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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday. Today’s clue words had me seeing double this morning with each word containing two of the same consonants and the last word having both a double consonant and vowel! WAFFLE had me staring at it the longest so it’ll be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. TRACT was also jumbled very well and was close to clinching the top spot but it’s been used many times in the past. We last saw it on 7/7/17, and if you didn’t notice, the date has double 7’s (triple if you count the 7 in 2017)! My mind is blown!!!

Moving on to the cartoon, the first thing that you notice is that Jeff incorporated lots of shading into his piece. I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past that drawings with this technique all turn out to be my favorites because it adds a whole new dimension to the panel. By reading the sentence and dialogue we learn that the reason for this effect is that everyone is getting ready to view “The Great American Eclipse” that happened on 8/21/17. As the crowd patiently stares into the heavens waiting for the magical moment when day becomes night, we see a man in the back that seems to have misplaced his viewing glasses. Jeff had him covering his eyes because looking directly at the event without protection could cause eye damage or blindness. In the top right corner of the panel, there’s a person holding an indirect viewing device which was my preferred method during the eclipse. And is that David L. Hoyt making an appearance in today’s cartoon? It sure looks like him and his Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart” shirt is such a PERFECT detail. You really outdid yourself today, Jeff! 🙂🙂🙂

The final solve was a bit tricky with 13 letters to work with. I figured THE would be the third word so I crossed it out. OF seemed like the obvious choice for the 2-letter word leaving SHOW and STAR to be found in that order after staring at the letters for a few seconds. I thought the letter layout was cryptic and it surely didn’t give anything away.

Today’s the day that the winner of the giveaway will be chosen. Be sure to enter your name here if you’d like to get in on the drawing. You only have a few hours left! Good luck and I’ll see you tomorrow!


36 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/14/2018

  1. 🎶Good morning STARSHINE, the EARTH says hello…You twinkle above us, we twinkle below. Good morning STARSHINE, you lead us along…My love and me as we sing…our early morning singing song…🎶

    🌒 I thought with National Pi Day, that we might see some Math..
    I’m not OPPOSEd to this instead, a totally different path…
    We’re looking at the Eclipse, the TRACT it took last year
    Those glasses a necessity, or ones’ eyeballs could sear.
    The damage could be HARSH and swift, but there were still a few
    Who looked at it despite the warnings of what would ensue.
    The stores ran out of glasses, but see that guy in black?
    He’s using that WAFFLE like thing and peeking through the cracks.
    So if that one guy missed it, there’s just six more years to go
    And once again he’ll get to see the Sun, STAR OF THE SHOW! 🌒

    I’m never OPPOSEd to returning favorites, so HARSH and TRACT were a breeze. But I am Waffling a little at WAFFLE. Is it new? I’m really not sure, but I BUTTER get on to our cartoon…Today we’re in a field somewhere, viewing the Total Eclipse that occurred last August 21st. And what a SOLARbration it was! Beyond a SHADOW of a doubt, we were all inVOLVED. Remember? Those gatherings, little Eclipse parties? I figured I’d get a few friends together and PLANET. We ate and drank while we waited. All in moderation, of COURSE. Nothing SHADY, and nobody BLACKED OUT. Just waiting for the time to PASS. It was nice. A real SIGHT. Anyway, Jeff’s showing us a group of people, some couples, one with their SUN, or perhaps grandSUN. Everyones BEAMing. Except for the one man standing alone, LARS. He can’t find his glasses. But at least he’s smartly shielding his eyes.The dialogue tells us he doesn’t want to miss it. The show…We’re shown other figures, TOTALly in BLACK. The entire panel is DARKened, in a pretty bluish gray SHADE…The Eclipse is happening! And so..LARS missed it, didn’t he? SUN of a gun…Maybe next time, LARS. Maybe next time you’ll get to see the SUN being the STAR OF THE SHOW. Ok, eye candy. There’s the woman in FRONT, holding a drink and a cell phone. Eh, nothing EARTH shattering there. But knowing me, you must know what I’m going for, right? The guy in the front? In awe, with the RADIANT heart on his shirt? That’s it…🎶 A TOTAL ECLIPSE of the HEART…🎶So There you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone. And let’s all try to BRIGHTen up someone else’s day…🌒🌑🙋🏻


  2. Many wanted to OPPOSE the HARSH TRACT banning those who WAFFLE in their speech.
    Interesting post Mike, thanks for pointing a few details that I might have otherwise overlooked. I followed Angela’s advice about enlarging the cartoon on one web site. Am I crazy or does the woman in the forefront of the cartoon,l holding a drink, have only three fingers??
    Snow up here again, Spring comes this week, at least on the calendar. Let’s hope it comes in reality. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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    • Good morning, Earl! All of Jeff’s characters have three fingers and I’m surpised you’re just noticing it. We talked about it a LONNNNNNGGGGGG time ago and it shocked me when I first noticed it. 🙂

      The ability to enlarge the drawing brings the cartoon to a whole new level, doesn’t it? It makes all of those tiny details come to life! It would be perfection if it was in color but that would spoil us too much.

      Your sentence was simply amazing and concise. I don’t know how you do it, sir! A+!!! Have a great day!

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      • Mike–thanks for the heads up on the three fingers. I think that might have been discussed before I joined the blog. As I’ve said to Angela, sometimes I do not play enough attention to the details in the cartoon—I’ll try harder from now on and definitely look for the “three-fingered” characters.

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      • Hey, no problem! Like I said, it was shocking to me when I first noticed it. Also, look for the “over-sized” footwear on the characters. Today’s cartoon wasn’t a good example, but you’ll see what I mean when Jeff draws them. Almost like clown shoes!

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  3. Ahh Angela, I didn’t read your post before I posted. Love the song, love the puns and play on words but especially love the “Total eclipse of the heart” reference which I somehow did not get. I saw the heart but did not make the connection. Good on you, as the Aussies say.
    Happy Pi day. Sad that Stephen Hawking died on this mathematical day.

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    • Hey Earl. Good Morning. Thanks a million for your kind words. I truly love the song also, and I sing it to the kids whenever I awaken them. I’m glad it gave you a smile. I was so psyched this morning to use it. It was a given that I’d throw 🎶Total Eclipse🎶 into my post, once I saw the Tee shirt, so I just knew I had to go big or go home with my song choice! Speaking of 🎶Total Eclipse🎶 I do want to point out that Mike mentioned it also, and knowing Mike as I do, for him to mention a song, it deserves a mention of its own! He’s not a music buff at all, so him doing this today is a treat! I also want to add that when we discussed the 3 fingers, it was brought to light that all cartoon characters have 3 fingers, not just Jeff’s. And it’s always been that way. It’s one of those things that most people just never notice. Walt Disney himself said that if cartoon characters had 4 fingers, it would end up looking like a bunch of bananas! So there you go! Loved your sentence, as always..And Happy Pi Day to you, too, Earl. And if we think about it, what better day for Stephen Hawkins to be called home? Like a cosmic salute to “Pi in the Sky”…It’s not just poetic, it’s poetic justice. Have a good one, Earl…🌓 🙋🏻

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  4. Good morning. On the way to A/C with the church group. Was cancelled last Wednesday because of snow. No problem at all with either the words or the cartoon answer. This was more like a Monday solve to me. I’ll look at everybody’s post tonight. Have a great day and stay well

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  5. Today’s Jumble brought back fond memories of our trek into the Path of Totality last August; an experience that I’ll NEVER forget!

    Puzzle was pretty easy, though I didn’t have a blind solve today. Tract was the word that slowed me down a bit.

    Until tomorrow.

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  6. Being a former math prof,I had forgotten about national pi day.Harsh seemed to be a repeat,tract was no problem,but waffle gave me time to pause.The solution “of the show ” was obvious with “star” following quickly.

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    • Hi, Chuck. The last time we saw HARSH was on 5/19/17 and it was jumbled as RAHHS. I thought that we saw it more recently as well but couldn’t find it. I only did a quick search so I may have overlooked it. Have a great day. 😎👍🏻


  7. Hi all – No problem with the words or answer today for some reason.
    Well, there is a *little* bit of math in the cartoon today, in that the pi date 3/14 is written down in the corner. This astronomical recap also reminded me that spring is coming up soon on March 20.

    Fitting indeed that the wonderful Professor Hawking died on Pi Day. He was “transcendent” and never “irrational”, and his work will aid our understanding of the universe into infinity. All that, appearances on “Star Trek TNG” and “The Simpsons”, and an inspiring example for overcoming disabilities. A life *very* well lived.

    Angela, Bonnie Tyler synchronicity, eh?

    As for the cartoon – three fingers, big shoes, and after you notice that the whites of their eyes join together above their noses, you’ll never be able to unsee it. 😂 I hadn’t noticed the shoes.

    Take care of your back, Mike. No snowblower? Hardy stock indeed.
    We got more rain on Monday morning than in all of February and it’s in the forecast almost daily. Won’t bust the drought, but it helps.

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  8. Hi, all! Mike, you are STAR OF THE SHOW in Jumble Land with your comments about the double-lettered clue words, description of your solve, and interesting facts about the day of the eclipse.

    My first thought was TALK OF THE TOWN because they were doing a lot of talking but no “K.” Then I said SHOT IN THE DARK because of the lovely shading of the cartoon picture but again no “K.” Then I quickly solved the clue words with no hesitations and eliminated OF THE. Even with only 8 letters left, it took me a while to see STAR & SHOW

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    • Thank you, Lelia! I watched my bird feeder for hours yesterday while the blizzard clobbered us. That elusive robin never showed up, but there were plenty of cardinals and red-winged blackbirds.

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed my post, and even happier that you solved it without peeking at the answer. It was tricky with lots of letters to sort through. Oh, my pot roast came out phenomenally well! No leftovers at all!!!


      • Mike, you are quite welcome! I told Jerry that you saw lots of cardinals & red-winged blackbirds but are still watching for the first robin. We are still feeding mostly gambol quails & many, many doves by tossing their food on the ground and little birds from several feeders that hang from bushes & bushy cacti. Robins are rarely seen here.

        You can be happy about my not peeking at the answers every day because I solve at the breakfast table, couch, or desk before turning my computer on. I don’t remember peeking more than 3 times in 50 years because I am one stubborn problem solver.

        Jerry forgot to buy our pot roast this morning so I am off to get one now for tomorrow. I wish I knew what kind you bought & how you cooked it. I used to cook roasts really well and made delicious roast gravy, but now I don’t know if it’s me or tough roasts at the grocery store.

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      • Good morning, Lelia! I’m not sure you’re going to find this, but I cook my roast in a slow cooker with beef stock, red wine, a touch of tomato paste, fresh garlic, and two bay leaves. You’re correct that the roasts can be a bit tough in the oven so that’s why I use my slow cooker to make it fork tender. With the leftover juice, I make a gravy on the stovetop adding a flour slurry after I let it reduce a bit. I don’t have an exact recipe as I do most of my cooking by eye. I hope your roast turns out great!!! 🙂🙂🙂


  9. Hi, Steve! Speaking of STAR OF THE SHOW, while you were joking around with Mike about growing avocados and I had to drop out of that fun time & not even get to answer Mike again because I had to do stupid doctor paperwork, you said, “Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week,” and I could just see & hear you saying that from a stage.

    First you played your guitar & sang and did some guitar solos, ending with the audience clapping for an encore. Then you broke into a stand-up comedy routine which was followed by a rousing ovation after which you said, “Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.” That’s when I hurried to buy more tickets before they sold out.


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