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Good Thursday morning, Jumble fans! The first three clue words came instantly today. The fourth anagram, WETTER, caused me to take a few glances before coming into view. I started off by trying to make a couple of words with RE before it occurred to me that ER would be the suffix. Making quick work of the clue words, I was now ready to move on to the cartoon.

The online version of the puzzle that I normally use to enlarge the cartoon didn’t post the image this morning so I was stuck with my newspaper copy instead. My first thought while looking at the panel was “What in the world is that thing in the middle?” It looked like four people standing around a futuristic console staring at a holographic projection. Realizing that I would need to read the sentence and dialogue for more information, I took a moment to do so and let it all sink in.

The holographic projection turned out to be an interactive sculpture of Alaska, and what a beautiful sculpture it was! Jeff painstakingly added loads of detail in a relief type fashion. Visible were a bear, an eagle, a totem pole, a salmon, a king crab, and a few trees. The best detail of all was the fact that the sculpture had the number 49 as its base. 49 just isn’t a random number, it stands for Alaska being admitted to the union as the 49th state in 1959.

The solve for the surprise answer was obvious to me after reading the sentence and looking at the letter layout. I always check my work by crossing out the clue letters and sure enough, the answer was there. The words might not have been much of a challenge, so I’ll remember this Jumble by its clever cartoon.

Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶Where the river is winding…big nuggets they’re finding…North to ALASKA…They’re goin’ North, the rush is on. Way up north, (North To ALASKA) Way up north, (North To ALASKA) North to ALASKA….They’re goin’ North, the rush is on. North to ALASKA, They’re goin’ North, the rush is on…🎶

    ⚒💨Alaska became 49 in 1959
    The state with all the ice, the state with all the rime
    The weathers cold, a visitor must learn how to ADAPT
    While taking in the scenery, the beauty so enrapt.
    I wonder are streets WETTER, does this ice ever melt?
    People are dressed in hats and gloves and coats tied with a belt…
    Today we’re SHOWN a sculpture, very modern you can see
    No DEFECTs in the symbols for the state that’s known to be
    “North to the Future”‘s proven, you can take that right to heart…
    It’s evident right here today…this work’s STATE OF THE ART! 💨⚒

    Maybe it’s because I’m always doing it, but I got the “tic” at Wetter, and saw Twitter.. Even though I realized there was no “I”. But I saw that little bluebird and everything…2 “T’s”, 2 “Es”…Tweet, Tweet…Those who know, know. And yes, I CAN SO do it. Although I will admit, when they went to 280, I did rejoice! Anyway, it was just a “tic”..The rest of the words, easy, breezy. Our cartoon. Modern Art? Hmm. The whole “Eye of the Beholder” in my opinion. Give me a scenic landscape, or a city skyline any day. But this is Jeff’s ballpark, so I’ll play. Let’s ’s just say…He covered the bases here, hasn’t he? I did say ballpark, Folks…
    So, on this inter-active holographic sculpture, he’s showing us: The Myosotis Alpestris, The Chinook Salmon, The Picea Sitchensis, The Willow Ptarmigan, and The Tingit Totem Pole…Hey, believe me, I know! I don’t make the News, Folks, I just report it! I even had to turn off Autocorrect just to get these in here…We got the bird, the flower, the fish, the tree…and oh, yea, there’s a Bear and a Moose too! We got it all! We see a little boy, who’s mentioning Juneau. JUNEAU, that’s the Capital, right? YUKON see it on a map, if you’d like…Anyway, we also see a a little blonde girl dressed head to toe in purple, a workman, and the Sculptor himself. He’s saying that his work about the state of ALASKA, is very Hi-Tech. Very…STATE OF THE ART! Boom! BREAK THE ICE, and say Hello to Sarah Palin! We have ourselves a solve! Great play on words, Dave! You’ve DRILLed up a good one! Ok, eye candy. Hmm. Since I’ve already gone through the plethora of Alaska’s symbols, I think I’ll go with a Word in the dialogue today instead: ..BLUETOOTH. Like that Bluebird that was Tweeting in my ear this morning…Too bad we’re not in Hawaii…you know, my 🎶Blue Hawaii🎶…Just Sayin’. So, There you have it, Folks..Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…If visiting ALASKA, be sure to bring your Sorels. You’ll be SOREL if you don’t…💨⚒🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Thank you again Mike for your insight. Because of you,I’m trained to really,really look at the picture. It took me at least a half hour trying to solve the cartoon. I even had an answer using all the letters but it was ridiculous so I went back to looking at the picture again. Then that light bulb went off. There right in front is 49. Of course,”State of the art”. Another big pat on the back for me. The words were instant reads and this time when I checked there were no mistakes. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi, Paul. Just a quick tip. If you see a three letter word in the layout, chances are that it will be THE, AND, or BUT. Those are the big 3. There was no B, N, or U in the clue letters so THE could have been found instantly. It might not work every time, but it’s a good place to start when you seem overwhelmed. Give it a shot and see if it works. 🙂

      • Thanks Mike but I did have those two words right away with set for the last word. The only trouble was that the remaining letters made attar which is a frequent oil for the first word. That’s when I went back to the picture and the answer just appeared. It’s darn good information though. T Y.

  3. Scientists have SHOWN that when armadillos ADAPT to a WETTER climate a DEFECT in their eye covering appears.
    Yes, I know there are no armadillos in Alaska but I couldn’t think of an animal up there that would make some kind of sense in my sentence—polar bears? That’s about the extent of my knowledge of Alaskan wildlife, or it was until I read Mike and Angela’s posts. Thank you both for your details and puns and rhymes and just FUN.
    I too had to buy a newspaper today because the online site had yesterday’s Jumble but not today’s. Oh well a small contribution to the publishing industry.
    Clue words and the solution were no problem today—as others have said the cartoon gives such meaningful hints, if we just pay attention.
    Have a great Thursday everyone I ‘m off to do all kinds of errands which require driving—too much snow yesterday and tomorrow promises another round of fluff. Today? Sunshine and clear roads, well, not snow-covered or icy.

    • Good Morning, Earl. I’m looking at your sentence, and my eye zeroes in on the spacing at Defect, and I realize that I’m proven DEFECTive today! I used DETECT in error with my poetry…(I really need to stop doing this at 4 o’clock in the morning)! Or at least stop getting distracted by texting and Tweeting with all my fellow Early BlueBird cohorts! Stop the presses….RE-WRITE! RE-WRITE!!! Thanks very much for the shout out, and right back at ‘ya for your creative endeavor. Anyway, what’s an armadillo or two amongst friends? Let’s just call it a little Reptile Dysfunction…Oh wait, or should that be a Mammal? SHELL I look it up?…
      You just be careful out there..JUNEAU I worry about you! 💨🙋🏻

  4. Words were no problem . “Of and the ” were obvious,and once state popped in,the rest was history.

    • I agree, Chuck. When I saw “high-tech” used in both the dialogue and sentence, it was an instant solve. Thanks for letting us know! 😎👍🏻

  5. No blind solve, but pretty easy work on the CWs, except for DEFECT. My eyes kept seeing three E’s! Kept wanting to go to EFFECTED but, alas, too many letters!

  6. Angela,nice work and did you put “Plethora” in there just to hear my reaction? With you it fits. With that girl from storage wars it doesn’t. She gives you the impression she is not that swift. Although,she does have a creative mind. She has the foresight to make a pig out of a sows ear. She can turn junk furniture into a money maker. Earl,great job. Maybe the armadillo was a stowaway on a cargo plane.

    • Hey, Paul. Thank you very much. Yes, it was especially for you. I threw it in there to make you smile. Can’t help it, I now associate that word with you! You’re a plethora of entertainment! Since I don’t know this “other woman” in the picture, I’ll just have to play it by ear…Not the sow’s tho, you gave that one to her! Maybe I’ll just have to catch the show some night…Just to get a look at my “competition.”! 😂 Glad you came home flush y’day, hope you enjoyed yourself. Have a good one, Brooklyn! 💨🙋🏻

  7. Wetter tripped me up this morning but got the other clue words without difficulty. Figured out the cartoon answer and then voila – wetter. It was a fun challenge today. Thinking of all of you mushing through all that snow in your part of the world. We’re having unseasonably hot weather. It’s been nearly 70 for a week now. It’s been so long since we’ve had any rain that I had to water my roses yesterday. Have a good day everyone.

    • Roses in February?! It’s hard to imagine with all the snow here. I’ll be starting the garden in just a few short months and can’t wait to be outside all the time. Enjoy your day! 🙂

    • Betty – When my nephew from Denver visited just as the last drought was starting, he marveled at the term “record February warmth.” Now we’re breaking those records. Some of my roses have come out, the acacia tree is blooming and the fuchsia is doing the best of all. Saw hummingbirds buzzing around the bushes along the sidewalk the other day.

    • I’ll tell you how plant-friendly our weather is. That old acacia tree finally broke and fell in our backyard a while ago (no damage) and we haven’t had it removed yet. Yesterday I noticed that not only is the leftover stump blooming, so are the branches on the fallen part! Maybe it’s a zombie tree.

    • A great quote from the Chronicle’s outdoor writer Tom Stienstra – he calls the recent weather “This weeks’s temperature tantrum.”

  8. Your comments made me re-look and appreciate the detailed sculpture. I had gotten the puzzle solved easily, even before going thru the word clues, but had ignored the well-done sculpture. It definitely added to my morning pleasure!

    • Hi, Kathy! I’m glad that you had a chance to enjoy Jeff’s amazing artwork and that you took a moment to share your thoughts. I’m also guilty of trying to solve the puzzle as fast as I can sometimes and have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Hi, all! I was ready to post quite a while ago but clicked David’s interview first, not realizing how long it would be. So enjoyable!! Thanks David & Mike. We have the puzzle today that David spoke about regarding the spelling of Juneau.

    David mentioned that some puzzles are easy for some & hard for others, same puzzle. Today’s made me work a bit with DEFECT & WETTER & the cartoon answer. I had to solve all words and play with 2 & 3 letter words before the answer came to me.

    Mike, thanks for commiserating with me about 2 hours in the dr. office yesterday. I thought about you reaching out to others and struck up a conversation with a very disheveled young man who was restless, not happy to be there, quiet & sullen, & looking at no one. He was so appreciative that when I got called & said, “I hope your thyroid is fine,” he said, “Well, I hope you have a good rest of the day!”

    • Good afternoon, Lelia! I wasn’t going to post the video for another week, but after hearing David’s timely info about the “Alaska” puzzle, I had to post it right away.

      And kudos to you for striking up a conversation with the young man. That is exactly what I would have done to cheer him up. Life’s too short to not enjoy every minute. Your ordeal for a simple prescription reminded me of all the time I wasted at the DMV for my Real ID.

      Have a super day! 🙂🙂🙂

      • Mike, your “life’s too short” prompted me to post a second response on IOW.
        See my note to Lelia about John Lennon and Warren Zevon. Also, 🎵”Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend. I have always thought that it’s a crime…”🎵(The Beatles, “We Can Work It Out”)

  10. Hi all – Got the words pretty quickly – WETTER took the longest. Then I had no idea what they were getting at with the clue. I saw “FROST ON THE …” that didn’t work, then looked back at the picture where 49 caught my eye. Aha, 49th STATE! I wonder if those 49-star US flags are rare or valuable?
    Have a great day!

    • Grasshopper…You brought to mind an old Old Mid-Western adage…”When the weather’s hot…, etc” Courtesy of my starving, (yet surpringly, looking extremely fit) 😉 friend, Chip… Look it up. This association stuff can be lethal….😂🙋🏻

  11. I couldn’t come up with the answer at breakfast but I did this afternoon. I had no ideas for the first word but tried to find one with two T’s.

  12. Another Goldilocks puzzle…Nice video David.. Now I want to go to Nuremberg. Is everything there built of these big stone blocks? Very interesting

  13. Hi, Mike!! I knew you’d like hearing about the young man getting happy. It made me happy to hear him happy.

    Yesterday you said that broccoli is your favorite food. On the way home from the doctor, Jerry took me to Denny’s and I thought of you when I ordered a new steaming skillet with a lot of broccoli in it. First was whole grain rice, then caramelized onions & sautéed mushrooms, a lot of chicken & broccoli, a sprinkling of cheese, and last a lot of melted smoked gouda poured over everything.

    Today David said that his favorite food is pizza, followed closely by hot dogs. Not being able to stop thinking about pizza, on the way home from turning in my 2 new RX’s, I popped into my pizza place for one piece of cheese pizza (which I have never tried before) for a snack before dinner. (I usually get pepperoni, Hawaiian, their freshly-cooked thinly sliced sausage, or one they call Monster.) Well, I have been leaving big tips, so he insisted on giving me 2 cheese slices free.

    I’m going to listen to David again. I was still half asleep this morning. Thank you so much for thinking of that very fun surprise and also the mug contest. Wow! Your Jumble Answers is a happenin” place!! Thanks!!!

    • I really enjoyed reading about your delicious lunch at Denny’s. That dish sounds exactly like something I’d order.

      When watching the video, I thought David was going to say Burger King was his favorite restaurant and possibly a Whopper sandwich as his favorite food. Out of left field he mentioned pizza, hot dogs, and chicken strips/nuggets. Now I have pizza on the brain and will probably order one for dinner because Alexa told me it’s national pizza day. What a coincidence! Have a wonderful Friday, Lelia! 🍕 🍕 🍕

      • Mike, thanks, I did have a wonderful Friday because I had the strength & energy to drive around getting chores done in 4 different places, including hauling 6 boxes of “good stuff” to a charity place for them to sell.

        Does your family not still have a tradition of Friday pizza as ours had when our girls were a certain age? I was sorry when they outgrew that easy Friday meal.

        Hope you had a wonderful Friday, too, and hope you enjoyed your pizza. Loved hearing from you. See ya’!

        • You must be exhausted from hauling all of those donation boxes, Lelia. It was a wonderful, but cold day here.

          I did get some “beach pizza” as it is known locally. It has a very flat crust, sweet tomato sauce with italian seasonings, and a whole slice of provolone cheese on each slice. The pizza is cooked in a large tray and portioned out into square slices. I had 2 slices and a few nibbles of cheesecake. Delicious! And yes, we have pizza almost every Friday.

          I’m now tuning into the Winter Olympics opening ceremony which is amazing to watch. There’s no LivePD tonight so I’ll probably watch a movie later on. Have a great evening and talk soon. 😀

      • Thank you, Mike, for your description of the “beach pizza.” I enjoy eating pizza cut into squares, but this is the first I’ve heard of a whole slice of cheese on each square. I’m going to be looking for that!!

    • Hi Kris. Please don’t ever feel defective! Not allowed here! LOL…It’s just a matter of TASTE! Have a good one! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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