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Happy Saturday, Jumble friends! Yesterday’s puzzle was a real brain buster and the perfect ending to our weekday jumbling duties. Today we find ourselves back on easy street with clue words that were quick to be solved but left us with a surprise answer that made it anything but a waist of time.

Starting the clue words off with SUNNY put me in a good mood but it wasn’t the challenge that I was hooping for. RUMOR was instantly visible and has been on a short hiatus from the lineup with it’s last appearance on 5/3/17. Next up was EMBLEM and it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. We saw it less than two weeks ago so it was fresh in my mind but I’m sure the double M’s and E’s left a few of you scratching your head. SHOULD took just a glance to decipher and I was ready to move on to the cartoon and see what all the hoopla was about.

Today’s panel brings us to a conference room where a gentleman wearing a bow tie and trouser suspenders is giving a presentation. He reports to his colleagues that hula-hoop sales have been solid which leaves everyone in the room with a huge smile on their face. I couldn’t help but notice that the man seated on the far left is sticking out his tongue which is an awkward response to such wonderful news. The numbers on the chart show that sales are higher in the west and south. It’s probably because their climate is warmer and they’re able to go outside while the folks in the north and east are experiencing the tail end of winter and are stuck sitting around the house.

Having absorbed as much as I could from the cartoon, I felt it was time to give the surprise answer a spin. The letter layout was wonderfully cryptic proving that David is a master of his craft. The two N’s that were placed next to one another caught my attention and I decided to give one of them a whirl. Looking for a vowel next, the U was right up front and that’s when NUMBERS instantly came to mind. Crossing the letters out, ROUND was a quick solve giving us the final solution of ROUND NUMBERS.

I’m sure some of our readers will remember the hula-hoop craze that was at its peak in the late 1950’s. If you have a fond memory of this funky fad, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think. Have a sensational Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶Well I said SHAKE, rattle and ROLL..I said SHAKE, rattle and ROLL…I said SHAKE rattle and ROLL..I said SHAKE rattle and ROLL. Well you won’t do right to save your doggone soul..🎶
    Good Morning, Everyone! ⭕️ HOOPer Heroes? ⭕️

    ⭕️ Four happy, SUNNY faces round a conference table sit
    A Hula Hoop is featured and the group’s discussing it…
    At one time it was the EMBLEM of a craze throughout the land,
    And kids played with them for hours, both on concrete and on sand.
    There were RUMORs of it coming back but much to one’s dismay,
    It never really took again, ’cause now kids rather play…
    With games contained within an APP where they don’t have to stand,
    So Hula Hoops don’t stand a chance of sweeping cross the land.
    A lesson SHOULD be learned here, you see my fellow Jumblers
    One has to move in order to maintain those high ROUND NUMBERS! ⭕️

    Todays words, easy breezy as they are, have been aROUND before. In fact, EMBLEM was seen here as recently as the 11th. Kind of PLAYed out, wouldn’t you say? But let’s not WAIST time on that…Lets ROLL on to our cartoon. Jeff’s brought us to a business meeting, circa 1960. We see four executives sitting ROUND a conference table, discussing Hula Hoop Sales aROUND the country. The West at 20 and the South at 15 Thousand respectfully, seem to really be SHAKING things up. The remaining sections of the pie chart, the East at 10K, and the North at 5K, may not be TILTing the board, but they’re still on a ROLL. I don’t recognize all the PLAYers in our cast today, but I do REMEMBER the woman for sure. She’s RO TATE, and she’s been aROUND for a while. The two men sitting are SPIN,(to the left), and MARTY, (to the right). The man leading the meeting, clad in a bow tie and suspenders? His name SLIPS my mind…BUTT as he HOLDS ONTO the said MONEY MAKER, and mentions how SOLID sales have been, I have to chuckle. Here’s where we TIP our hats to Jeff. Good little SPIN on the dialogue, Kid. You’ve definitely taken a TURN at word PLAY here! Why just the other day, one of my pre-school Littles came home with a TAIL of the CIRCLE he had learned that day. He was all excited to tell us that a CIRCLE was a SOLID shape. I was kind of amazed as he SPUN the story, thinking, so young and already being given such a SOLID education. I don’t remember us having such well-ROUNDed lessons at that young an age. But I guess I’m REMINISCING…AnyPLAY, we’re being asked what the sales were reported in…ROUND NUMBERS! Well HOOP-DEE-DOO! HULA gonna love here? Good one David! You’ve TOYed with us once again! Ok, eye candy. Not much HOOPLA today…There’s Marty’s skinny tie, BUTT I was HOOPing for something better…I think I’ll go with SPIN’s little tongue sticking out. That’s the third time in recent Jumble HISTORY that we’re seeing it…could this be a new FAD? So, There you have it, Folks. Done! But before I go…As I’m writing this, I can’t help but remember the final episode of Mash, one of TV’s greatest shows…Where the lovable Klinger tries to get the pompous Winchester to invest in what came to be known as the Hula Hoop. And Winchester said…”My word, you have invented the CIRCLE”! What a HOOPerbole, huh? Little did he know, he could have run RINGS aROUND us all….Have a great day, Everyone! ⭕️🙋🏻

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  2. She spread a RUMOR that the popular EMBLEM SHOULD not be worn on a SUNNY day.
    Agree with Mike and Angela that the clue words were not a challenge. How to solve the puzzle was discussed earlier in the week and I am thankful for the advice. Today is wasn’t necessary as the cartoon gives us the clues we need—hula hoops are ROUND and the chart is full of NUMBERS. Writing out the circled letters and ticking off what I needed, proved that I was correct.
    Bow ties, sideburns and a paunch. Bow ties were popular in the 50’s but I think sideburns came later, and yes many businessmen had a paunch in that decade.
    Great posts from both of you, Mike and Angela and I always enjoy reading your slant on the jumble. Hula Hoops certainly gave youngsters some exercise and some parents more than a few aches and pains!

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    • Hi Earl. Good morning. Definitely an easy, breezy one today. I read the cartoon, and just ROLLED my eyes! Instant gratification! Thank you for the shout out. Glad you enjoyed my SPIN on it! 😂 Earl, you mention the sideburns. If you take note, Jeff’s BIG on sideburns. He draws them on all the men in his cartoons, every day, regardless of the time period. I guess we can say that HIRSUTEs him! 😉 Have a good one! ⭕️🙋🏻


      • Yes, I have noticed the sideburns and after I wrote that I also realised that Elvis had sideburns back in the ’50s. Seeing them in a business setting during the hula hoop craze just seemed a little off.
        Have a stupendous Saturday and I shall survive Syracuse’s loss last night. sigh.

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      • I agree, Earl. During the years in question you wouldn’t have seen business men sporting sideburns such as these. March Madness…we all nurse our wounds….Have a good one. ⭕️🙋🏻


    • Well done, Mike, Angela and Earl! Easy one for me today.
      Earl, too bad about Syracuse, but upstate still has U. of Buffalo women with a star from the Rochester area.

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    • Another great sentence, Earl! You were definitely on a roll this morning. 😂

      It was interesting to learn that the fad died out quickly because after every family had a few of them, their plastic design gave them a long lifetime and they didn’t need to be replaced and sales plummeted.

      Enjoy your Saturday, my friend! 🙂


  3. Good morning. Nice work Angela however I have one opinion for and one against you. First off I concur with you that emblem was the hardest of the words. In fact,I backed into it after blind solving the cartoon answer immediately Crossing off the letters revealed what I needed for the answer. The other words like you said was automatic reads. Now for the negative aspect of your post. “I’m smiling while starting this.” Technically you will Hear from us not See us tomorrow. If I knew how to put those two words in bold print for effect,I would do it. But being a senior citizen I’m not that skilled. Thank you for your time and until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thank you. However, I have one opinion for and one against you. First, I didn’t choose any word as being hard today. Quite the contrary, I steamROLLed over all of them. As for the negative, I won’t HEAR nor SEE you tomorrow, I’ll read your comments….ROTFL…Brooklyn, Have you mixed me up with Mike? I’m the one in heels with the long hair….You, Bud, always make my morning. Today, you’ve made my day! ❤️ And you’ve got all the skills you need as far as I’m concerned! 🙋🏻


  4. I thought rumor was spelled “rumour”, my mistake.After realizing the error in my ways,the solution came readily .Yes I am old enough to remember the hula hoop craze of the ’50’s .
    Among other things , the hoop was touted as an exercising weight reducing tool.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck. Rumour is the British way of spelling. I expect any minute now, Earl, our resident Anglophile may be checking in. But that may only be a RUMOR….And you’re right, I have visions in my head of my Mother ❤️💔 using a Hula Hoop in an effort to exercise…As for old, Sir? I believe it’s now called Middle Age Extension…MAE you enjoy it! Have a good one, Chuck! ⭕️🙋🏻


    • Thanks for the insight, Chuck! I read that doctors had patients use them if they had back problems. Supposedly it would strengthen and stretch the muscles!


  5. Holy cow. I just started to read everything and wondered why people had you Mike in their blog. No wonder,I first looked at it and only saw Angela’s name with no intro of a song and was surprised. I thought you took a day off. Sorry for that and sorry I put the blame on her. It was all in fun though. Now I’ll go back and try to figure out how I goofed.

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    • Hey! Phil Rizzuto! Holy Cow, indeed! ROTFL….I gave you my rebuttal, and I was “speaking”, I mean “writing” to Chuck before I saw this….You, Brooklyn, melt my heart! ❤️ You’re too funny! Mike posts at night, and then takes the day off…But I am here. Do you know, I actually went back in and RE-read my post! I’ve been accused so much lately of Speed Reading, that I thought maybe I was starting to speed write too! 😂 Let’s face it, 4AM is 4AM! Anything’s possibly! It’s no biggie, Bud. If anything it did make me catch a typo of mine…
      So, once more…I’m the one in heels, with the long hair…Here’s to you, 🍷Brooklyn. Don’t ever change! 🙋🏻


    • I read your critique and response to my “I’ll see you tomorrow” closing statement, Paul. Of course it doesn’t mean that I’ll “see” you in person. I use in the context that I’ll see your post tomorrow and that I truly hope it inspires you to write another one.


  6. Should stories be told,there was a Rumor going around that on bright Sunny days the silver Emblem he was wearing would look more like gold. Nice pick regarding the song Angela.TY for that info on the hula hoop. I was trying to figure out what show I saw that on. So that’s how I can tell the difference between Mike and you. You literally had me ROFL. And as always,your right. I don’t see or hear from you. only read. “My bad”. You still have me with a big grin. Take care.

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    • Brooklyn, I’ve told you before, it’s you that has me grinning. I’m only payin’ it back! You like my song? I LOVE your sentence! We’re getting just a little too good at this, aren’t we? And I can tell you’re having a good time doing it! A little extra something to look forward to each day, right? As for the MASH finale? I cried then I cry now. But that Hula Hoop thing is always stuck in my head. Could be because every time one of my crew comes up with what we think is a good idea about something, there’s always one of the others that hits us with that phrase! It is a good line! I suggest you use it next time one of those know-it-all Bocce Boys tries to get slick…Shut ’em all down! 😂 And yes, heels, hair…That’s how you can tell…Keep grinning, Brooklyn! 🙋🏻


  7. An ALL ROUND easy puzzle today, though no blind solve again. Yesterday with the quotation marks was the same story.

    Off to brew beer today.

    Until tomorrow.

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    • Good Morning, John. Agree, it was an easy one. Beer today? It’s the YEAST you can do…
      After Thursday and last night, I’m still crying in mine…Have a good one…⭕️🙋🏻


  8. Hi all – Pretty instant solve today.

    I hope Alvin got his hula hoop last Christmas and it’s still in working order.
    I certainly hope he avoided the fate I saw when I typed “song Chipmunk” into the search box and the first result was “Chipmunks roasting on an open fire.”😱

    Well, since you asked, Mike – Yes, many an afternoon “INSIDE THE HOUSE” trying to set personal best records in the thousands. I was REVOLUTIONARY! Also admired people on TV twirling multiple hoops from ankles, wrists and necks, sometimes all at once.

    John, don’t forget to save some MASH for all the folks discussing it here today.

    And Angela, smiles for going WAY back before MASH to the Mickey Mouse Club’s “Adventures of Spin and Marty.” 🎵”He called our ranch a dirty old farm. He fell off a horse and he busted his arm. Yippe-ay, yippe-eye, yippe-oh!”🎵

    My favorite Phil Rizzuto memory (and probably the only one) was of him explaining that the notation ‘WW’ in his scorebook meant “Wasn’t Watching.” 😂

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    • Hey, G. It was an instant solve. We can COUNT it as one of the easiest Saturday puzzles so far. If Hula Hoop wasn’t mentioned in just that one line by Alvin, I wanted to go with it..I did TOY with it for a few seconds, but the other song was already SPINNING aROUND in my head…I’m re-reading again, because I thought maybe you saw something I didn’t. And I am getting MASHED over this speed reading thing…But, if I’m not mistaken, it’s only Paul and I talking Mash. Doesn’t Mash make you think of that great oldie…🎶Korea, Korea,..🎶by Ray Peterson? (I “see” you looking it up..)! LOL…Great song! Spin and Marty! I knew you’d catch it! 👏🏻👏🏻 Learned about it from Lou a few years ago at the Round Table. We were doing TOYS in fact. Ended up at tops, segued into Spin and Marty. I made copious notes after that night! Then they showed me some videos. Cute…and so campy, right? The Triple R Ranch…Have to give him credit for it though, he picked up on it this morning and gave it to me as a “gift”…Sometimes I don’t mind him reading over my shoulder…”Some”times! 🙄 And as for the SCOOTER…”Holy Cow” do we have memories of him here in NY. He was beloved, Yankee fan or not…He was a classic! Have a good one, Sports Fan! ⭕️🙋🏻


    • Howdy, Steve! The longest hula hooping marathon by an individual using a single hoop is 74 hours and 54 minutes and was achieved by Aaron Hibbs (USA) in Columbus, Ohio. 😮😮😮


  9. Rumour has it that humour is the best medicine, pronounced in the Mary Poppins way in every British theatre. And I realiised after reading all the posts that I had given Mike credit this AM for Angela’s post, and being such a lady, she did not point out my error. Well done My Fair Lady.

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    • My Kind Sir…It’s not just RUMOUR! I see it often like here with your realised. (You would not believe what a problem the auto correct just gave me with this word..kept switching to the Z)! And other times like with the word favourite, I believe. Your Anglophile spellings REIGN supreme…There’s no call for error, Earl, Mike’s post was already in place when I TWIRLed in this morning, And as I stated y’day, despite being notorious amongst my peers for having a big mouth…there does come a time when I PLAY it down..! 😷 But once again, for the record….Heels and hair..heels and hair! 💃🏻 Have a grand day, Sir! 🙋🏻


  10. Hi, all! I enjoyed your cheerful comments, Mike. EMBLEM did take me two extra seconds, as you predicted, but my funniest solve was SHOULD. Glancing at it, I didn’t know what it was, so I decided to write the letters in a different order and begin self jumbling. I wrote S, H, O, U, L, & D. Just as I was about to write the letters again differently, I laughed as I recognized the word SHOULD. Silly me!

    I didn’t solve the cartoon first today, but the answer came easily with the letters.

    I purchased MANY hula-hoops for my children & their visiting friends to play with, of varying sizes and colors, and then more for all the grandchildren. The last 3 are still hanging on a peg in the grandchild toy room under the stairs. All I remember is that in spite of my being athletic, I was the worst hula-hooper in the family.

    Mike, we have seen one beautiful cardinal and are looking forward to hearing about your first robin, knowing what a joy that will be for you.

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    • Hi Lelia – The obvious for Jerry:
      🎵”Yes we’re going to a party party…
      I would like you to dance (Birthday)
      Take a cha-cha-cha-chance (Birthday)
      I would like you to dance (Birthday)…
      They say it’s your birthday; We’re gonna have a good time
      I’m glad it’s your birthday; Happy birthday to you.”🎵 (Beatles)

      Funny you should mention taxes yesterday. I’m headed out to drop off my paperwork in an hour. We have a very competent guy who works cheap! I used to use the 1040-EZ Form filled out with the BIG crayon before marriage, houses, etc. complicated life.


    • Lelia, about that bird – this was coincidentally in my paper today:

      “When you think of the sounds of the ’60s, think of Earle Hagen, the man who composed the theme music for “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “That Girl,” “The Mod Squad” and “I Spy.” (He won an Emmy for “I Spy.”) He also composed the jazz standard “Harlem Nocturne,” later used as the theme for TV’s “Mike Hammer.” But perhaps his most beloved composition is the theme for “The Andy Griffith Show.” That’s Earl Hagen whistling the song.
      His 11-year-old son provided the finger-snapping.”


      • Hi, Steve! The Beatles were an excellent choice for Jerry’s birthday song! Thanks! Right now he’s at the annual Arizona Prospector’s Association steak fry with a friend named Joe who is recently widowed. Joe loves having someone remember him, and I love not having to go to the steak fry in the desert without enough shade for me.

        Congratulations on having your taxes done. When we were first married, Jerry’s CPA for Ohlund Electric did ours, but one year I found that he had made up a church donation more than we really gave, so I did them myself for years. Changed to H & R Block when “complicated life” took over until I found 3 huge mistakes, and the lady wouldn’t correct them to my satisfaction. Next, another CPA who reversed 2 numbers. When I called to complain, his secretary said, “Oh, I did that. Sorry.” Excuuuuse me! I’m paying a CPA to let you do his work? Now we are back with H & R Block with an amazing man who is careful & computer savvy like you.

        Loved learning about the talented Earle Hagen. Your teaching me that he won the Emmy for the spectacular “I Spy” theme while I remember the Andy Griffith one more, reminds me about when I felt the whole universe go askew when the Academy Award for best leading man went to someone I don’t remember rather than to Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.


    • You’re most welcome, Lelia! Thanks for taking a moment to let me know that you enjoyed it and I trust it gave you a smile. 🙂

      My hula-hoop skills are mediocre at best as I’ve only tried it a handful of times. It just wasn’t a “thing” in the 80’s that I recall.

      No robin sighting yet, and you’ll be the first to hear. The squirrels have been devouring all the seed in the feeders which is frustrating because I have to fill them back up every couple of days.

      We have a busy weekend of painting our beehive and setting it up outside before our new inhabitants arrive in 2 short weeks.

      Have a great weekend, Lelia!


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