Jumble Answers for 03/13/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!        🍕 PIECE..BE WITH YOU…🍕

🎶Take it..Take another little PIZZA my heart, now Baby…Break it..Break another little bit of my heart, now Honey. Have a..Have another little PIZZA my heart now, Baby…You know you’ve got it, it makes you feel good…🎶

🍕 The thought that hit me right away, was “Dude, what’s with that hair”?
The hairnet that you’re wearing doesn’t work sitting up there…
I think that it’s a ROYAL sin to miss the TARGET base
And handle food with all that hair uncovered head and face…
A soul patch or a GOATEE? Which one is that we see?
I’m thinking there’s a whole lot more that’s coming ‘cross cheesy…
But NOISY as I’m being about what just looks awry
We’re seeing that a lot of cheese is needed for a pie.
The shredding can go on all day, it’s probably aggravating
And we can see that all this cheese on this guys nerves are GRATING! 🍕

Ok, what do we KNEAD to get us through these words? Could ROYAL be the winner of the crown? Or is TARGET the one catching your eye today?  Either WEIGH, we’re definitely SERVEd up some GRATE anagrams here….But let’s CUT to the chase…A Pizza Parlor’s on our MENU today. We see the owner, and two employees. One employee’s working the oven, while the other is shredding pounds of CHEESE using a flat cheese GRATER. He looks and sounds exasperated. As the owner brings him another fifteen blocks to be shredded, he’s saying..”Are you kidding me“? But he’s probably thinking …”You want a PIZZA me..? At YEAST give me a chance to finish the four I still HALVE here”! Yea, he’s probably thinking that…AnyWEIGH, our question asks…What does he find all this shredding to be? GRATING! HA! Good one Dave, nothing half BAKED about this! Ok, eye candy…I’ve pretty much covered it OIL already. Not much more to see, no matter how we SLICE it…We see a few mixing Bowls and a Pizza Cutter, but I’m not BOWLed over, it’s really not cutting it…I’ll just go with the places logo…It’s a PIZZA PIE minus a SLICE..Hmm. I figure somebody EIGHT it! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a GRATE day, Everyone! And enjoy some PIZZA today…Just be sure to consider the SAUCE! 🍕🙋🏻


42 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/13/2018

  1. The ROYAL GOATEE was the TARGET of a NOISY demonstration.
    GOATEE was the only word to slow me down today. All those vowels. The solution was obvious without writing out the circled letters—something unusual for the past few weeks.
    Angela—not familiar with your song. Could you enlighten me??
    Enjoyed your post and the details you pointed out. As I’ve said before, I tend to focus on the solution and ignore the brilliant pieces that are hard to see. I would try to find a way pun Mozzarella here but I’m not good ( don’t know how to spell that gouda) enough.

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    • ROTFL….Not Gouda enough! Good Morning, EARLy Bird! Good one! And you’re so right. I was going to do…”Mozzarella…and line it up with Fella”…But I don’t like the word “Fella”. But now in retrospect, I see it might have RISEN to the ocassion! 😂 I like the angle you went with with the words, but I didn’t see Goatee as the stickler. Maybe because so many of my friends sport them. I feel seeing all the details is half the fun, Earl. If you’d like, I could give you the link, and you could take a look each day. It does add to the puzzle pleasure! My song is Janis Joplin’s 🎶Piece of my Heart🎶 Talk about GRATING. As much as I enjoy some of her music, her voice was gravelly at best! But this song was a good one. Look it up and have a listen, it was classic Janis. Thanks for the shout out, and I hope you don’t get bombarded with snow again today. We’ve been snowing here for hours, but so far the temp’s been helping. Have a GOUDA one, Sir! 🍕🙋🏻


  2. Goatee seemed to be a recent repeat.I was trying to make royal into a word starting with a y rather than a word ending in a y.Given the 4 words,grating was a cinch.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck. You may be right. I’ll look back a little and check. Royal is one of those words that once anagrammed really looks odd. And I agree, the answer was a very easy one. Enjoy your day, Sir! 🍕🙋🏻


    • I disagree Caroline. Janis sure as heck was no lady but she could sing. She belted out some good songs. No matter how you felt about her you had to admire her talent.

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      • Hi Paul,
        You’re right, I did think Janis was great. I’m glad you stepped up to defend her when you thought she was under attack.
        Your sentence today made me laugh.

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      • Caroline. I hope you see that it was Paul attacking her! LOL…Attack and counter-attack! He confused me for a minute there too! 😂🙋🏻


      • Caroline. I was confused myself! Until I realized that Paul mistook body for lady…No worries…The “gravel” in Janis’s voice is what made her Janis. I used a poor choice of phrase in saying “at best”. I wasn’t looking to be critical, I should have worded it differently. And I’ll make you laugh..I went it more because that’s how my little cousins used to sing it…and it stuck! We all started singing it that way! 😂 So,it just popped into my head..But I did flirt with 🎶That’s Amore🎶 for a minute! Hope you’re having a GRATE day! 🍕🙋🏻


      • I agree, Angela, that it’s not always easy to say things in a way that captures what we mean.
        Remembering the Amore song made me smile.

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      • Would you believe I still can’t recapture the phrase that I was going for when I wrote that this morning? My brain is seriously fried. And on top of that, I’m craving pizza all day!😂 I may just have to get some before the nights over…Have a good one, Caroline! 🍕🙋🏻


      • 🎵”When the moon hits your eye
        Like a big-a pizza pie That’s amore
        When the world seems to shine
        Like you’ve had too much wine
        That’s amore”🎵

        How’m I doing? And it’s even
        🎵”In Napoli where love is King”🎵 ! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Uh, I’m not sure..Just what is it you’re going for? 😉
        Grasshopper…I hope you bowed your head when you said Napoli! 😂
        I got my Pizza…”All’s right with the world” 🍕🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Early bird,you had me laughing right out of the gate with your opening line. I’ll finish reading the rest of your post after getting out this “Hot news flash”. The Royal family were the Target of scorn because the Noisy paparazzi caught the princess removing a tell tale Goatee from her chin. All one can say is “smile,your on candid camera “. Today’s puzzle was a breeze except target for me. The cartoon was a instant solve with the guy using the grater. Knowing the two letters I needed finally gave me the fourth word. Until tomorrow stay well. Think it’s time to get back and finish reading everybody’s thoughts.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Glad you enjoyed it! He was an EARLy Bird this morning…I was happy to see him here. Love the “right out of the gate” reference! You’re right on TRACK with that one! And your sentence had me ROTFL! Kudos! Glad you enjoyed the solve! It was a pretty easy one again today. Have a great day, Bud! Talk to you later! 🍕🙋🏻


    • Love your sentence Paul. All kind of visions flitting through my brain–those long distance lenses can certainly catch the ROYALS doing all kinds of things! 🤔 👑 🙀

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    • Hey John. Good Morning! ROYAL may prove to REIGN supreme today…I always felt the 5 letter words cause more grief than the 6. Have a good one! 🍕🙋🏻


  4. Hi, Mike et at! Again today, newspaper in the yard, but I solved the cartoon answer GRATING without the letters or boxes which let me back into ROYAL. I was surprised when the computer told me GOATEE was right because I had never noticed that the spelling of a man’s goatee begins with the word “goat.”

    Yesterday I spent many hours preparing paperwork for an abdominal CT SCAN I was scheduled to go for today at 10 a.m. at a new location, but at bedtime as I quickly read some magazines & newspaper articles, I saw TWO long articles by doctors who were upset about “unnecessary testing of older people” which “many times accomplishes nothing, does damage, or results in unnecessary surgery.”

    Being an “older person” myself, I called this morning and cancelled the scan, did not get scolded or charged an outrageous late cancellation fee, and felt great about my decision. The girl who made the apt last week said that my doctor had left the space blank where he was supposed to put “reason for the test,” and she could not read his writing telling which test he wanted & whether or not there would be “contrast.” I decided all that should be resolved when/if I reschedule.

    Have you ever heard the one about the pizza deliverer who rang the doorbell with a nice hot pizza in his hand? Ha ha Just kidding! See ya’!


    • Lelia, I agree that there is unnecessary treatment of “older people” and others. It’s good to be an informed consumer.
      I’ve been wondering if you’ve made some progress on the weight front.


      • Caroline, thank you for asking about the subject that rules my thinking right now, and I do believe that I am on the way up again. I was so happy with what I weighed after dinner last night that Jerry heard a huge “Hooray!” from inside our bedroom closest where I keep the scales.

        I am doing better about eating enough meals and eating mostly my own cooking which agrees with me better than restaurant food. Today I had a good breakfast at 9. At noon I had a delicious sandwich, peaches, and Lays (my favorite). Now a nap. Then I’ll have a grilled cheese sand with Jerry’s delicious Fajita soup. My pre dinner snack will be cashews and half an apple. After a big dinner, my bedtime snack is usually 2 pieces of toast, one cheese & one cinnamon.

        By planning what I will eat next, that encourages me to get in there and eat it rather than do just one more job while I try to think of what to eat. I also bought a little smoothie mixer. Thanks again for your kind care, concern, & thoughtfulness.


      • Good to hear you’re on your way up, Lelia! Your food schedule sounds yummy.
        So Jerry can make great soup on top of all his other talents?


      • Caroline. Story: After Ohlund Electric, Jerry worked in the Maintenance Dept of my school district, so could eat lunch at any school. He & fellow electricians picked one where the cafeteria ladies liked to treat the maintenance guys with food they had cooked at home and brought in. When a lady brought in Fajita soup & shared with the guys, Jerry liked it so much that he asked her for the recipe & brought it home to me. It is a very colorful soup, calling for 6 large bell peppers; red, orange, yellow, & green, and a lot of onion and meat and tomatoes in a chopped tomato broth. Thinking about all of that chopping of bell peppers, onions, meat, & tomatoes, I jokingly said to him, “Well, your girl friend gave this recipe to you so I think you should make it.” I had to help him (practically made it myself) at first but now he does it by himself. This last time, however, at our ages, he was getting so tired with all that chopping, I almost offered my help, with “almost” being the operative word. It was delicious, as usual. This time for the meat he bought 2 filet mignons, cut them up, and sautéed them the way I taught him, but I like it just as well, sometimes better, with chicken in it. The End.
        P.S. And one packet of Fajita seasoning & some more stuff. He likes to add a can of garbanzos. I like to add 2 potatoes, cut up.


      • I might have said “Well, your girl friend gave this recipe to you so I think SHE should make it.” Hmm. Maybe not. He might have *gone* to her house. 😂


      • The soup sounds good to me, Lelia. I like Mexican food. I enjoyed hearing the story behind the recipe.


      • Caroline and Lelia, whenever someone says that ingredients can’t go together, I always think of Mexican Mole sauce. If chili pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin and chocolate can go together, *anything* can go together!


  5. Hi all – The last word was the only one to cause a pause, but GRETTA certainly fits right in with all the Dutch cheese puns today (now *there’s* a sub-genre for you, and if you haven’t seen Monty Python’s classic sketch “The Cheese Shop”, check it out.)

    🎵”I say get it while you can”🎵, before the pizza sells out.

    We actually have a chain in the Bay Area called “Pizza My Heart” along with “Leaning Tower of Pizza”.

    Angela, after seeing you have to deal with GOATEE all morning, the rest of my day is GRAVY.

    Snow on the East Coast, pouring rain in the West – take care everyone!

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    • Grasshopper…You know me…I took it on the CHIN…!! 😂😂😂
      🎶GOUDA GOUDA for him .GOUDA GOUDA for me, and I hope you’re satisfied, you Rascal you’🎶 😂 And I made my GRAVY this morning at 4:30…Who knew? Have a good one, Bud! 🍕🙋🏻


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