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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🛻 LABORING OVER THE PARTS 🛻

    🎶 I grew up in it…Yeah, I got stuck in it.. Made a lifetime full of memories…On a half tank of gasoline…I learned just who I wasn’t and who I was…In THAT OLD TRUCK…mmm…Yeah, in THAT OLD TRUCK…🎶 “That Old Truck” – Thomas Rhett 2019 https://tinyurl.com/mudrb74y

    🛻 We see a Dad and son here, they’re doing car repair,
    And hoping to REDUCE the costs since these old parts are rare…
    We see that the son is SAYING, “Don’t worry Dad look here,
    The BENCH-mark when you’re having doubt is just going here and there…
    I found ourselves a GRAPH or two, we can even help suspension…
    Your old V-8 will run like new…it’s here in this SEARCH ENGINE”! 🛻

    A visibly upset older gentleman, obviously quite attached to his Jumble pickup truck, FINDs it’s in need of repair…and worries that the part he needs (which I think may be a Carburetor Idle Stop Solenoid) may no longer be in circulation…But his son, not one to DODGE a problem, FINDs what he needs listed as #170 on the “ParFect Parts” website…And as soon as I read “V-8”, as in ENGINE, it was like that old commercial… https://tinyurl.com/4pjfnyft …I didn’t slap myself upside the head, but I could have. ‘Cause I knew I had this one purring like a fine-tuned ENGINE. Between the mention of the “internet”, the words FIND and FOUND used in both bits of dialogue, in addition to it being stated in our question? Well that definitely put the PEDAL to the metal…And without even blinking an eye, I had the KEY to our solve…They used a SEARCH ENGINE! https://tinyurl.com/ayvjbfam Oh, and our words? We couldn’t have RUN through them any faster if we tried…YAHOO! …This one was way too easy!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Be well, stay safe…and I wonder if they read up on engine lubrication while they were at it…you know, in the non-FRICTION section of that website…🛻🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🏋🏻Deciding to learn to BENCH press, he created a GRAPH after he heard his friends SAYING that to REDUCE his time he should keep track while using a SEARCH ENGINE…🏋🏻

    🧰. He spent hours using Google for a work BENCH that he’d buy,
    He pored over a GRAPH or two, his doubt not to belie…
    The age old SAYING “Buyer beware” weighed heavily on his mind,
    He hoped to REDUCE that said doubt while looking for his find…
    But so much to consider left him feeling apprehension…
    He thought it’d be much easier by using the SEARCH ENGINE! 🧰

  3. It’s been a good Jumble Week so far, with Blind Solves and easy anagrams. Figured out ENGINE was one of the words, and adding it to the internet themed puzzle made SEARCH a logical choice. I’ll listen to your song, Angela, though not familiar with it…probably C+W ??? See you tomorrow.

  4. It was a blind solve but I couldn’t see Saying “for love or money” as the old Saying goes. So many truck songs to choose from but I’m going with “Convoy” by the C.W. McCall known here in Old Omaha as advertising great Bill Fries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd5ZLJWQmss
    Mr. Fries died last month. https://omaha.com/news/local/bill-fries-aka-c-w-mccall-kept-trucking-with-award-winning-ad-campaign-no-1/article_bc026622-b37b-11ec-ad1b-8b4237bc6b96.html Here’s to a legend!

  5. These days there’s a really fine art
    When seeking a spare auto part
    You can look real hard
    In the wrecker’s yard
    But online is the best place to start!

  6. Good morning. The hardest word for me to get was the second easiest, “Saying”. I saw engine in the twelve letters for the cartoon answer and it finally clicked after that for the second word. Only I put it down as engine search. Enjoyed the song Angela but must admit I really enjoyed Convoy. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Saying was looking like sign- y but search was an obvious choice for the cartoon solution quickly followed by the complete search engine solution.Have a great Taco Tuesday!

  8. The third word has three solutions: REDUCE, meaning to make less; EDUCER, one who educes something out of something, and RECUED, to make the signal again, or to make another shot with the cue ball in a billiard game. There are several shadow solutions to the cartoon clue. Yes, he could have used a SEARCH ENGINE, but there are other makeshift fixes, such a SEINER CHANGE, if the truck was already being held together with a fishing net, and NIECE’S HANGER; maybe the niece of the truck owner could get a coat hanger for him to hold the engine and other parts in place. And what about the third word? If EDUCER or RECUED are used for the third word, the only solution is ENGINE CHARDS, like the parts to the engine are all chewed up and needed replacement. That one has a singular/plural mismatch. And how many parts did he need? Probably 1 followed by a hundred zeroes, if he used Google, since that’s how much a googol is.

  9. 🛻Memories this man’s made with his truck,
    ‘Oer the years he’s had his share of luck…
    Grown so fond of his ride,
    His feelings hard to hide…
    Owned it since he was just a young buck! 🛻

    🔩Comes to old trucks it’s easy to see,
    That old parts might not come one, two, three…
    But you hold that truck dear?
    Then you must persevere…
    Keep in mind though they’ll hardly be free! 🔩

    💻 Dear old Dad looks like he’ll be a wreck,
    As his son says…”Just chill, Dad…I’ll check…
    Bet I’ll find you your part,
    I’ll just search through the charts…
    Where things all list according to spec! 💻

    🧾 “ParFect Parts” is the name of the site,
    Where the son found answers to Dad’s plight…
    We’re not sure of the cost,
    But at least Dad’s not lost…
    And his son managed to make things right! 🧾

    🛻Used a Search Engine to lead the way,
    So his Father’s worries he’d allay…
    And he saved the old truck,
    Dad’s not straight out of luck…
    And the old truck sees the light of day! 🛻

  10. Good morning on such a beautiful day ! I’m just “SAYING”, days like today just make you want to sit on your porch and do the jumble !
    I was able to solve the anagrams with no problem, but the puzzle “REDUCEd” me to frustration – but in the end answer came to me. Until tomorrow – everyone have a sunny day !

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