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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶Happy As A Lark🎶 – Buddy Rogers & His Famous Swing Band 1938 https://tinyurl.com/2rdcjasj

    🐦 No situation HAIRY, no worries does she bring,
    She flies a SPIRAL ‘round the tree whilst the whole time she sings…
    This little bird of happiness, too bad she couldn’t PACKET,
    Her good nature and share her song as the birds make their racket…
    Her given name is Jocelyn…her ALIAS Joy…does suit her so,
    She brings such joy and sunshine wherever she may go
    The other birds all love her…and in this tree in the park…
    They’re happy when she visits….always HAPPY AS A LARK! 🐦

    Ah…The melodious sound of this member of the Alaudidae https://tinyurl.com/5auztkhr family …And if today’s solve didn’t NEST into your mind right off the bat…I hope you didn’t find yourself UP A TREE and throwing in the towel before Googling it.

    So today, we see Cindy BIRDsong, running into Joy TOTHEWORLD….And not being a LARK herself, Cindy can’t understand how Joy is always in such a GOOD MOOD. (And we know they’re women because Jeff’s given them eyelashes)….Let’s face it, Cindy’s no BIRDbrain…and she’s hardly stark RAVEN mad, so she’s well aware that nobirdie is HAPPY all the time…So she goes out on a LIMB, and asks…But au contraire!…In Joy’s case it’s just a FEATHER in her cap, because she is! And it’s no FLY-by-night trait, either…She inherited it…Her Father, BIRDie Sanders, (who was said to have been ROBIN the cradle when he married her Mom), and her Mother, Tequila MockingBIRD, instilled that happiness gene into their TWEET little daughter at BERTH…and they’ve HAPPILY watched her CROW and BRANCH out into the world….EMUtional for them?…Yes…but they knew she’d always be NESTled deeply in their hearts…and needing to SPREAD her WINGS…So, as Joy says…It’s just HOOT she is…And she’s delighted to be as HAPPY AS A LARK! https://tinyurl.com/u4kw3hhp

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and as a rule, making so many BIRD puns is usually harmless…but when you start MOCKING BIRDS, things can quickly get unpleasant and HAWKward….But I’m pretty sure I didn’t FLY off the handle here…beCAWS while TOUCAN play the game…my intention wasn’t to CAWS any FOWL play…and I’m pretty sure I won’t have any EGRETS…And now I’m off to NESTle back into bed…I’m still feeling under the FEATHER…🐦🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🐒 She was HAPPY AS A LARK when the PACKET containing her daughter’s toys, especially the monkey named Harry, ALIAS “HAIRY” Styles, fell down the SPIRAL staircase without anything being broken…🐒

    ✂️ Each student got a PACKET, crafting contents all the same,
    Each also held a HAIRY gnome, darling of crafting fame…
    The object was to dress them up with fabric and the like,
    The class called..”ALIAS Arranging”…and she saw her numbers spike
    Registration now did SPIRAL, word of mouth had been the spark…
    Her craft shop a success now…and she’s HAPPY AS A LARK! ✂️

  3. Welcome home Saturday jumble solve ! The anagrams were all good , except the second word was trying to be someone else , so it came as an ALIAS ! But the jumble had 4 A’s in it , so I looked up Alaididae and it was the Lark bird family , so I figured there’s one of the A’s ! And when I saw 2 P’s and a Y , that made me HAPPY and one word was the fourth A , and that made me HAPPY AS A LARK ! Way to end a great jumble week ! Angela , your bird puns are so good ! I was trying to think of some , but you covered a lot ! I guess it wasn’t in the CARDSinal ! Everyone have a great weekend !!!!

  4. Thought a moment or two….figured what kinds of birds are happily singing, and LARK came to mind, then the whole phrase appeared to me. Keep resting and repairing, Angela.

  5. Good morning. You wouldn’t know it Angie with so many puns flying about your post. Rest and get well. Todays jumble wasn’t a problem for me and I decided not to look up what type of bird 🦅 it was and wing it. No blind solve but the answer came quick. You really dug deep down for your song choice Angela. It was cute and even the name of the song fit perfectly. Until tomorrow stay safe and be well.

  6. I thought ‘Alias was a misspelled‘assail’ w 1 S rather than 2, so was lacking the letters for lark!Even though I knew the cartoon solution was “Happy as a LARK”.

  7. Clever puzzle this morning. Refrained from looking up Alaudidae Family but was able to figure out the cartoon answer from the dialogue. Hope you feel better soon Miss Angela though I must say your puns were flying fast and furiously today so nothing has dampened you sense of humor. 🐤

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