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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🧦 ROCK AROUND THE SOCK? 🧦

    🎶 I met her one day at the LAUNDROMAT ….She turned around and smiled at me, ya get the picture? (Yes, we see)….And that’s when I fell in love with the Leader Of the Laundromat…🎶 “Leader of the Laundromat” – The Detergents 1964 https://tinyurl.com/2m7r6hy2

    🧦Whoever came up with this NOVEL idea, it’s easy to see that they scored,
    ‘Cause laundry can surely UPEND one’s routine… and free time we all try to hoard…
    It’s great having your own appliances at home…but there are a number who lack..
    A washer and dryer…and so for those folks…it’s laundry that’s packed into sacks…
    So this place became a real FAMOUS spot …unlike FOSSIL places of old…
    ‘Cause this offered music and dancing …all the while that you wash and you fold…
    A definite success this place proved to be, for busy people on the run…
    They’re getting to do all their laundry…all the while having LOADS OF FUN! 🧦

    With TIDE and true words that we’ve seen before, and a cartoon that spells it ALL out…there’s no reason to FOLD on today’s puzzle..No twisting of an ARM to HAMMER this one home…just another one to GAIN its place in Jumble history…

    So…Today we find ourselves at the Grand Opening of the ”Twist and SHOUT Laundromat”…And DRUMroll please…We see a LOAD of young people CLEANing up on the dance floor…taking a SPIN while LOADS of laundry get done. And it’s obvious from their dialogue that they’re definitely having FUN…Put it all together? It’s a CLEAN sweep…Everyone had LOADS OF FUN! …And there’s no trouble IRONing this one out!

    Jeff’s Gems? The DJ has her tongue out, concentrating as she SPINS her music, and the woman furthest right has her hair braided and beaded. I love when ALL the little bits of Jeff’s whimsy come out in the WASH!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and personally, when it comes to laundry, I’ve thrown in the TOWEL as far as IRONING goes…I’ve much more PRESSING concerns…and it’s definitely taken a LOAD off my mind…🧦🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🔎 He had to UPEND his schedule, but he thought the FAMOUS FOSSIL Hunt to be too NOVEL an idea to pass up, and decided to go, figuring it’d be LOADS OF FUN…🔎

    📚He felt just like a FOSSIL, surrounded by all youth,
    But not looking to be FAMOUS, he still set up his booth…
    He might just UPEND present thoughts…and hoped people would find,
    That these old books were worth a look…a treasure one could find
    A good NOVEL is worth its weight…books never need be shunned…
    So fingers crossed shoppers today find they are LOADS OF FUN! 📚

  3. 🧺 It’s a chore we know has to get done,
    But who says that we can’t make it fun?
    See this group gathered here?
    Chore’s now devil-may-care…
    ‘Cause they’re dancing while the laundry’s spun! 🧺

    🎶‘Stead of wasting time waiting around,
    Someone had a thought very profound…
    Put a sign on the door,
    “We now have a dance floor…
    Come and party to the latest sound”! 🎶

    🪞Got a DJ and a mirror ball,
    Posted a real big sign on the wall…
    “While your clothes do their thing,
    You’re welcome here to swing…
    And we guarantee you’ll be enthralled”!🪞

    💃🏻See the couple in the swing of things,
    While the bearded guy…we see him sing…
    And the other two girls,
    Plan on giving a whirl…
    All so pleased with what this new place brings! 🕺🏻

    👍🏻“Twist and SHOUT” seems to be a big hit,
    Loads of fun, people having at it…
    Laundry’s not so bad now,
    ‘Cause dancing’s here allowed…
    Novel idea you have to admit! 👍🏻

  4. Like yesterday, had to think a little bit until the solution revealed itself for a blind solve. Believe it or not, had a few moments on UPEND and actually had to back that one in. Somehow, I missed that song growing up. Such an appropriate song for today’s fun !!

  5. Good morning. If I didn’t know better I’d swear today was Monday. Not only was it quick work on the words but I even got a blind solve again. Two days in a row which is a first for me. First time hearing that group Angela and the song. Much prefer the real song Leader of the Pack. Mind you, I’m not putting it down, just like the real thing. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Wow ! End of the week Saturday ! Almost a repeat of yesterday with no problems , but the anagrams were good except I put down Love for NOVEL , rolled my eyes after that ! The rest were good ! Two words came to me for the jumble that threw me off , Fold and Found , then I had to look and then I really rolled mug eyes ! But the end of the week jumble was LOADS OF FUN ! I think your song choice Angela had Betty’s ring , but she rode a motorcycle and was wearing , not mine , but another’s Jimmy’s ring from leader of the pack ! So I didn’t get the laundry done ! But it was fun ! Everyone enjoy the weekend !

  7. This place is second to none
    For doing the laundry run
    Everything shiny and new
    Lots of folks to talk to
    All enjoying some good clean fun!

  8. Anagrams were a snap as was the middle cartoon answer “of’ but the rest had me stumped. Go Indians and beat those Yankees just like last night!

  9. Clean sweep here today. We have a laundromat in our neighborhood called “The Missing Sock” and another on Greenwich St. called “Greenwich Clean Time.” Happy Saturday all!

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