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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 Someone told me it’s all happening AT THE ZOO…I do believe it…I do believe it’s true…🎶 “At The Zoo” – Simon & Garfunkel 1968 https://tinyurl.com/692hx6n7

    👧🏻 This child does AMUSE herself, as MNOR children do,
    Their minds akin to MAGNETs…knowledge sticks to them like glue…
    No mention of a GERBIL, this kid’s definitely raised the stakes,
    Guess Mom and Dad are now used to all the noise their kid makes…
    She’s definitely excited for the Zoo and all that’s in it…
    And she can’t help but voice it…she’s going A MILE A MINUTE! 👧🏻

    Let’s face it, Folks…this one SPEAKS for itself. The dialogue giving us “fast”, and the question offering up “chatty” and “miles per hour”…(speed)? No ELEPHANT of surprise here…David wasn’t just MONKEYing around with this one…Solved it in no TIME…Their daughter, Daisy, 😉was talking…A MILE A MINUTE! https://tinyurl.com/ycx6buj3

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And you know what they say about visiting a Zoo, especially a petting Zoo…You get to experience a close encounter of the HERD kind…👧🏻🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. …AND OUT OF THE ARCHIVES…Here’s a puzzle from February 16th, 2006, before the days of David and Jeff. “When he broke the sound barrier, he ended up talking”…A MILE A MINUTE! 🔠🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 🦫Excited, the little boy spoke A MILE A MINUTE about the GERBIL MAGNET that he’d won at school for spelling AMUSE correctly in the MINOR competition…🦫

    👨🏻‍🔧A MINOR plumbing problem, but the plumber did AMUSE,
    He spoke on many subjects from baseball to latest news…
    He told about the GERBIL that his kids brought home from school,
    And all the while he spoke he just kept reaching for his tools…
    The homeowner enjoyed it all…the man did have a flair,
    And like a MAGNET he was drawn…so he pulled up a chair…
    A storyteller that’s for sure and he had to admit…
    He’d need to concentrate…’cause the guy spoke A MILE A MINUTE! 👨🏻‍🔧

  4. 👧🏻 With a child as chatty as this,
    One must listen close as not to miss…
    Something that she may say,
    That could lead things astray…
    And your answer will end up amiss! 👧🏻

    👫🏻So excited ‘bout visiting the Zoo,
    That the words out of her mouth just flew…
    Talk of penguins and apes,
    And the words all escape…
    To the chagrin of her parents two! 👫🏻

    🌼 There’s a daisy displayed on her hat,
    And for those of us privy to that…
    We enjoy all Jeff’s art,
    And daisies are a part…
    When it’s little girls in the format! 🌼

    🦒 Chatty Cathy can’t wait till she sees,
    Elephants and all the chimpanzees…
    And her parents they laugh,
    Did she mention giraffe…
    With their tall necks way up in the trees?🦒

    👏🏻 To a child things really excite,
    Cathy’s wishing with all of her might…
    That the animals there,
    That she thinks of so dear…
    Will definitely be a delight! 👏🏻

  5. What another great start to a jumble week ! It left me in an AMUSE state of mind ! It was a MAJOR fun one and not a MINOR ! Monday jumbles are like a MAGNET to me to have fun ! The spelling of GERBIL kind of left me crawling , but I got it ! If I could write as fast as I talk , I’d be writing A MILE A MINUTE ! That came right to me ! So ! I want to say Happy Birthday to our son Cameron ! “Happy Birthday “ ! What a great start of the week , with a successful jumble and Cameron’s birthday ! Great song Angela ! Love Simon and Garfunkel ! Everyone have a great start of the week Monday !

  6. Good morning. Thank goodness for Mondays.Seems like I said that before but it’s true. I think the boys like to start us off on a good note. The words came after awhile and the cartoon answer was an easy blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Howdy! Just to let you know the guest Jumblers have all turned in their contributions. This is a great group to celebrate our 10th Guest Jumbler week! Believe it or not, it’s more work for me to get this week together than it is if I drew the week myself. It’s really worth it to hear the excitement from such talented people when I ask them to contribute. Thanks for Jumbling! And thank you Angela for all your time and energy you put towards this piece of Americana that we are so lucky to create! LAL HET SEBT!

    • Thank you Jeff. Guest Jumbler Week is always something to look forward to. Here’s to #10! 🍷🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. The kind of child who loves to chat
    And know exactly where they’re at
    “Are we there yet?” they’ll ask
    – Just another task –
    For parents used to dealing with that!

  9. After a pause on gerbil a quick blind solve on the cartoon despite accessing the Jumble online absent my paper newspaper.Start of a good Jumble week!

  10. As with others, an easy blind solve Jumble Monday….anagrams a snap, too.

    I’ve usually found my batting average decreases big time during Guest Jumbler week.. seems they’re a bit more cryptic.

  11. YEA ! It was a blind solve for the first time for me. The words were like a “MAGNET” jumping out to solve. Even my “GERBIL” was excited. It was more than a “MINOR” accomplishment ! I talked to my lil bro Jim for, “A MILE A MINUTE” – it did “AMUSE” him, even though he had a successful Jumble as well ! So excitedly, until tomorrow, have a sunny day !

  12. Add me to the list of folks who had a very successful Jumble Monday. It was an easy solve all around. Wishing all a good day.

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