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Good Morning, Everyone!         🏌PAR FOR THE “COARSE”? 🏌

🎶You’re a grand old FLAG…you’re a high flying FLAG…and forever in peace may you wave…🎶

🏌 When Golf began in Scotland, a rumor was a twirl
That Golf was just for men alone, they didn’t allow girls…
They’d CRIMP the style of a man, was just a lot of guff.
A woman wouldn’t matter if a man would hit a duff…
So Golf became a pastime, with TARTAR skirts of plaid
Oh, wait I made an error there..tartan is what they had…
They played out by the seashore, we see sheep roaming loose
Imagine if on the third hole they’d run into a MOOSE?
I wonder if a BUSHEL used to carry balls and tees…
I wonder if they had to pay for things like the greens fees…
The bottom line, the cartoons cute, as you can surely tell
And canvas worked just fine becoming “COURSE”MATERIAL! 🏌

Friday. If it stands to RULE that our words get PROGRESSively harder as the week goes by, what do we think about today’s? We’ve seen them all before, but there may be a tic or two here. TARTAR? Two R’s, two A’s, two T’s? Did it cause you to grit your teeth? BUSHEL? Did it make you blue? I don’t think CRIMP bent us out of shape, and as for MOOSE..it just horned right in….Good words, better anagrams…SWINGING over to our cartoon…We just had a Golf themed puzzle, last week, on the 17th, PUTT this one is takes a different SLANT. Here, we see a man and a woman, playing an early game of golf, in what appears to be Scotland. I say this because, The modern game of golf is generally considered to be a Scottish invention. I found this quote…”Stick and ball games have been around for many centuries, but golf as we know it today, played over 18 holes, clearly originated in Scotland.” Enough said. Today, on a golf course, flags are made mostly of nylon. But as we can see, years ago they used canvas. Torn and tattered as it may have been, it stood up to those sea breezes. But, the material was COARSE. Our question today is asking us what the flags were made of. We SEA the solution to our puzzle has the first word in quotes. You know that means.. Fun with a pun…and the pun is intended! We’re on a Golf “Course“..The flags were made of…”COURSE” MATERIAL! Pull the stick is right! Good one, David…Suits this puzzle to a TEE! Ok, eye candy. We have the grazing lamb..not BAAAd, but no…We have those old PREPPY PLAIDGolf Hats…but they’re old hat…We have the fringed waist flaps with the crossed clubs and the golf balls logo, but they’re not DRIVING me wild.. We have the stick, that the woman needs to be pulled so that the game can begin….PUTT it’s not what I WOOD choose either…I’m just going to go with Jeff’s signature signature SINKing ship out on the water…it’s just PAR for the COURSE! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And may the COURSE be with you…🏌🙋🏻

27 thoughts on “Jumble Answer for 03/23/2018

  1. Today’s Jumble is rife with possible solutions such as AERIAL COSTUMER, SOURCE MATERIAL and ERRATA COLISEUM, most of which don’t pertain. But the possible answer MATURE CALORIES reminds me of the Jumble for 2012 March 13. That one was TIXSH -> SIXTH, HALSS -> SLASH, NUISOF -> FUSION, DAYTRF -> DRAFTY, and it showed some astronomers announcing something, with the caption, “when they announced the discovery of Pluto on 3-13-1930, people thought it was this”, namely two 3-letter words followed by a !, with the circled letters TAUORF. I came up with OUR FAT. I.e., when we lose weight, where does that extra weight or fat go? Answer: it goes to Pluto. But now this Jumble says that it goes to golf course flags. Do they play golf on Pluto?

    • Jim Jim, Jim…Good Morning…As big of a mouth as I have? I’m at a loss for words…What can I say, except you have the most fascinating imagination? And hasn’t Pluto been deemed a dwarf planet as of 2007? Sir, suffice to say, I’m as lost as Pluto..! Have a good one! 🏌🙋🏻

  2. A comment on the possible answer SOURCE MATERIAL. Where’s the source material for these Jumbles? Where do the Jumble people get all their ideas for Jumbles from?

    • Jim….You’re killing me here! I’m starting to wonder if you’re someone I know, and you’re playing a very elaborate joke on me. I think I remember telling you once before…”Don’t shoot the messenger”! I just report the news, I don’t make it! But now that you’ve gotten this question out there, perhaps the Jumble people will see fit to enlighten you. If I wasn’t an imbiber already, I’d say you were driving me to drink! 🙄🙋🏻

  3. Good morning,you as well sunshine. Nice job. I drew a blank when it came time for the cartoon answer. I chose to take the high road and leave the green pasture. When I saw the answer I did my usual shake of the head. It wasn’t that hard to get. Maybe not being a fan of golf clouded my thinking. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Sunshine! Thank you! Leave the green pasture?😊 You make me smile..And, once again, you’re not alone…You make the 8th person so far today to tell me the answer alluded you. So not to worry…Wishing you the best dsy…Ciao, Brooklyn! 🏌🙋🏻

  4. Tartar gave me fits.I had to back into it from the “course material ” solution,seeing I needed
    r,a,t,a from the tartar jumble.

    • Hi Chuck. How’re you doing? I think it was all the doubling of the letters. Had an odd look to it! 😂 Let’s just celebrate the solve! Have a good one! 🏌🙋🏻

  5. Mike,great story yesterday and heart warming memories of your father. Reminded me of my father-in-law. He was a tough man and hard to like but, surprised us on that day. He was so sure that his brothers and sisters would be generous with their gift that he wanted to bet that we would get at least $5000. Anything over he would keep and anything under he would add $5000. I told him he would lose and wouldn’t take the bet. After the wedding we were upstairs in their bedroom making a list of what everybody gave which was way short of that amount. We could hear her grandfather say with his Italian accent yell out. Son,I maka the check out. I maka the check out,you to drunk. You maka to many zeroes. Yes,he gave us $5000 and,payed for the reception. When we got engaged the same grandfather told her if she married an Italian he would give he $5000. I told her to go back and tell him for $2000 I would switch. By the way,on my wife’s side one gift was an IOU which we never collected on and on my side an Indian blanket. Times were hard for some people then. Believe it or not,those are fond memories. As always,stay well.

    • Paul, you have me ROTFL..They called the envelopes the “A-BOOST”, right? I don’t know how it should be spelt…I’ve heard so many stories! My parents got a few of these IOU’s too…And you’d have switched for 2 Grand? I’m dying here…Brooklyn, you are so….Brooklyn! You warm my heart! ❤️ Don’t ever change! 🙋🏻

      • Gee Angela I never heard that expression.My wife carried the big silk white purse where all the envelopes went into. Her grandfather wanted to be upstairs when we counted but my father-in-law stopped him. Her side came with the envelopes open and waited to see how everything was before stuffing it. I laugh now thinking about it.

        • Paul. My parents told me that too. That no one gave a check back then, that it was all cash. And people would come and exactly as you say, wait to see what the wedding was like. And then decide what they would give…You know what? Ask your friend Marie, or one of the guys from the Bocce court about the A-boost. I may be saying it wrong, but it’s close enough. See what they say…and let me know. The Grandfather aspect I never heard of though. That’s a new one on me..Luckily from what I’ve always known, that generation minded their business…It is laughable..My parents would have me ROTFL laughing about a lot of it…Always fun speaking with you, Brooklyn! Ciao! 🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – “BRAKE FOR MOOSE!” Especially in New Hampshire!
    I carefully made sure I had the right number of letters for the answer (😂). After writing the vowels and consonants separately, it only took a minute to see MATERIAL and get the answer.

    My first thought was that something was “Off-KILTER” here, especially since one guy has a pretty good club but the other has a crooked stick.
    I love the cute little sheep obliviously grazing, taking four PECKS to eat each BUSHEL of grass. I hope nobody mistakes “Tartan” for “Tartar” and serves up some mutton with single malt SCOTCH. (I’m not convinced that’s a woman on the right. To me, it looks like a guy with “mutton-chops.” Yet another problem with kilts.)

    Angela, now I’m looking for and chuckling at the sinking sailboat in the distance every time! I don’t know if Jeff’s trying to tell you something, but please be sure to inspect your craft carefully before you launch it this season!
    Happy weekend everyone!

    • You’re right, Grasshopper. It is a man..there’s no eyelashes..and Jeff’s a STICKler for those eyelashes! 🎶 I love you a BUSHEL and a peck🎶 for ADDRESSing it! I think I see the mutton chops too…but you know I won’t discuss any Ovines with EWE! I told Mike early this morning that my head was off KILTer…BUTT he said…”HOGwash..EWE’re fine..You just need to get a little more SHEEP”! As for that SINKing ship? Sailboats are BENEATH me.. I travel on a much larger craft…I YACHT what it takes, son! …Total ROTFL, G…Talk to you later! 😂🙋🏻

  7. “Tammy”, now there’s a golden oldie! Spike Jones and his band did a great parody as sung by Dracula, called “Clammy”:

    🎵”How does it feel when we stand hand in glove?
    Clammy, clammy, clammy my love…
    I’m inhuman too, just like you. I fell with a THUD
    But how can a fella win
    When dames get in his BLOOD?”🎵 😂

  8. Got the answer to Jumble but wasn’t sure. Worked on this one off and on all day. Play all the puzzles every day,

    • Hello Stranger! You’ve come to the right place! Glad you stuck with it, and then thought to stop by for the confirmation! We’re all puzzle lovers here, so you’re in good company! Have a great night! ⛳️🙋🏻

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