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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…👗THE (RUN) WAY TO SUCCESS…👗

    🎶 Well it don’t matter what you WEAR…They tricking out to set affair…And it don’t matter what you do…’Cause everything LOOKS GOOD ON YOU…🎶 “Supermodel” – Taylor Dayne 2003 https://tinyurl.com/mwurna3r

    👗It’s nice to have a BUDDY, who always has your back,
    Who you can talk and listen to …who always has a knack…
    Of knowing the right words to say…If from a book you’d read,
    The perfect TITLE’d always be for sure “A Friend in Need”…
    (The WALRUS and the PICKET words? Not cutting it today,
    They don’t “fit” in this fashion theme…I tried, there’s just no way)
    For what we have today is someone saying…”I won’t dwell…
    On what’s to be…’cause you can see that I DID PRETTY WELL”…👗

    PRETTY WELL… https://tinyurl.com/4ty8m35y …Good enough for me…

    I usually don’t look at the answer circles to solve…the idiom just comes automatically…but I DID look today, because for a moment I thought the puzzle might POSE a problem…But once I saw that I had to FASHION a 6 letter word, I was sitting PRETTY…Our girl might not be on Easy SHIRT, I mean Street, but she’s definitely not CLOTHES-minded about the whole thing. (No pun intended)…Her foot’s in the door, she’s getting exPOSE-ure, she’s able to COVER all her expenses, she’s EARNED a place in the industry…and she’s…WELL, she’s PRETTY…So SHOOT… so far she DID PRETTY WELL…And as far as adDRESSSing the situation…She may never be a MILLINER…but she’s happy that she gets to PURSE-SHOE her dream…

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And this puzzle resonated because personally, I adore Fashion…although it does result in my constantly having to reorganize my wardrobe…which can get pretty frustrating at times…But I’ve learned to not SKIRT the issue, and I try my best to stay on TOP of things…And I’m not ashamed to admit that yes, I have sought HANGER Management….👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🎥 She DID PRETTY WELL with her documentary on the WALRUS, and was just waiting for her BUDDY to come up with a suitable TITLE, when the crew took to the PICKET line…and all production screeched to a halt…🎥

    🦮She dreamed about the PICKET fence, phrase meaning a nice home,
    She longed for grass and a big yard with BUDDY free to roam…
    He’d grown too big to stay within apartment walls right now,
    Her friends teased that the dog looked like a WALRUS or a cow…
    She wants the TITLE to a house…where both of them could dwell…
    The days gone by when she could say they both DID PRETTY WELL…🦮

  3. 👗She’s a model and she loves to pose,
    And enjoying the career she chose…
    There’s been no cover yet,
    But she has no regret…
    And there’s always the chance of new clothes! 👗

    👙Work is steady and she’s in demand,
    Posing in parks and out on the sand…
    And she’s being paid well,
    So we can hear her tell…
    That right now life is going quite grand!👙

    👍🏻There is plenty of work to be had,
    ‘Cause with fashion there’s always a fad…
    And she’s getting the bookings,
    The girl’s definitely good looking…
    And so far her life’s nowhere near bad…👍🏻

    💲We hear her telling someone who’s new,
    It’s a career she ought to pursue…
    ‘Cause a living she’ll make,
    Once she gets that first break…
    And it’s something she’ll enjoy to do!💲

    👍🏻Bottom line we see contentment here,
    And our girl’s making it very clear…
    That it’s def worth a shot,
    Regrets? Definitely a not….
    She chose wisely and loves her career! 👍🏻

    • A song that quickly came to mind as I had to ponder on this one a little bit was “Vogue” by Madonna. Can’t believe that was a hit 33 years ago..time’s flying!!! Have a great day all…Alan in GA

      • Hi Alan. “Vogue” came to mind for me too, of course. But I’ve used it before in past modeling-themed puzzles, so I figured I should change it up a bit this time. 33 years? Really? Ugh! 😉🤦🏻‍♀️ Wishing you a great day too…👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Not a very big hump to get over today ! Only one anagram that was huge ! And it was “I am the WALRUS , goo goo , g’joob “ , I had to ! Lol ! Anyway the jumble having a fashion model and with the letters , the word that came out to relate was PRETTY , then the rest DID WELL ! So even though she didn’t benefit like she should’ve , she DID PRETTY WELL ! Our son did some modeling in France and we know the experience one goes through ! I Got over the hump-day Wednesday ! It was a fun jumble ! Everyone have a get over the hump-day Wednesday !!!!!!

  5. Good morning. A continuation of yesterday. Unable to get the blind solve again. Until tomorrow take care.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Why worry about solving without the letters? All roads lead to Rome…and as long as you’re able to get the solve? You’re a winner! Have a good one. Be well and stay safe out there…👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. In a career where to reach the top
    You’ve got to model til you drop
    Competition is fierce
    The ceiling to pierce
    But she’s not inclined to swap

    Though not making a ton of dough
    She has enough to make a show
    That she’s doing okay
    And well on her way
    And from here she can only grow!

  7. Anagrams were a quick solve then s painstakingly slow solve of the cartoon. Did popped into mind first given the 2 D’s then well with the 2 L’s finally pretty filled out the answer. Happy “Hump Day Wednesday” to Angela and the Jumble solvers.

  8. A late start to Jumbling due to volunteer at golf course to help with early O-dark-thirty golf tournament. Okay, back home and reading all the other blogs…really interesting. Along with others, no complete blind solve but figured DID/lHAD…….XXXXXX WELL was part of the solution. I think I glommed onto the photography part rather than her modeling looks. Anyway, finished up anagrams, took out the above words and it became PRETTY obvious what the answer was. See ya tomorrow !!

  9. Almost a blind solve for the answer, but guessed plenty instead of PRETTY. I had to back into WALRUS, though.

  10. Solved the anagrams easily today – not very many vowels to work with however did figure out the cartoon answer without difficulty. Hanger management, Miss Angela? too funny 😂

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