Jumble Answers for 11/30/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!               🏄🏻 WAVE OF THE FUTURE? 🏄🏻

🎶 Let’s go SURFIN‘ now, Everybody’s learning how…Come on and safari with me
Come on and safari with me…🎶 ” Surfin’ Safari” – The Beach Boys   1962 https://tinyurl.com/ya56tjg6

🏄🏻 I give a surfer credit, it takes real nerves of steel,
To get aboard with riding waves, at least that’s how I feel.
One needs be BRASH and unafraid, while at the oceans’ mercy…
And magical they seem to me…Just like the Goddess Circe.
I’m sure there’s things of TABOO, they keep amongst their peers,

And yet they all get out there, FACADE or not of fears…
So is it SCARCE to give oneself to monstrous waves toward?
I guess not to these guys who love their lives ACROSS THE BOARD! 🏄🏻

Today once again our words are all Sweet Repeats, with SCARCE having appeared earlier this month on the 2nd. TABOO, last seen on August 1st, was anagrammed exactly the same, and was the “unspeakable” word that day…but so far this morning it hasn’t stumped any of the Early Birds. Our oldest word, BRASH, has been seen twice, August 2015, and September 2016, and FACADE last appeared on October 15th of 2017…And as I’m sure most of you may have guessed by now, “Decaf” was definitely not on the menu this morning! SCARCE has brought in a murmur or two, but nothing this morning has caused a WIPE OUT…

If you’re feeling a WAVE of nostalgia looking at our puzzle today, it may be because once again the Jumble brings a familiar theme to the SURFace. Having had a SURFING puzzle on April 7th, and again on May 9th, one may not have expected to see the subject here now, in winter. But I guess the Jumble Guys are BEACHY keen on the sport, and think it’s SWELL. Our scene today opens upon a blue-washed panel. Standing in a SURF SHOP, which I believe to be in Hawaii, we see two men discussing not the rising WAVES, but the rising cost of Surf BOARDS. The Surfer there to rent, is asking the proprietor if he’s PULLED UP the prices, since he didn’t intend to WIPE OUT his bank account just to SURF. But let’s face it, Folks, no matter what we’re CURRENTly in the market for, SURFice to say, the price has gone UP. With that in mind, the owner of the Shop is seen telling him..”SHORE, I did, I added 20% to everything”. And he’s also added new price tags, which are seen posted…ACROSS each BOARD. Good one, David! The prices rose…ACROSS THE BOARD! A perfect (HANG) TEN!

Ok, eye candy…Each BOARD has a Yellow banner ACROSS it, with prices reading left to right…$400, on the Blue Flowered one, $600 on the Brown one with the Black Stripe, and $550 on the Red one with the Lightning Bolt. The BOARD lying at front on a SEAhorse is marked at $700. Our SURFER, in bare feet, wears a Green shirt, with Red Flower-patterned shorts. The owner is clad in Blue, and wears Brown sandals. Looking very closely, there appears to be a tiny “J” on his shorts. There’s a window to the left of the panel, and we can see a woman, clad in a bikini, HANGING EIGHT. And off on the WAVES, we have Jeff’s endearing signature sinking Sailboat. But what really caught my eye this morning? Two things…The first BOARD is patterned with Hibiscus, which is the State Flower of Hawaii. They’re not colored Yellow, but I’m pretty SHORE Jeff meant them to be. And the real BIG KAHUNA of the day? HANGING around the Shop owners neck, we can see a MAKAU, the Hawaiian Bone Fish Hook Necklace, which symbolizes strength and is said to provide good luck and safe journey when out on the WATER. And that’s what HOOKED me…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…WHY POUT about things? It’s a proven fact that where there’s a will…there’s a WAVE! So we may just as SWELL smile…and  RIDE IT OUT! 🏄🏻🙋🏻