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Good morning, Jumble friends! Happy Monday and I hope you all had a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend. We start the week with a puzzle that was on the easier side allowing us to get back into the Jumble groove. Let’s take a look at what Jeff and David had in store for us.

The first two clue words were no challenge at all and they were both instantly visible upon first glance. ONION was the only word that had three vowels while the rest of the words contained just two. GATHER took a few extra seconds to figure out and is my pick for the most difficult anagram anagram to decipher. RUFFLE took just one extra look but gave itself up pretty quickly. With all of the clue words finished in no time at all, it was on to the cartoon!

The background for Jeff’s piece was instantly recognizable as a gymnasium and it appears as though some type of competition is taking place. Reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that we’re looking at tryouts for a cheerleading squad. The young woman on the left looks rather nervous and hesitant that she’ll make the cut but her friends are assuring her that she’ll do just fine by offering up words of encouragement. Although the drawing was well done and provided lots of detail, I was surprised that Jeff didn’t add a mascot or team name on the uniforms. The best part of the cartoon was the addition of a few horizontal lines on the floor that gave the piece the look and feel of a real basketball court.

The surprise answer was on the larger side with 13 letters to work with. David did a great job at keeping the answer hidden in the layout and all I saw at first was ONION. Noticing the -ING in the layout eliminated three letters leaving HER to come into view. The O’s brought ROOT into view leaving FOR for the finish. Overall it was a terrific Jumble that gave me the pep I needed to start my day and left me excited for what the rest of the week will bring.

If you haven’t entered your name into the March giveaway, you only have two days left! This month’s prize is a copy of David’s Word Winder board game and you can enter into the contest here. Have a terrific Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


44 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/12/2018

    • 🎶Keep SMILING keep shining, knowing you can always COUNT on me, for sure..That’s what FRIENDS are for…For good times and bad times, I’ll be on your SIDE forever more….That’s what FRIENDS are for…🎶

      🏀 A group of young girls GATHER ROUND to try out for their team,
      There’s one who feels a bit unsure of her prowess it seems…
      Her nerves a little RUFFLEd, would she be good enough
      The routine’s not the easiest, the ONION Roll is tough
      They’re standing in the gym today, and soon they will confer
      The cheerleading will go just fine, ’cause they’re ROOTING FOR HER! 🏀

      Today’s words, all old favorites, were pretty ROUTINE, so I JUMPed right over to our cartoon. Set in a high school gym, Jeff today shows us six young girls. One practicing a cheer, one sitting at a desk, and three encouraging a friend to try out for the Basketball’s CHEERLEADING team. You can SPOTTER right away, since she’s holding POM POMs in her hands. Cheerleaders, known for their elaborate gymnastic-like moves, perform ROUTINES at sporting events. They ROOT their team on, amid the MOUNTing tension of a game. Hoping to give their friend confidence, the three young girls are doing their best to ELEVATOR spirits. Our dialogue gives us..”You can do it”, and “You’ve got spirit”! Our question asks what her friends were doing…They were ROOTING FOR HER! YO-YO, Dave! Good one! On a SCALE of 1 to 10, you’re right on BASE with this one! So, eye candy. Hmm. Against the wall, in the BACK..SPOT the Basketball hoop? That’s my SHOW n’ GO today! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! CHEERS! 🏀🙋🏻

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      • Monday, Monday and Angela does not disappoint. I wasn’t able to read your post until now, but it was well worth waiting for—thanks for all you do.

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      • 🎶 Monday, Monday, so good to me…Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be…Oh Monday mornin’, Monday mornin´couldn’t guarantee…That Monday evenin´you would still be here with me..🎶 Thank you very much, Earl. And you’re quite welcome. But as I said earlier, you had me at Merlot…(Which I’m enjoying right now…and growing more “enthusiastic” with every sip, may I add)! DST…It’s 5 o’ clock! 😉 I chuckled at your Onion Patch, and feel I should mention that those are actual cheerleading terms, except for that “Onion Roll”…Poetic license all the way with that one..but hey, you never know! 😂 Have a good one, Earl…T’row we shovel again…🙋🏻


  1. GATHER ROUND the ONION patch and admire the RUFFLE on the scarecrow.
    Words gave me no problem. The solution took a little bit of work but once I isolated ” for her” the answer was obvious.
    Great post Mike and thanks for sharing your observations.
    Have a wonderful week everyone. I am on a break at volunteer day, so later.

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  2. Like Earl, I figured “for her” was part of the answer and then saw the ing.
    Makes me think of a song I really like – Midler singing “You Got to Have Friends.”

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  3. Good morning. Just like to throw something out there.” Be happy don’t worry” All you guys have a friend in me!! Just like to put it on record. You three amigos start the day off right. Today was a typical Monday puzzle. The only word that didn’t hit me at first glance was Onion. After getting the other words immediately,I had to go back to the first word. I put the paper aside to take a shower because I was going out with my son for breakfast.He got the cartoon answer right away. Being a good father,we shared the win together. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  4. Hi, all! An easy Monday Jumble, just as we were promised. Solving without the answer boxes because our paper is still in the yard, I still knew it was going to be ROOTING FOR HER, so I solved GATHER by gathering the letters I needed for that answer. GATHER was the only word that ruffled my feathers a few seconds.

    Our older daughter, Joyce (Josh’s mom) was a varsity cheerleader in High School. It is not as glamorous as it looks. It is a lot of hard work for the cheerleader and whole family. I had to buy, beg, and sew many of her outfits. I had to drive a car load of girls to the homes of the football players so they could put candy on his pillow while he was at practice, this being supervised by the boy’s mother, of course, lest the girls were snoopy. Joyce enjoyed it tremendously but got her fill of wearing red, black, & white school colors & all the practicing and did not try out in college. Hooray!

    Mike, you did a great job of handling the details & solve of cheerleading tryouts. I hope your son never asks to play football with all the concussions I have read about lately, but my opinion does not hold a lot of weight considering that we had only daughters.

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    • Man, that sounds like a lot of work, but still, being a hockey mom sounds even worse. Whenever a hockey player wins an award, they ALWAYS thank their parents and especially their moms for all the equipment help and freezing drives in the midwinter darkness. My wife tells me there’s one cardinal rule in Canada though; kids ALWAYS carry their own equipment.


    • Hi, Lelia! I’ve never heard of cheerleaders going to the players houses to leave chocolates but back then I’m sure it was an innocent gesture.

      My son enjoys baseball and I even coached last season. He got turned off to the sport when a player on the bench was fooling around and swung her bat and hit him in the head. He decided to skip this season and we’ll try again next year. I wouldn’t mind him playing football, but he shows no interest in it so I don’t push it. He is a pisces so swimming is in his blood but there’s no team in our small town.

      With another big snowstorm just about here, it’ll be a fun day home again with the whole family. I decided that I’ll make a pot roast with some homemade rolls and scalloped potatoes for dinner.

      Have a great afternoon and tell Jerry that I said hello! 🙂🙂🙂


      • Hi, Mike! Sorry about the impending snowstorm but pot roast etc sounds yummy. I love when you tell me what you’re cooking for your family.

        Sorry about your son getting hit on his head with a baseball bat. Brought back memories of how upset I was when that happened to my granddaughter. Good for you for volunteering to coach. I treated the players with freshly sliced oranges.

        Jerry & I spent a lot of time in the stands watching Joyce play varsity volleyball & cheerlead football and on uncomfortable bleachers watching both girls play summer softball, rooting for their teams.

        When Joyce took candy to the football players, the boys were at practice & didn’t see who did it. A few moms told the girls no at the door, especially for food allergies, but most invited them in & showed them around.

        Gotta go write pot roast on the grocery list.

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      • Howdy again, Lelia! The weather report this morning was 4-8” and this evening they’re now calling it a blizzard with anywhere from 14-20”. There’s no use in worrying about it because it won’t change a thing. 🙂

        I enjoyed coaching and the kids were always eager to learn. I’d enjoy doing it again if my son showed interest but he’s naturally apprehensive after the “incident”. He’s as strong as an ox and picked up the game quickly but I’d feel like I was vicariously living my childhood through him if I forced or pushed him to play. He’s still a little guy with many playing years ahead.

        Pot roast is great meal on a snowy day! I’m glad you wrote it on your shopping list so let me know how it turns out.

        I filled the bird feeders tonight in hopes of a robin sighting. Still nothing yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I see one. 😊


      • My wife tells me that the weather was so hard on the roads, they had signs at the Canadian border that said “The Queen welcomes you to Ontario. Watch for potholes!” Then 2 minutes later, CLUNK!


  5. Hi all – Yes, first RUFFLE and then GATHER took an extra look. Then I saw FOR HER but had to write out the letters.
    The thing that got my attention was that the answer didn’t seem like a pun. Not that there’s any law that it has to be, but it just seemed unusual. Me, I’m ROOTING for my plants to do well this spring!

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      • Hey, Brooklyn…You know me, I call ’em as I see ’em! Honest to a fault! 😂 Can’t expect a pun everyday, right? Just light that cigar, raise that glass, and Enjoy! Cheers to David! Glad to give you a laugh, Bud.You know you always do me! Hope you’re having a great night! Salud! 🍷🙋🏻


      • I like that, but I don’t want any part of producing the Jumble. Like the hat says, “I’m retired, don’t ask me to do a **** thing.” 😂

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    • I agree, Steve!! As soon as I posted that, I wished I had added, “I bow in awe to our King of Cartoon Drawing and said this only to rattle Steve’s cage.”

      Thanks for telling me more awesome things about Canadian ice hockey players. First I loved hearing about how they have mandatory “family time” and now thanking their parents & being in charge of their gear. Wow!


    • Hi, Steve! What kind of plants do you grow? I plant a small vegetable garden every year and have two other beds for flowers. I found a small planter that I hastily put under the deck last season and and forgot about that had chives in it and they’re already coming up!


      • Hi Mike – Nothing fancy, I just try to keep the plants alive that are already here. Several old rose bushes, some rosemary, a fushia, big camilla bush/tree, huge red bougainvillea, a plum tree and a Meyer lemon tree.

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      • 😂😂 Well, you’d have to settle for mourning doves in the plum tree and hummingbirds living in the camphor tree on the sidewalk. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • …And the calling birds, and the French hens? And Tippi Hedren with the “suit”? 🦅🤦🏻‍♀️


      • It must be nice to have a lemon tree! I’ve tried some of the small indoor ornamental ones but they’re nothing like the real thing and always die. Can you grow avocados? I’m crazy about them!


      • The climate is right for them and some people do, and there is actually one in the backyard, but it’s never produced any fruit. Apparently the trees come in two sexes, so I would have to set up a Tinder for my timber. 😂


      • Ah, that’s the problem then. Nobody ‘swiped right’ on my avocado tree’s Tinder profile. It’s the pits, man! 😂

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      • And how do you even know which way is the “right” way to swipe? 😂🙋🏻
        What are you doing “reading up” on Tinder?


      • LOL…I’m totally ignorant when it comes to anything related to that. The whole concept seems so whack to me. This fascination with the news media over that Batchelor show even throws me. On all the news shows, for days. WT? I have no idea how any of that drama matters…


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