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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🐈 KITTY BITTER…N’EST-CE PAS?🐈

    🎶 Here I am now, it took some time to come around…Sometimes I think it took me down…Sometimes I think…In the CATBIRD SEAT the only trees were on my street…The only step was at my door…🎶…”The Catbird Seat” – Darlingside 2010 https://tinyurl.com/5sh85ms5

    🐈The Tabby’s getting ITCHY, he can’t DIGEST the scene,
    He’s acting like a BURRO…like an ass is what I mean…
    I’m writing this short STANZA as the Robins try to eat…
    Uneasy though with Tabby watching from his CATBIRD SEAT! 🐈

    I think that anyone who knows me by now is well aware of the fact that I love idioms…AND I’m a big baseball fan…Having been dubbed the “Idiom Savant” by my friends years ago, it’s one of the reasons why I enjoy the Jumble so much. David’s an idiom aficionado too, as one can tell by his use of them as so many of his solves. I guess you can say we’re BIRDS of a feather…And with so many idioms under my belt, I FED right into this one, and had the ADVANTAGE of SEEDing today’s solve with an initial glance …But I’m wondering if it’ll be a piece of cake for those not familiar with the phrase…BeCAWS while the letters will give you CAT and BIRD…will that be enough to whet your APPETITE? …Or will you still be OUT ON A LIMB?

    Ok…Today we’re watching our Tabby, who I’ve decided to dub Red Barber*, watching intently as two Robins PANEstakingly try to CATch a bite ON THE FLY…But as we can see from the expressions on the birds’ faces, things aren’t exactly COOPacetic…The way Red’s staring at them, it’s obvious he’s besPERCHing their LOFTY endeavors…And as HISS owner BRANCHes out to admonish him for HISS SUPERIOR attitude, SITTING PRETTY there on HISS self-acclaimed throne…HISS CATBIRD SEAT… https://tinyurl.com/bdfe9e9n we’ve another FEATHER in our caps…So FUR, so good this week…

    And just to bring this full circle, there are birds called Catbirds. And they make a mewing sound that’s said to resemble a Cat’s meow… https://tinyurl.com/bp7784th …EMUsing, right?

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And if you’re gonna keep such close TABS on someone, here’s some PAWS for thought…Curiosity killed the cat…CHEWS wisely…🐈🙋🏻‍♀️

    ….And a tip of the cap to James Thurber … https://tinyurl.com/y9sjfmrx
    * PLUS…Bonus points if you know why I named the Tabby Red Barber…


    • Red barber was a sports commentator who wrote Rhubarb in the Catbird Seat in 1968 ! Very popular with the Brooklyn dodgers !

      • Yes, he did write that book, Jim…but that was much later on. The “Sittin’ in the catbird seat” was one of Red’s many colorful catchphrases…The man had a treasure trove of them..⚾️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️After having written the word BURRO instead of borrow in the second STANZA of his poem, he was hardly in the CATBIRD SEAT and was getting ITCHY trying to DIGEST his embarrassment…🤷🏻‍♂️

    👍🏻When asked to write a little verse about life on the farm,
    He mentioned his old BURRO and it worked just like a charm…
    The STANZA read so well in fact, the small town’s mayor said,
    He’d put it in the DIGEST with a heading all in red…
    And so he’s getting ITCHY, for the day the town will meet…
    ‘Cause he can’t help how he’s feeling sitting in the CATBIRD SEAT! 👍🏻

  3. 🐈Got a Tabby who thinks he’s the boss,
    Looking at Robins as if they’re dross…
    With his nose in the air,
    He just sits there and stares…
    Out the window he sees right across…🐈

    🐦Two poor Robins just looking to feed,
    But old Red’s eyes are on them like beads…
    The birds just aren’t sure,
    If they’re Cat food du jour…
    And they’re apt to choke on the bird seed! 🐦

    👎🏻See Red’s owner saying “Red, just chill”,
    As he sits there on the windowsill…
    Thinking he’s so top-notch,
    And how he’d love to botch…
    The bird’s dinner…it’d be such a thrill…👎🏻

    🐈 On his Catbird seat Red is so smug,
    Perched there with such a look on his mug…
    Good thing he can’t get out,
    Maybe that’s why he pouts…
    Red’s no more than a big feline thug…🐈

    🤷🏻‍♀️Bottom line…guess those birds don’t deserve,
    What they’re getting…Red’s def got some nerve…
    Funny thing here today,
    I’m no fan either way…
    My opinion though…I shall reserve!🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Couldn’t get over hump-day Wednesday ! The anagrams were at a good STANZA , and I did take care of the ITCHY feeling I was getting with the second and fourth anagrams ! I wanted to BURRO down cause I couldn’t DIGEST those two ! And the jumble had four vowels out of eleven letters that could be made into a lot of words , didn’t think that CATBIRD was it cause it was too obvious and I thought that more thinking was there , so it stumped me and I couldn’t get over the hump ! Everyone have a great get over the hump day Wednesday !!!!!

  5. My contribution to the Jumble, this morning, was BIRDSEYE VIEW. Anyway, didn’t put it all together until unscrambling anagrams. Then, all was pretty easy. Angela, you were very prolific in your late night writings….all very enjoyable (probably because of the Fettuccini Alfredo for supper). Red Barber ?? Seems like I know that from the baseball part of my brain…seems like an announcer that I’ve heard of?? But no, I know of no connection to the Jumble.

  6. Good morning. Pretty easy with the words but I flunked out on the cartoon answer. Had no clue. I never heard of catbird seat before but I did hear and love Red Barber announce the Dodger games. He was one of my favorite announcers. Angela you are the Queen of Jumble. I look forward to seeing your post everyday even when I’m away. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you. You’re such a Sweetheart…And between the Dodgers and the Yankees I think every NY’er related Red to catbird seat. The man definitely had a way of his own with words! Have a good one. Be well…and stay safe out there…🐦🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. The words were pretty easy today. For the answer, I saw BIRD, and the letters left gave SEAT and CAT, making the solve. I am not familiar with the phrase, so I looked it up. Must be an eastern US phrase? I don’t believe we have catbirds out west, but I’m not a birder.

    • Hi Dennis. IDK if the phrase is a regional thing. As far as the bird itself goes? No clue. I’m no birder either..l don’t like birds! 🐦🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I decided to look up the geographical distribution of catbirds, and in the US, there is only one species, which is found east of the Mississippi River.

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