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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🏕 THE S’MORE THE MERRIER! 🏕

    🎶 What a WARM WELCOME, one hell of a smile…Yeah, it’s been such a damn long time…I hope you’ve been doing oh quite fine…You got the hottest WELCOME smile I’ve seen in a while…🎶 “Warm Welcome” – Marc Miner 2020 https://tinyurl.com/yckhmykp

    🏕 A wrong turn can cause HAVOC, but it’s been avoided here,
    The looks of where they are right now…one thing though does seem clear
    Not like a rolled down WINDOW to ask directions from,
    Another’s looking possible…so things could have turned glum…
    Especially since it’s not SUMMER, you can see by the clothes…
    (And there’s no place for LEMUR here, so out it definitely goes)…
    The bottom line? They’re camping out…let’s hope they don’t turn numb…
    The greeting may be comforting…but cold’s no WARM WELCOME! 🏕

    So…All of us die-hard Jumble aficionados have to be feeling right at home here…No, not in the woods…Heaven forbid…I mean because today we’re joined not only by David and Jeff, but by their lovely brides, Claire and Kathy, too. It’s been a WILD since we’ve seen them altogether in a puzzle…and I’ll be the first to say it’s a SITE for sore eyes!

    Ok..let’s put some FIRE under this thing. David and Claire are well known for loving the outdoors. They bike, they hike, they climb mountains…they just love the ruggedness of it all. And TBH, I’m not all that familiar with Kathy’s preferences…but Jeff? IDK…I see more beaches, city parks…backyard fire pits…but hey, who knows…maybe camping’s a WELCOME change. Anyway, we’re somewhere near the majestic mountains of Washington state, and while David has a beautiful WARM fire going…(he’s no bump ON A LOG… https://tinyurl.com/2p82d4h6 …it’s a real WEINER), Claire has the hot chocolate on tap…And it’s obvious they’re all happy to see one another. And I have to be honest here…It WARMS my heart. There’s nothing like seeing old friends…and being greeted with a WARM WELCOME… https://tinyurl.com/mtfrsn98 …And I’m surprised Jeff didn’t say…”WIL, DER NESS set up you got here”…FOR EST does seem inviting…

    …And if you look real closely, you’ll see that Kathy’s cap reads Wilco…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And for all inTENTS and purposes, I’ll leave you with this…Camping outdoors isn’t for everyone…I mean it’s not like I have a CHIP on my SMOLDER or anything, but if I hear “I’ll pack a tent”…I translate it as “ALPACA Tent”…a nice furry poncho-like garment…and then I WOOD definitely say yes…🏕🙋🏻‍♀️


    …And to all of our readers celebrating Rosh Hashanah…L’ Shana Tovah! Be blessed! 🍎🍯🙏🏻

  2. 📺 The beautiful SUMMER day was a WARM WELCOME, and with every WINDOW in the house open, he sat watching the Nat Geo documentary on the LEMUR…and the HAVOC it can cause…📺

    🤦🏻‍♀️ A book report on primates was what she was assigned,
    She settled on a LEMUR…actually more like resigned…
    The thought of any primate caused HAVOC to her though,
    A WINDOW into her psyche? For sure the fear would show…
    But stuck in SUMMER school like this, her fate had now become…
    Assignments that she dreaded…no place for a WARM WELCOME…🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. 👍🏻 When we locked down we really missed friends,
    And we wondered just when it would end….
    And like these we see here,
    When we finally got “there”…
    There was joy that one can’t just pretend…👍🏻

    🌭 We see Kathy, Jeff, David and Claire,
    Hoyts happy the Knureks are there…
    Might be cold in the woods,
    But the Hoyts have the goods…
    And they can’t wait with their friends to share…🌭

    🏕 With the backdrop of majestic trees,
    And the hoping that no one will freeze…
    The setting looks serene,
    They’re surrounded by green…
    And with each other there’s quiet ease…🏕

    🏕 Outdoor camping takes getting used to,
    And it may not be ideal for you…
    But with David and Claire,
    It’s all devil may care…
    Out amongst all the pines a pond the yews! 🏕

    ❤️ Today’s puzzle has friendship its theme,
    A warm welcome can surely be seen…
    And it does a heart good,
    To see these four who would…
    Happily share this outdoorsy scene! ❤️

  4. Welcome back Monday jumble start of a new week ! Last week was up and down with the anagrams and the jumbles , but today I hope it will start a rewarding week of jumbles ! Now the anagrams were fun , but I did have a little trouble with LEMUR sand HAVOC ! But as I looked through the WINDOW , I could see that SUMMER was starting to leave ! So I would love to go camping and start a fire and send out a WARM WELCOME to a fun Monday jumble ! I hope we get that everyday this week cause I’m ready ! And Angela’s description of David and Jeff and family was very entertaining ! So everyone have a great Monday !!!!!

  5. Good morning. Lemur was my downfall. Breezed through the other three words but couldn’t nail that one down. The cartoon answer was easy once I had the letters down. A half a loaf is better than none. Tomorrow is another day to improve, I hope. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Come on “in” and sit by the fire
    You look like you’re going to expire
    Now what will it be
    Hot chocolate or tea?
    Whatever your hearts desire!

  7. Hi Everybody – Both Havoc and Lemur gave me a hard time. Luckily, I found the answer quickly and was able to back in.

  8. Havoc looked like coach and I hardly ever heard of a lemur, but after looking those anagrams up the cartoon looked like a warm reception at first quickly followed by the correct warm welcome solution. Congrats to my Cleveland Guardians clinching the AL Central division title!

  9. Posted a couple of hours ago, but somehow didn’t make it (I guess…) I am thinking, like others, that Monday mornings are easier than the rest of the week, especially if today is an example. Finished up lickedy-split and anagrams followed suit. Great song, Angela and very spot on….although I was humming “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” while unscrambling anagrams. See you Taco Tuesday

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