appear to be clapping…Everyone looks to be anxiously waiting… Our question asks…What was the owner anxious to do…GET THE BALL ROLLING! Well, DROP THE BALL..I mean Drop the Mic! Good one, Dave! PERFECT STRIKE!

Ok, eye candy…Again, I’ll go DOWN the LINE..Dave, is giving a little THUMBs UP. The next guy? Uh, let’s get BACK to him…The blonde woman, whose name is ANNE, according to her shirt, for some unknown reason, has her tongue hanging from her mouth…I can’t PIN that one DOWN. The next man, who I’m naming DIRK, is very SOLID looking, and our women at the END, who I’ll call MEG, is looking AVERAGE. So, let’s go BACK to our number TWO…Ok, I hate to sound FOUL, but I am from BROOKLYN, so I’m not going to SPARE this guys’ feelings. Where’d he ROLL in from, the GUTTER? He’s dressed in shorts and a Tee-shirt. (At least I hope they’re shorts)! Over that, he’s wearing a bathrobe! C’mon, SPARE me! I mean has this guy CROSSED THE LINE, or what? He’s holding a Pilsner glass with what I presume to be beer. He looks like an regular ALLEY cat. You know, maybe that’s why Anne has her tongue hanging out..She many be afraid he’s going to BUMPER! I just can’t CHANNEL this guy..but I’ll name him MARK MURRAY, and pick him as the eye candy for today. THE FULL MURRAY…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!..And remember..STRIKE while the iron is hot…and you’ll always be SPAREd any indecision. Bottom LINE, no one likes those SPLIT decisions…At least not in my oPINion! 🎳🙋🏻