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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… ✏️THE WRITE STUFF✏️
    🎶Pennsylvania 6-5000…🎶 Mr Glenn Miller & His Orchestra 1940 https://tinyurl.com/2axkynjs

    ✏️A puzzle about instruments that we may use to write,
    To sit and do a puzzle…can the VIDEO some nights….
    Relax back in an easy CHAIR, and hope that you will CLINCH,
    The whole puzzle from start to end and have no need to flinch…
    And then we have these football fans, cross-state rivals we see,
    (I’m going to scratch PEANUT…it won’t make this gallery…)
    The bottom line the graphite and football…it’s not Romania…
    The locale that we seek today? A play on “PENCIL-VANIA”! ✏️

    Ok…Before we get to our wayyyyy too obvious solve…No, Untape is not what we’re looking for today. PEANUT’s appeared many times in past Jumble puzzles throughout the years, and it’s the only word David SHELL accept. Untape’s not an acceptable Scrabble word https://tinyurl.com/mrrtddyy nor is it in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary https://tinyurl.com/w684mzdc …so please let’s not get stuck on it…

    So…Two employees working for Keystone Writing https://tinyurl.com/3p2jmmb4 located in Pennsylvania… And talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles, while each donning the cap of their respective teams…Both PENNSYLVANIA football teams. Our question cites “made in the KEYSTONE STATE”…which is Pennsylvania. The dialogue mentions “erase”, the question mentions “writing instruments”…and there’s PENCILS running amok. Not to mention those tell-tale quotation marks…Put it all together? These “WRITING instruments”? From “PENCIL-VANIA” …and that’s all she WROTE…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I was going to SIGN off with a pencil joke…but my friend just said that it isn’t all that funny…so I guess it’s pointless…✏️🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🥜The CHAIR of the PENNSYLVANIA PEANUT contest was hoping to get a VIDEO of who managed to CLINCH the title…🥜

    🏆 He couldn’t help but think they’d CLINCH, the VIDEO was proof,
    That all the needed skill was there …and they remained aloof…
    In his CHAIR, with a PEANUT bar he watched the game unfold,
    And felt that it was in the bag…as far as truth be told
    There was so much excitement…definitely turning into mania…
    Here’s hoping that the victor will be his team…PENNSYLVANIA!🏆

  3. Oh my gosh ! The start of a new week ! I was so excited to get started ! I wanted to CLINCH them all while sitting in my CHAIR playing on the VIDEO , but I should’ve had a little snack cause I couldn’t take a PEANUT ! But the jumble , Wow ! I loved it ! We live right next to the Keystone state and when I saw a writing instrument in the Keystone state , I smiled and yelled , PENCILVANIA ! How fun for a Monday ! Here we go for some fun jumbles all week ! Everyone have a great Monday and don’t write it off !!!!!

  4. You are correct, Angela…..waaayyy too obvious. Therefore, am glad I did not let the Jumble community down. It was a Monday blind solve, especially when I saw the V as I took a quick scan at anagrams….Gotta be VANIA in cartoon puzzle. Paused awhile on PEANUT and actually backed that one in (and didn’t even think of UNTAPE). Great song, Angela….and I was wondering if it could have been Pennsylvania Polka, as I was cogitating ?? Great Monday start to the week !!

    • Definitely wayyyy too obvious, Terry. And tks, it is one of the great ones. “Pennsylvania Polka”? …WELK, I guess 😉…but we are talking Glenn Miller here…You have to go with those horns any day…🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. “O Pencil! Vain you write, about the state of light and right…” Let’s hope the PENCILs are not AVIAN. Flying pencils. That would cause a VENIAL PANIC. And yes tcapps589 is correct. You can’t have PEANUT in a Jumble because of UNTAPE. That’s because if I wrap and tape up a gift for Xmas and forgot to include something in the gift, I will certainly UNTAPE it, unwrap it and open it up so I can include that item. UNTAPE does not lead to a solution anyway; the best one can get is NATIVE LUCIA.

  6. 🏈 With the Eagles and Steelers at bay,
    Water cooler talking the next day…
    Meeting every few years,
    There’s the boos and the cheers…
    When these two cross-state rivals do play! 🏈

    ✏️ Making pencils I guess can be fun,
    On assembly lines we see them run…
    Popular #2,
    The choice…more than a few…
    But I doubt Keystone is #1…✏️

    🤷🏻‍♀️Pencil factory? Is that a joint?
    Never thought of pencil’s starting point…
    Haven’t used one in years..
    But I’m sure have my peers…
    I’m a pen person…so what’s the point? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    ✖️Talk of deleting scores that don’t please,
    With erasers? …We wish for the ease…
    I think golfers know this,
    They erase for their bliss…
    But in football it’s not such a breeze…✖️

    🤷🏻‍♀️Pennsylvania the theme here today,
    And the pencils we see on display…
    But the puzzle too tame,
    No challenge to this game…
    Guess there’s truth to the easy Monday…🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Tk you, Helen. And as soon as I saw the words “Keystone State”, I hoped people would look it up. Pennsylvania played a very significant role in founding the U.S. …it has much to be proud of. 🇺🇸🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Yes Angela, I did look up Keystone State. Initially I though it was perhaps one of the western states.

  7. Good morning. Redemption from a disaster yesterday. I wasn’t about to fold on Peanut this time. When I saw it I got it pretty quick. After writing down the letters and seeing the guy point to his pencil the answer followed. You brought back fond memories from your song choice Angela. My sister taught me how to do the Lindy from that record. You started my day off with smile, so much so that I’m going to give her a call. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. And I thought of you when the song started playing in my head! I remember you speaking of your sister teaching you to dance…I’m definitely racking up those smiles! 😂 And calling your sister? 👏🏻👏🏻! Have a good one, Paul. Be well and stay safe out there…✏️🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Despite the multitude of letters I having lived nearby in Ohio, was able to quickly solve the cartoon along w the anagrams.A nice Monday solve.

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