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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🍪 OREO AND JULIET? 🍪

    🎶 Honey…Oh, SUGAR, SUGAR…You are my candy girl…And you got me wanting you…🎶 “Sugar, Sugar” – The Archies 1969 https://tinyurl.com/2u69e7zu
    🍪 It seems the high point of his day is visiting this shop,
    He leaves the house…beats the ennui…and here is where he’ll stop…
    I guess he might be lonely, for it can cut like a KNIFE,
    To have no one to talk with… UNJUST for some in this life…
    So whether it’s a WHEAT cake or cookies that he craves,
    Looks like he’ll need no LAWYER, or he wouldn’t be so brave…
    They know each other well by now, and if she calls him Honey,
    It’s obvious she understands…it’s not just ‘bout the money
    The old guy seems endearing…and part of his daily walk…
    Is cookies… and the pretty girl…sprinkled with his SWEET TALK! 🍪

    Cookies, cakes, donuts…chocolate…It seems that the pandemic brought out a lot of SWEETness in people. And the “Quarantine 15” is the proof in the pudding…Oh, right…I forgot to mention pudding…

    Ok…today we’ve another easy, breezy, LEMON-DROP squeezy group of anagrams, with only WATHE having been seen before, lastly in 2010. But the solve? Like taking CANDY from a baby!

    So…Our puzzle today brings us to “Sugar’s Sugar” Shop, where we see the “SS” logo on both Sugar’s yellow top and her visor…and where we see a SWEET older gentleman still feeling his WHEAT…I mean his oats. Taking a bite of his cookie, he can’t help but SWEET TALK Sugar, and Sugar’s SWEET enough to take it in stride…After all, by her reply it’s obvious that even though his line might have grown stale, her fondness for the old guy hasn’t. A SWEET story indeed! And with a showcase of cookies, cherry-topped cupcakes, tarts and a chocolate cake…who can blame the guy for stopping to smell the FLOURS!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Be well, stay safe…and maybe RISE to the occasion today and take some time to be kind to an older person…it’s the YEAST we can do…🍪🙋🏻‍♀️

    Going wayyyy back before the days of Hoyt and Knurek…
    The puzzle of July 10th, 1998…”You might entice your beloved with this”…The solve? SWEET TALK! https://tinyurl.com/3rc4z49d

  3. 🤷🏻‍♀️After the LAWYER told his wife that he felt it UNJUST the way she chided him for using a KNIFE when he ate Shredded WHEAT, she tried cajoling him with some SWEET TALK…🤷🏻‍♀️

    🌾 His friend the LAWYER cried “UNJUST…I’ve never met your wife,
    So many years that we’ve been friends…the slight cuts like a KNIFE”…
    The man said “Yes, you’re right…so please have dinner at my house”
    The lawyer said, “That’s great…but please no WHEAT or Brussel sprouts…
    I suffer bad with allergies and can’t come near a stalk…
    Delirium might get me and I might spurt some SWEET TALK”! 🌾

  4. Good morning taco-Tuesday ! I’m gonna have tacos all day today ! Wow , the jumble today was very good . I got all the anagrams , but I had trouble with WHEAT and LAWYER ! But it was not UNJUST ! So I’ll get a KNIFE to spread some sauce on my tacos ! The jumble was so there ! It was SWEET TALK that came right out ! Great song Angela ! and I know that this ones lyrics may be one sided but it could be a cover-up , but the first song that immediately came to me was 🎶 he’s a sweet talking guy (sweet talking guy) but he’s my kind of guy (sweet talking guy) 🎶 the chiffons 1966 , everyone have a great SWEET TALKING taco-Tuesday !!!!

  5. 🦷 With this elderly man’s tooth so sweet,
    He’s at “Sugar’s” to buy up some treats…
    And he tries some sweet talk,
    We see Sugar don’t balk…
    And it’s sweet how each day these two meet! 🦷

    🧁Be it cookies, or sweet tarts or cakes,
    Each day Sugar her sweets she does bake…
    And our guy he stops in,
    With his sweet little grin…
    Leaving Sugar smiling in his wake…🧁

    🍯 Sugar smiles at our guy as he blurts,
    Out some sweet talk while trying to flirt…
    And as he spends some money,
    We hear her call him “Honey”…
    And it’s all in the name of dessert! 🍯

  6. As the late, great Jackie Gleason would say: How Sweet it is! Cut through the anagrams like a hot Knife through butter or a Lawyer fighting an Unjust cause and separated the Wheat from the chaff with ease today. No time for Sweet Talk, friends. It’s howling cold on the prairie today. I cannot argue with Angela’s song choice but I was listening to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Lepard en route to work. Do we get extra points for doing the anagams from 1998? Altar, Taken, Trudge and Bestow. Hoping all here have a Sweet Tuesday.

  7. Could have gone a lot of different directions after the first word in today’s puzzle. I mean…that first word had to be SWEET…right ??? My choice was SWEET ONES, but that was wrong. Did the anagrams pretty speedily to find TALK was the answer. I’ll have to write out the date a few times today because it looks like fun. See you on Hump Day

  8. Good morning. They should have swapped yesterday’s with today’s because this one was a slam dunk. Not a blind solve though. Loved your song choice Angela and also Jim’s idea for his choice. Until tomorrow take care.

  9. Each day is just a repeat
    In store for his daily treat
    But no matter the season
    The cookie’s not the reason
    It’s her company he finds so sweet!

    How true Angela, all the lonely people, made even more lonely by covid. “Eleanor Rigby” comes to mind.

    • Yes, it’s definitely taken a toll…physically, mentally and emotionally…and left way too many broken spirits in it’s wake…😢

  10. A blind solve in the cartoon solution,sweet talk,which enabled me to back into lawyer.Deuces are indeed wild today,2-22-22.

  11. Good Morning all you “Sweet Talking” Jumble solvers ! The puzzle was fun today, of course anytime there are sweets are the subject – I’m in !
    Hope you all have a “sweet” humpday !

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