Jumble Answers for 03/11/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!       🚴  RE-CYCLING? 🚴

🎶Put the PEDAL to the METAL and I’m off and never getting lost..Which way will I turn when roads cross? Press the PEDAL to the METAL little more when it’s scary….But one thing for sure, keep my foot on the floor. Put the PEDAL to the METAL and I’m off…Put the PEDAL to the METAL and I’m off…🎶

🚴 Olympic cycle racing, precision and the rush
Is featured here for us today, but something seems hush hush
An athlete looking to unload his medal for some dough
I recognize the medal…but the athlete I don’t know
He holds a HELMET in his hand, NOBODY comes to mind
The EMBLEM on his shirt, “Jumble”, does nothing to define
I don’t ATTEND my thoughts at all to racing on a bike
I’m thinking it’s quite DRAFTY after miles and the like
I’m stuck on PLURAL..so I’ll just move on to price to settle…
The athlete says “That’s not enough…put “PEDDLE”TO THE MEDAL! 🚴

I found all of today’s words, returning favorites, to be pretty FAST solves. But moving on to our cartoon, sort of stopped me in my TRACKS. Not the solution, the question of who our athlete might be. Today, Jeff puts us in the MEDICI PAWN SHOP This gave me a chuckle, since the three spheres suspended from a bar, a pawn shops symbol, is attributed to the Medici family of Florence, Italy. It’s owed to its symbolic meaning of Lombard, which refers to the Italian region of Lombardy, where pawn shop banking originated under the name of Lombard banking. The more you know, Folks!!…Actually, all I know of pawn shops is what I’ve seen on TV. I’ve watched the show Pawn Stars a few times, and the clerk shown here looks like Chumlee, the clerk featured on that show. He’s telling the athlete, who’s wearing a Jumble shirt, and who I’ll call SPEED, that he’s willing to pay only $2,000, since he’s seen quite a few of these medals already. But SPEED, is outSPOKEn…He’s TORQUEing the talk…”I’ve had three better offers”…Hmm. See this is where the confusion comes in. I’m WHEELY stumped. Has this actually happened? Is it common knowledge? Is Jeff trying to make me a CYCLEpath trying to figure this out? IDK. And I’m really TWO TIREd to research it..I could use a BRAKE…Anyway, let’s RE-CYCLE back to solving.. Both of our men look angry. Chumlee’s offer is made, and SPEED disaGREASE on the price. Could it be INFLATION, or is there really no demand for these medals? The dialogue tells us that SPEED needs the money quickly, so he…put the “PEDDLE” to the “MEDAL“! PEDDLE as in sell…PEDAL as in bike racing? MEDAL as in this Gold here, METAL as in speed? Well there goes my comPUNCTURE! Now that’s a great PUN! Kudos, David, very well SPOKEn! Ok, eye candy. Chumlee has a belt buckle that reads”TCB“. There’s a mask on the shelf with a $20 price tag. There’s a Football. On the desk, we can see a few rings, and a guitar. And of COURSE, there’s the Olympic Medal, with its 5 symbolic rings and a cyclist emblazoned on its front. But I think I’ll totally SWITCH GEARS, and go with Chumlee’s earring. It’s a tiny skeleton head. I think it’s AUSTIN! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember, Anger can start a CHAIN reaction that leads to a vicious CYCLE of unhappiness. It’s easier to just get a GRIP, clear the AIR, and simply HANDLE things. 🚴 🙋🏻


31 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/11/2018

  1. Morning, everyone –
    Interesting info on pawn shops, Angela, and, as always, an inspired post. I thought this was a super clever answer. I figured the and medal or metal would be in the answer, so it wasn’t too hard to get the rest.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you so much. And I agree, this was an extremely clever one, Double puns, double meanings…David definitely outdid himself today. Great choice of anagrams also. And when I saw Medici on the window, I had to LOL…That’s Jeff’s doing. He cracks me up! Have a great day! 🚴🏻🙋🏻


    • Hi Chuck. I think that’s what makes this such a winning puzzle. The use of PEDDLE applied to the bicyclist is brilliant. And, as you said, the expression “pedal to the metal” immediately comes to mind, since it’s an oft heard phrase. But the pun on both ends? IMO? Ingenious! Wishing you a great day, Sir! 🚴🏻🙋🏻


  2. NOBODY wanted to ATTEND the ceremony to view the Roman HELMET with Caesar’s EMBLEM in the Colliseum because of the DRAFTY conditions and the PLURAL changes in time.
    No trouble with the clue words but the solution was a struggle, those dratted double puns!
    Thanks for all the details Angela. I was clueless about the drawing, never having watched “Pawn Stars”. But the pun in the title is rather intriquing. Enjoyed reading your comments. Late in posting because of technical problems and interruptions from well-meaning kibbitzers.
    Have a great Sunday everyone.

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    • Hey Earl. Today’s solution was a bit of a stretch, but so well worth it. Thanks for the shout out, and you’re welcome regarding the details. I really don’t think you’d need to be familiar with the TV show as an aid to the puzzle. I mostly brought it up because to me, the clerk bears such a resemblance to the one on the show. By the title, do you mean Re-Cycling? My thought was that with the medal being for cycling, and his selling it, for someone else’s use, “RE CYCLING” seemed appropriate. I do like intriguing, though! I truly feel both David and Jeff had those WHEELS TURNING today! Kudos on your sentence…today’s words were all over the spectrum. Have a great one, Earl! 🚴🏻🙋🏻


      • Oh, ok. First I heard about it was from my nephew…Called him to ask when he was picking me up, and he said as soon as I finish watching Pawn Stars…I was like…”Huh? You’re TELLING me this”? LOL..I had no idea! He spelt it for me…😂🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Thanks Angela on all the information regarding the cartoon. From the paper you see very little,even using a magnifying glass. I had no idea, I had Schultz’s approach, I saw nothing. The words were simple except for Plural. After an hour I just gave up and looked. Looking at the cartoon and then the letters, I crossed out the middle two words and played with the remaining letters to get the answer. Just had to substitute metal for medal. Enjoyed the answers all week long. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  4. Hi all – DRAFTY took the longest with HELMET the next longest, even though there’s a helmet in the picture. Thought the answer would be “on the table”, but with no ‘N’, the answer came out with the help of the two quoted words.

    I’m just glad the clerk didn’t have a man bun. Let’s see – which of these objects doesn’t belong with the others? 1) NFL Lombardi trophy. 2) World Series Champion trophy. 3) Guy’s head with a $20 price tag?? It that supposed to be a Toby Jug?

    I’ll assume that’s a pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster in the case, probably stolen from Carl Wilson by Dennis and pawned at some point – nice!

    Angela, I’m sure you know that Lombard Street in SF is called “The crookedest street in the world”, so that fits right in with your explanation of pawn shop banking having originated there.

    Now I’ll take a nap as soon as my body figures out what time it is.
    Happy Sunday!


  5. Hi, all! It makes me shake my head that after all that practicing & hard work for more than 4 years and winning the GOLD MEDAL, that he has to sell it. Makes me want to buy it and give it back to him.

    The easiest word for me today was PLURAL. It just popped out instantly. All the others I earned by looking, thinking, self-jumbling, or writing the letters in a circle. First I thought “on the table.” Then I thought “pedal to the MEDAL” but had to think again to get PEDDLE.


    • LOL…He was definitely out to shake things up today! His whole idea was to play on the “sale” of the medal. The athlete’s intention was to “peddle” it! 🚴🏻🙋🏻


  6. Hello Steve & Angela, Lombard Street in San Francisco was actually named after Lombard Street in Philadelphia. One of our early Mayors James O’Farrell named it. I don’t know where Lombard Street in Philadelphia got its name. Oddly enough Vermont Street in San Francisco is actually steeper than Lombard St. But only has 7 hairpin turns rather than 8 and is in a neighborhood not nearly as picturesque as Russian Hill.

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    • Hi Betty. Thanks so much for all this, I love learning anything new. I always found the city planning of San Francisco’s streets to be fascinating. Hope you’re having a great night! 🙋🏻


  7. Hi, Steve! I told you a couple of days ago that I was writing a poem about your grandfather and here it is. It just started coming into my head in bits and pieces, which I typed to make 2 pages of rough draft, but then I had to eliminate, make changes, and put it in order. Thanks for telling me his musical instruments of choice. Those were the ones I thought you said but needed reassurance.


    There once was a wonderful grandfather
    Who whole-heartedly loved his grandson
    And left him a full, rich legacy
    Of music, laughter, and fun.

    The grandson remembers a treasure of songs!!
    Celebrating special moments, ‘tis hard to believe
    How quickly he thinks of the perfect lyrics,
    This musically endowed grandson named Steve.

    The jokes Steve was told by his grandfather
    Were numerous, funny, and clever.
    They bonded the two in laughter
    And will be with the grandson forever.

    Steve keeps the memory of his grandfather
    Alive and well every day
    By sharing music, laughter, and fun
    With those who come his way.

    Grandfather can play clarinet or saxophones
    On many a happy occasion,
    While receiving from God and the angels above
    A loving, heavenly ovation.


    • Thank you Lelia! That is very sweet, and the best part is that it adds one more reason to smile when I think of my grandfather. I will keep this to savor and enjoy.
      And it wasn’t just me; my brother felt exactly the same way about him, and I wish I could share it with both of them. Thanks again!


      • You are so welcome, Steve! You make me smile a lot and you have said that I make you smile, so…whole lotta [smilin’] goin’ on!


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