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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🗑️ TALKING TRASH 🗑️

    🎶Take out the papers and the TRASH…Or you don’t get no spendin’ cash…🎶 “Yakety Yak” – The Coasters 1959 https://tinyurl.com/pjteu7ye

    🗑️ Restrictions had been put in place, two items not allowed,
    No batteries or tires…and complaints were getting loud….
    “No choice, you EITHER comply or a hefty fine you’ll pay”
    Was tried in the beginning…with large signage on display…
    There’d been enough with COFFEE pods and all old SKIER’s gear,
    They needed to be sure no one would USURP rulings here
    So men were hired for the gates, they numbered seven crews…
    They’d rotate shifts and guarantee to REFUSE THE REFUSE…🗑️

    So…SKIER. Talk about a slippery SLOPE…The word’s so limiting, that for a moment there I felt like I was on thin ICE trying to work it into the RIME. SNOW lie…And the anagram itself even had one of the Early Birds going DOWNHILL there for a second…But I ALPed him out…and LIFTed his spirits…

    OK…A LandFILL. https://tinyurl.com/c95j6mfc And as any die-hard Jumble fan NOSE, this is hardly the first time that David’s SCENT us here. BIN there…done that…But it’s always fun FILLing in our puzzles no MATTER what the theme…so let’s just get on with this RECYCLED one. Today, we see in the background a truck being unloaded, and up front, one of the “guards“, stationed at the gate, (a trash receptacle 🗑️ logo on his cap), telling the prospective dumper that tires https://tinyurl.com/tthsfff9 and batteries https://tinyurl.com/mt6n9yu7 need to ROLL on by…that it’s a NEGATIVE as far as dropping them off there. And the dumper doesn’t WASTE any time in asking…”Are you POSITIVE about that”? Understandable, since batteries I can C, but I thought that I t-READ that tires were OK… you’d just be CHARGEd a little more because they’d need to be transported to a tire processor for disposal. But I guess it’s a TOSS OUT…I mean up…different states, different landfills, different regulations. Anyway, he’s being REFUSEd admittance, and he’ll need to take his REFUSE elsewhere…And in a scenario such as this, I often wonder how people in ESL programs must feel about some of our words…One, a verb, the other a noun https://tinyurl.com/2de4x8tz …Spelt exactly the same, but not the least bit related…Heteronyms… https://tinyurl.com/2u9he3j9 And in this case? TRASH talking comes to mind…But I digress…Our solve today? The Landfill, under the watchful eye of that hungry seagull, had to REFUSE THE REFUSE…DRAIN and simple…And it’s another puzzle in the BAG…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with a little Landfill humor…Reportedly the FBI had conducted a huge marijuana bust. Approximately two tons of weed were taken to a landfill where it was incinerated. However, the EPA felt the need to step in, showing concern for the large number of seagulls flying overhead…Seemed that there was no tern left unstoned….🗑️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. …AND IN OTHER WORDS…🔠🙋🏻‍♀️
    SKIER: Last used – 09/21/22 https://tinyurl.com/mvm9rnp7
    USURP: Last used – 11/05/21 https://tinyurl.com/vxm9bp6j (Same anagram)
    COFFEE: Last used – 07/14/22 https://tinyurl.com/5n92pmah
    EITHER: Last used – 06/05/22 https://tinyurl.com/3pyvkv8p

    SEIKR: Used on – New anagram
    PRUUS: Used on – 11/05/21, 09/01/17, 10/30/15
    FCEFOE: Used on – New anagram
    TIREHE: Used on – New anagram

  3. 🤷🏻‍♂️The committee was so tired of his trash talking, and so adamant about ousting the SKIER who attempted to USURP their rulings, that over COFFEE they created signs reading…”REFUSE THE REFUSE that’s his proposals”, and “It’s EITHER him or us”….🤷🏻‍♂️

    ⛷️The SKIER led the campaign ‘gainst the man who would USURP,
    The zoning laws they had in place…the guy was such a twerp…
    She sat and drank her COFFEE thinking two choices they had,
    And laid out all the details on a list on her iPad…
    While EITHER one was viable…she hoped they’d wisely choose…
    And not be quick to say..”Garbage…let’s REFUSE THE REFUSE”…⛷️

  4. Hello thirsty-Thursday ! Wow , you learn something new everyday ! I did not know that REFUSE was spelled the same , but had two different meanings ! This one was so fun ! I’ve used both words before , but thought that the waste REFUSE was spelled differently ! The anagrams were great except I got major thirsty on USURP ! And I had to look it up ! But the jumble , I got when they couldn’t except , they REFUSE THE REFUSE ! It came right out ! This is making this week go undefeated with jumble solves ! One weekday left tomorrow to complete Monday through Friday of anagrams and jumble solves ! Great song Angela ! Yakety yak , don’t talk back ! Great week ! And your little humor about the marijuana had those seagulls flying High !! Everyone have a great thirsty-Thursday !!!!!

  5. Good morning. My choice for hardest was USURP. When I finally came up with the spelling I still had to check to see if I was correct and what the meaning was. Then I go to the cartoon and unable to get a blind solve I put the letters down and see the double letters and come up with the answer and had to check again for the double meaning. You’re never too old to learn.”Just hope I can remember it.” Angela you’re still batting 1000. Another big smile on your song choice. Until tomorrow take care.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you…love to know you’re smiling. Be well and stay safe out there…🗑️🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. If dumping is what you choose
    Then I’m going to have to refuse
    This load is not clean
    Among the dirtiest I’ve seen
    And the rules you’re trying to abuse!

  7. Well, I needed to unscramble the anagrams to solve the very clever puzzle, but was stuck on SKIER, which was frustrating. Anyway, with the other three anagrams solved, found the solution, and found a new word…HETERONYM. So today was a real learning Thursday. I always remember your song choice, Angela…Benny Hill’s Theme Song….now there’s a clever wit, to be sure (though his 60’s humor wouldn’t fly today). And finally, a great joke to take with us for the day.

    • Yep…you can learn a lot here! 😂 Benny Hill…you’re right…on both counts…witty, yes…but he’d never get past the censors today…And the stoned terns? 😂Glad you enjoyed it…🗑️🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. I worked the Jumble backwards getting the cartoon w a blind solve, seeing what letters I needed to solve the cartoon led me to the anagram solutions. One of the first times I did that!

  9. I solve the anagrams first so knew that it must be a double answer to the cartoon given the duplicate letters. Yes, it’s a challenge sorting all our garbage these days – making sure it goes in the proper bin. Yakety Yak is a great song, Angela. Have a good one all!

    • Hi Betty. Tk you…it’s been stuck in my head all day! 🗑️🤦🏻‍♀️

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