Jumble Answers for 05/09/2018








Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! The 5-letter clue words were no trouble at all and were both instantly visible. BUSHEL is definitely an old favorite and was last used on 3/23. Don’t feel bad if you thought it was BLUESH because I’ve also made that error in the past. No matter how many times we see it, it always slows my solve by a few seconds so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Do we have a new clue word in DETECT? I remember DEFECT being used a couple of months ago, but DETECT just doesn’t ring any bells. Either way it was also instantly visible and I made my way to the totally tubular cartoon.

By looking at the panel, my guess for the setting would be a surf shop where we see two men working at a computer station. It looks like they’ve traded office attire for beach attire and for good reason. Just look at that breathtaking view that Jeff added to his piece! What a slice of heaven!!!

By reading the dialogue, sentence, and the wording on the computer screen, we discover that these savvy surfers are using the internet to search for the wildest wave in Waikiki. Although it’s difficult to see in the panel, on the bottom of the computer screen is a wave report which indicates the wave height and swell period. I could go into great detail on how to read the numbers, but let’s suffice it to say that this is crucial information when looking for the “big one”!

I had a very difficult time choosing my favorite detail out of all of the wonderful options that were packed into this piece. The lightning bolt on the surfboard was pretty rad as was the tribal tattoo on the seated surfers arm. My inner-geek told me to choose the website that’s displayed on the top of the computer screen which is DaBigWaves.com. If you’re curious if it’s an actual website, I’ll save you the trouble and tell you that I checked it and it’s a dead link. I guess that’s good news if any of my readers are looking to make a career switch to surf reporting!

The final solution was as simple as could be and I actually blind solved it after reading the dialogue and cartoon sentence. The letter layout was wonderfully cryptic and quite a nice challenge if you weren’t able to figure it out by all of the visual clues provided. I wish everyone a “wicked good” Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🤙🏻

Jumble Answers for 01/18/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!          🏌 TEE For FLEW? 🏌

🎶The problem is all in your backswing, it’s plain to see, you’ll hit the ball much further if you’ll swing more easily. If you will let me show you, I can help you break ninety…You’ll find that GOLF is Such an Easy Game. You gotta putt like Jack, charge like Arnie, swing it smooth just like Ernie. Be like Ben and dig your game out of range…Be Dalyesque and crush that driver, concentrate just like Tiger…You’ll find that GOLF is Such an Easy Game…🎶

⛳️🏌I’d say maybe the last five years in the New York confines
Walking in certain areas, you look out for “land mines”…
An influx of these geese has hit and and it’s TOXIC to me
Since you could fill a BUSHEL with the “things” that you may see…
They travel in formation, in a V, not in a U
(I’ve used that line so that I could get rid of the FONDUE)
From parks to cemeteries, the golf course and the beach
You walk precariously because the geese are right in reach…
They’re never in a HURRY, making you the one to tarry
I’m wondering if this can be a problem too for Harry?
It’s he and Paul who speak of golf, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard…
One truly loves the game…but to the other? FOR THE BIRDS! 🏌⛳️

If you were in a HURRY to FLY through today’s words, BUSHEL may have made you see Blue, instead of GREEN. Did you MISREAD that one? Did you CHOKE? Sure, we’ve seen today’s words beFORE, PUTT the letter SETUPs seem all new. And the SCRAMBLEing? DEAD on. They could have STEERed us in the wrong direction, but with a little fancy FOOTWORK, we got AWAY. Ok, let’s get a GRIP, get into the GROOVE, and BOGEY on down over to our puzzle…We find ourselves on a GOLF COURSE, perhaps in NASSAU, NY. Have you ever been? Nice area, although a little OUT-OF-BOUNDS of the city LINE. We see two GOLFERS, HOOK MULLIGAN (who OPEN FACEd, resembles Dave..Hmm a MATCH)? PLAYing with a SENIOR, IRON BYRON. They’re having trouble PLAYING THROUGH, because a gaggle of Geese has WEDGED its way onto the GREEN. Yes, Geese. Not EAGLES or TURKEYS, Folks, these BIRDIES are Geese! And here they are, walking UP AND DOWN, WAGGLEing their feathers, and just making things practically UNPLAYABLE. Take a look at HOOK’s  TOE. The Goose is almost giving him a SCRATCH…GOLFERs surely don’t need this…It’s really ROUGH. It could definitely DRIVE you crazy! Where’d they all come from? Were they RELEASEd from a wildlife preserve, or did they just POP-UP out of nowhere? Anyway, HOOK is saying…”GIMME a BREAK”, while IRON BOUNCEs BACK with..”I can’t see the HOLE, how’m I ‘gonna SWING“? (OK, so I inFRINGEd a little…)! The question asks…PUTT was it? It was…”FOR THE BIRDS“! DRIVE this one home! We got a ZINGER! Good job, Guys. MAJOR kudos, I DIVOT a 10! Ok, enough CUTting up…I was getting CARRYed aSWAY there…I’m ready for the eye CADDIE….I can see a HOLE on the BACK NINE, but it’s FLAGging in my opinion. There’s some sort of structure off to the right, but I’m STYMIEd…Is it the CLUB HOUSE, a DORMIE HOUSE, or just a SWEET SPOT Jeff decided to DRAW? TBT, it’d be a BARE (faced) LIE if I said I knew. I’m going to go with the eyes of the Goose in the FOREfront. Set up there in his SKULL? He’s loving the HOLE thing…FAT CHANCE he didn’t plan this SIT in! So, There you have it Folks, Done! GOOD? GOOD!
Have a great day, Everyone! I think I’m ready for a cup of TEE and HALF a donut. Or maybe just the HOLE IN ONE. And today?…May the FORES be with you! 🏌🙋🏻