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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 Love’s more comfortable the SECOND TIME you fall…Like a friendly home the second time you call…Who can say what LED US TO this miracle we’ve found?…There are those who’ll bet, love comes but once and yet…I’m, oh, so glad we met the second time around…🎶 “The Second Time Around” – Mr Frank Sinatra 1960 https://tinyurl.com/432n3hae

    🏢 The pandemic gave a lot of Folks insight into their lives,
    And many chose a SEQUEL, some coming as surprise…
    Deciding to GRAFT what they knew to what they hoped to learn,
    They found careers all brand new…different ways in which to earn…
    Not looking for a TROPHY job…just freedom from the stress,
    They knew they weren’t INEPT, and they’d make all new success
    Like June that we are seeing here, she’s determined…got true grit…
    She bought the old mart and now she’s ready to RESTORE IT! 🏢

    Ok, yes, I’ve taken it upon myself to say that June here is “starting over”. Could be, could not… but it has been happening a lot since the pandemic hit. People just realizing that they have had enough of the rat-race and deciding to do something new. And according to our puzzle, we see that June has CORNERed in on opening a Food Mart. And we know her name’s June because if you look real closely, you’ll see that’s what it says on the scalloped awning of the new business shown in the blueprints…”JUNE’S MART”…With June being June CHOPIN-LISZT, by the way…

    So…With the empty shelves, tattered awning and a “Closed” sign on the door, we can see that the Acme Mart had SALEd its fate…But once again for us, today called for no SHOPPING AROUND with either our words or the solve. AISLE just say that there wasn’t any need for FOOD for thought with this one. Well, maybe just a little confusion with the “WE’RE” in the dialogue, and the “SHE” in our question, but hey…SALE la vie, right? Maybe June’s going into business with her friend that we see featured here with her..Could be…could not. But since two HEADS are better than one, LETTUCE give her a name too. I’ll call her AnnaLEASE Keating . Anyway, IMO, it looks like David FIXED it so that this one would be an automatic read…The MART? It’s a STORE….And June saying that it’ll be “AS GOOD AS NEW”? It’s a RESTORE…Voila! The perfect BLUEPRINT for success! She was buying the run-down Acme Mart so she could…RESTORE IT! https://tinyurl.com/msjzb84e Sold!!!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And I’ll share with you a sign that was posted in the bakery department of my supermarket recently…”Buy some BREAD to share today…We all KNEAD some love in our lives”…I like how they think…Ok…BUY, BUY for now! 🏢🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🏆 Having won the TROPHY for submitting the best slogan for the new draft beer, the INEPT clerk at the shop they sent it to for engraving was not only late with its delivery, he also pulled a SEQUEL by inscribing GRAFT Beer instead…needless to say, two strikes proved enough, and now they’re looking for somewhere to RESTORE IT…🏆

    🎥 The whole thing a fiasco, the SEQUEL was a bomb,
    The GRAFT within the industry combined with the aplomb…
    The INEPT way they handled things while thinking they were tops,
    Succeeded in no TROPHY work, they just produced a flop
    The author’s justified in his decision now to quit…
    His reputation sullied…and he’s out to RESTORE IT…🎥

  3. Easy Saturday morning, though it took doing the anagrams to find the cartoon answer. (Marsha nailed the blind solve, however !!) Always nice to wake up to a Frank Sinatra classic. See you Sunday morning.

  4. Good morning. To my surprise when I checked my words the third word was Sequel not Squeel. It came to my mind right away and I didn’t even realize that I spelled it wrong besides. Once that was straightened out the cartoon answer came quick. Thank you Angela for another nice song pick. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

  5. For now this store’s looking glum
    But there’s lots of potential for some
    I know what I’ll do,
    Make it spiffy and new
    And I’m sure the crowds will al come!

  6. Good morning weekend Saturday ! Beautiful day here today ! Ok , I did exactly what Paul did , so I won’t SQUEEL ! That’s tomorrow’s SEQUEL ! Great jumble ! I’m gonna do what she did to RESTORE IT ! I’m gonna wait till Monday and REjumble it ! Have a great weekend !

  7. Couldn’t figure out the spelling of sequel but after figuring that out, the cartoon was a quick solve. Sequel was looking like squeal at first!

  8. 🏢 Corner stores anchor most neighborhoods,
    People shop there for all kinds of goods…
    And when June saw the chance,
    To the Acme enhance?
    She knew it was something she should!🏢

    👍🏻 People missed shopping at Acme Mart,
    When they folded it broke many hearts…
    Mecca of neighborhood,
    And then June said…”I could…
    Bring it back …and I can’t wait to start”…👍🏻

    1️⃣ Yes, there’s a lot of work need be done,
    And as soon as construction’s begun…
    What’s now looking run-down,
    Will regain its renown…
    And June? Neighborhood’s number one! 1️⃣

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