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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 But these rose colored GLASSES that I’m looking through show only the beauty…’Cause they hide all the truth…🎶 “Rose Colored Glasses” – John Conlee 1978 https://tinyurl.com/34rx8cun

    👓 She may choose a BERRY colored frame or green like a lush HEDGE,
    Or maybe go for FLORAL…she definitely has an edge…
    At half-price off it just might be the sale of the DECADE,
    This resort’s pretty ritzy…with high prices, I’m afraid
    So many pairs are offered…so whatever she prefers…
    Considering the discount? Two should be “EYE-DEAL” FOR HER! 👓

    Ok…Here’s the DEAL…One of the Early Birds took one look at our puzzle, SAW the 50% Off sign, and HINGEd on to HALF for the 4-letter word. He then glanced at the letters, found them all in our anagrams, and was convinced he BOUGHT himself HALF the solve…So I waited…but since patience was never my strong suit…not long. “There’s quotation marks’, I told him…’and what play on words has three letters and HALF as the second word”? …None. Yes, half’s a good guess, but not within the quotes…it’s just not the right FIT here…And BUY this time I didn’t wait…I had to tell him to PAIR those letters with other words…and BUY all means, SEE what he was overLOOKING…👀

    So…Two women, SUNNY and DAY (short for Daisy), shopping at the resort’s “SEE-Side Hut”…Shopping for sunglasses, to protect their EYEs..And with the 50% off, it’s a great DEAL. And our dialogue? “Those ARE YOU”? = They’re IDEAL…”I’M buying them” = FOR HER. …Yes, they’re “EYE-DEAL” FOR HER…And yes, the Early Bird did SEE the light…

    Today’s Gems? If you LOOK closely, you’ll SEE that the glasses Sunny’s trying on have the Jumble “J” on the temple…and of course, since we’re near water, BUY and BUY, Jeff’s added the Signature Sinking Sailboat into the FRAME…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one…Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I’m a big fan of sunglasses…I must own about ten pairs at least. And it’s funny, most of my friends either love them or hate them. ApPAIRently they’re very POLARIZING! 👓🙋🏻‍♀️


    …And wishing a Happy Kwanza to all those celebrating this week….May your days be bright and meaningful…🕯

  2. 🌿The FLORAL HEDGE would be IDEAL FOR HER, since it would mesh perfectly with the little BERRY bushes she’d already planted…hopefully this year’s garden would prove to be the best of the DECADE…🌿

    🙏🏻 She sat out in the garden, the FLORAL scene so lush,
    A DECADE prayed on Rosary beads, she wasn’t in a rush…
    A green HEDGE was her backdrop, a BERRY bush nearby,
    She sat and contemplated the beautiful blue sky…
    She longed to achieve clarity…get rid of so much blur…
    And come to a decision as to what’s IDEAL FOR HER…🙏🏻

  3. It’s taco-Tuesday and the anagrams were all there for me ! The jumble had four words and the letters could have been a variety of words that was hard to put them together ! I saw Half , Real , Eye , For , but it wasn’t EYE DEAL FOR me ! But HER it was ! Very unique jumble ! I wish I could’ve gotten it ! But there’s always tomorrow ! Everyone have an Ideal taco-Tuesday !!!!!!

  4. Leaving the same sentiments as Taco Tuesday Jim for today’s Jumble, which again seemed so easy, yet one word Jumbled my brain. At first GLANCE, I spotted what I thought to be the correct phrase, but I was missing one word…Yes, EYE-XXXX FOR HER was my best guess for a Tuesday Blind Solve, but after pondering for a moment or two, reluctantly went to the anagrams, solved them in a jiffy, and completed the puzzle. As I have been trained by Angela to look closely at the artwork, I also seemed to have missed some details she pointed out. Okay, I’ll go back and expand the picture and try to find the little Jumble Jewels !! Anyway, clever puzzle this morning…as we march toward the end of 2022.

  5. Good morning. Total failure today. I had to look up Floral and that put me in the mood to fold rather quickly when it came time to the cartoon answer especially after seeing the quotation marks on the first two words. The answer wasn’t hard once you see the outcome. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Too many letters and words for me to get the cartoon solution.Must be a post holiday letdown with it extending from Xmas eve thru Christmas Day and then the Monday official holiday.
    But looking at the vote results, I wasn’t alone being stumped by the cartoon, so am in good company.

  7. Hi Everyone – I also gave up. I had written down B as one of the letters from Berry instead of E and couldn’t get the answer with the rest of the letters.

  8. Clever puzzle this morning. I too initially thought half might be part of the cartoon answer but couldn’t figure out what would pair with it so switched to “for her” for the last two words and then saw “deal” which was of course alluded to in the 50% off & “discount” clue. Good mental workout. We’re getting several days of much needed ☔️ thankfully.

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