Jumble Answers for 01/05/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!             🚬  AIR YOU HAVE IT 🚬

🎶 You said you love me…Oh I was so blind, you had my world spinning round and round…You said I was your heart and soul desire…There ain’t NO SMOKE without fire…🎶 “No Smoke” – Queensberry 2008  https://tinyurl.com/yaazw7rp

🚬 I’m wondering just where he went to light that cigarette,
By staying indoors did he think he wouldn’t have regret?
The window doesn’t always help, the wind will blow both ways,
And this guys’ WOMAN now’s become a little bit enraged…
The KITTEN that she might have been has lost her pretty POLISH,
She’s angry at him and he had to know he’d be admonished..
I think he’ll now be treated as a GUEST when night draws near,
And by that I mean he might not be in the bed they share…
Her look, her words, severity looms…it’s certainly no joke,
It looks to me like he and she for sure WENT UP IN SMOKE…🚬

Before I go any further, I want to apologize to all my sisters out there for referring to our WOMAN as a KITTEN. Trust me, I was gritting my teeth. I had this faint image of an Ann Margaret type character, in boots and wielding a whip…(Not there’s anything wrong with that, but that’s a story for another time and place😉)…I hope you all realize that I had to take poetic license in order to work the word into the rhyme, and it was either that or having the smoke asphyxiate a defenseless animal. And since I don’t want an issue with the ASPCA, I had to slight us women. I appreciate your understanding. Ok…Strange as this may seem, especially in LIGHT of all this, I’m not finding WOMAN in the Archives. That can’t be possible can it? I’m going to look again later when I’m not so pressed for time. Our other words, Sweet Repeats a few times over, with KITTEN appearing for the 7th time, (it figures, right)?…and anagrammed exactly as it was three times before, going back to 2016. It’s also our most recent word, and had previously showed up twice, 9 days apart last July. None of the words posed any problems, though…they were all a breeze…

Speaking of breeze, we see one dominant in our cartoon today. A breeze blowing smoke-filled air back into the home of our featured couple. He’s sneaking a smoke, while she catches him trying to hide it. And our dialogue tells us that this isn’t their first rodeo either, since we hear her saying…”You said you quit”. Uh oh… https://tinyurl.com/ycktvbce  And it’s obvious that his previous attempts to kick the habit…WENT UP IN SMOKE! Good one, David…AIR YE! AIR YE!

Eye candy? A mint would come in handy…but we’ll make do with what we have…The entire panel is brushed in light purple. He sports a mustache and a soul patch, and is dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt. She’s in black tights and a green Tee. The air from the opened window is wafting the smoke upward. It seems like he may be in an attached garage, since she is able to smell the evidence, and he looks to be sitting on a corrugated cardboard crate, since it’s showing signs of being creased by his weight. A light switch turned to the ON position is visible on the wall, and through the opened window we can see the blue of daylight. I just can’t place where we are though, so I’m just going to make a judgement call…My thought? This guy’s definitely in the Doghouse…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and be careful not to BLOW a good thing! 🚬🙋🏻