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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🏀POINT WELL TAKEN!🏀

    🎶 I gotta know, I gotta know…I gotta see where THIS CAN GO…So here I STAND…I choose to be my own…GAME CHANGER…🎶”Game Changer” – David Phelps 2021 https://tinyurl.com/bdedm3ju

    🏀 It’s weekend of the All Stars, where B-Ball looks to CROWN,
    The best of the team’s rosters…we watch the ups and downs…
    So timing’s apropos for sure to GAUGE the 3-Point Shot,
    That brought a new AURORA to the game…and made it hot…
    The NBA we’re talking here…it’s all about the clamor,
    That started back in ‘79…when players looked to HAMMER
    That distance shot with a reward which before was a stranger…
    But went on to become for sure the definite GAME CHANGER…🏀

    I like Basketball, but I don’t really remember when the 3-Point Shot came into PLAY…Nor did I need to in order to SCORE today’s solve…My affinity for Idioms, and the dialogue “If we can SCORE MORE points” …(in a GAME) made this one a SLAM DUNK for me…and I’m pretty sure most of you won’t need any ASSISTance either…Bottom LINE? The allowance of the 3-Point Shot was a….GAME CHANGERhttps://tinyurl.com/2p87srx4 …And that’s FINAL…FOUR me…

    And for those of you who may care to DIVE into the LONG and SHORT of the 3-Point Shot, here’s an interesting, informative article https://tinyurl.com/2p925y7a that covers the bases…pun intended…including the 1961 mention…

    As for the players shown? …No time to do any research, so it’s UP IN THE AIR for me…If anyone wants to TAKE A SHOT at identifying them…feel FREE…But I will go on RECORD to say that Jeff accurately captured the essence of a ‘70’s man with the hair, the sideburns and the mustache of that spectator…That look? Definitely TRAVELIN’ back in time…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And here’s hoping that whoever couldn’t SCORE yesterday’s solve gets to REBOUND today…🏀🙋🏻‍♀️

    …And Bonus POINTS to anyone who can tell me why I have Ricky Nelson on my mind…


    • The reason you have Ricky Nelson on your mind is because of his hit song “Travelin’ Man”..that basketball term crossed my mind as I was doing the Jumble..Alan H

    • Traveling in basketball is a foul , I’m not getting the Ricky Nelson (I know it’s his song ) connection ! Oh well , you got the 3 points !

  2. 🔨 It was definitely a GAME CHANGER when vandals took a HAMMER to the CROWN of the statue of AURORA, and the committee was lost as to how to GAUGE their next steps…🔨

    🤦🏻‍♂️The headache like a HAMMER, pounding in his head,
    It felt as if a CROWN of thorns decided to imbed…
    The doctor asked if he could GAUGE on a scale 1 to 10,
    He answered, “It’s 11…bright AURORA now and then…
    I’m really worried something’s wrong…I fear I’m in some danger
    I’ve never had a pain like this…it’s surely a GAME CHANGER”…🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Great way to cap the week with a GAME CHANGER to the weekend ! The anagrams were all there to get ! I put my CROWN on cause I felt like a winner in the AURORA of words ! So I turned on the GAUGE sand put the HAMMER down to get them all , and then knowing that the 3 point shot in basketball is made outside the foul line , is definitely a GAME CHANGER ! Living near Cleveland and a Cleveland cavaliers fan , I’ve watched Lebrun James hit many 3 pointers! Great to watch ! So everyone have a great Saturday weekend !!!!!

  4. Looking back on a missed blind solve…could have at least come up with GAME to help me out. Missed out there, so solved the anagrams and plugged in the correct answer. All in all… about a thirty second Jumble morning, which is still pretty good. You’re right, they nailed that 70’s look !!

  5. This Jumble has two answers, GAME-CHANGER and MEGA-CHANGER, especially since the designers put a hyphen between the two words. MEGA means big (or in specific applications, a million) and implementing the 3-point shot I imagine was a big change to basketball.

  6. Good morning. I really should have put down Aurora as hardest word to find because in reality I was stuck and went to the cartoon. Thinking of a different first word I put down the letters I had and realized my first thought was out. It was then that I came up with the answer and knowing I needed two A’s I was able to get that last word. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. In my newspaper (Richmond Times-Dispatch) the answer blank was given as OOOO-OOOOOOO with a hyphen between the two words.

  8. After a pause on aurora , I turned to the letters for the cartoon. Game was an obvious 4 letter word choice, followed quickly by the complete game changer solution, kind of breaking my week long losing streak, in failing to solve the final complete jumble. And done without a real paper newspaper as my papers are not delivered on Saturday.

  9. A late post today. I was playing tennis in the a.m. Aurora took me a while although the Latin/French part of me should have seen it sooner.

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