Jumble Answers for 01/06/2019









Good Morning, Everyone!               🕹 PLAYING FOR TIME 🕹

🎶 Many a tear have to fall…But it’s all in the GAME..All in the wonderful GAME, that we know as love…🎶 “All in the Game” – Tommy Edwards 1958 https://tinyurl.com/y7hj9dwx

🕹 When Gamers sit to play a game, they never give a thought,
To what went on behind the scenes to make this game they bought…
The hours spent that turn GARISH, the GOSSIP ‘mong the crew,
‘Bout who is working up to par and who’s not earned his due.
The FUTURE of these games depends on coders sitting tight,
And taking on the STIGMA of the ones who work all night…
Perhaps a MULLET haircut, perhaps a crew-cut dude,
Behind the scenes they’re all WORTHY..and there’s no time to feud…
So when a deadline’s looming, and it’s time that they must cram…
It won’t go well unless they all can GET WITH THE PROGRAM…🕹

From what I can see this morning, we may have another new word with GARISH. The others, all Sweet Repeats, with GOSSIP appearing for the 8th time, and STIGMA the 9th. And none of the past anagrams are the same as today’s! Now that’s some really good enCODING! And rumor has it that GOSSIP is our most recent return, having appeared this past October 21st, while MULLET was only HAIR once before, way back in 2015…What slowed down the PROGRAMMING this morning? There were tics on everything except WORTHY…TRY HOW they might…each of the first 5 words made almost all the Early Birds take a second look…But being a far from LAZY group..they unCODED them all without a GLITCH!

This morning we see two bearded, disheveled BROGRAMMERS working on an UPDATE. But these HACK STREET BOYS seem to be having a PROBLEM. With the diaLOG telling us that a deadline is looming, we see that our PROGRAMMER at left is working HARD..DRIVEing forward, while the one at right is playing with his phone, drinking some soda, and not caring a bit. His “HUH” response, so dismissive, is probably making our worker bee SEE RED. From the look on his face, I bet he’s thinking…”BYTE me”…or maybe “I’ll give you Huh..I’d like to RAM something down your throat”! Or maybe even playing with some acronyms in his head like…”ISDN…It Still Does Nothing“! But if he said any of that out loud, I’m sure our slacker would probably just say..”Gimme a <br>”, or maybe even “Stop BOOLEAN me”! It’s not an ideal situation, and nothing seems to be CLICKING with these two, no matter how you CODE it…But the bottom line is…The THINKER needs the DRINKER to…GET WITH THE PROGRAM! ACUTE one David!…Just for the HACK of it!

Ok, eye candy…Once again, we have a purple shadowed panel. Our guy at front is holding a SUPER SODA, with a straw while he’s engrossed with his phone. The key word being GROSS. Looking pretty shoddy, with his unkempt hair and beard, one wonders what he might look like if he really CHIPped in and did some work…There’s an image of what I believe to be a JOYSTICK on his navy T-Shirt. Too bad he’s not a little bit more in CONTROL of his time though, huh?…Our serious CODER, looking so agitated, is seen as the MAIN (part of the) FRAME, and on his screen we can see a DATA listing, and the UPDATE that he’s working on. It may very well be an UPDATE for the JUST JUMBLE APP, because a cartoon is showing, with both Jeff and David pointing to a Jumble Puzzle in a newspaper. Seeming to be terribly upset, they’re speaking to one another, but I can’t DECIPHER the wording at all. We also see Jeff’s rescue dog Gizmo standing near. I’m making that Cartoon my candy today, because I can’t help but wonder if it’s one we’ve seen before…or something Jeff’s making us privy to for the FUTURE…Maybe Jeff’ll give us an UPDATE! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…CODE hands…Warm heart…🕹🙋🏻

And to Everyone celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany today, Little 🎄Christmas, the Day of  La Befana, Salute! 🍷Tanti Baci! ♥️💋