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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s Jumble was quite timely with the Tokyo Summer Olympics set to begin on July 23. I’ve recently discovered that the Olympics Channel is included in my cable package so my wife and I have been watching a lot of the qualifying trials. A couple of world records have already been broken leading up to the games. American Ryan Crouser created a new one in Shot Put and Ethiopian Letesenbet Gidey set one in the Women’s 10,000m run. On Sunday they showed Norway’s Karsten Warholm shatter the world record in the men’s 400m hurdles so we’ll definitely be tuning in to see him compete!

    All of the clue words were returning Jumble favorites. ARPEO and YIRDHB were new scrambles for today. Both of the 6-letter ones came into view instantly while the 5-letter ones took a bit more time. Since NEKLE took the longest, it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest anagram.

    The dialogue and sentence made the cartoon an instant solve. Seeing the words “WORLD’S FASTEST TIME” made it obvious that the sprinter had BROKEN a RECORD. None of the characters were wearing paper numbers so I’d assume they’re out on the track practicing. I initially thought the sprinter was going to be a caricature of an athlete that broke a world record, but his face didn’t match anyone that I could find. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and just keep UGINJBML!

  2. KNEEL = Last used on 03/21/20 as LENKE
    OPERA = Last used on 03/09/21 as REOAP
    HYBRID = Last used on 04/04/21 as DRHIBY
    COWARD = Last used on 12/21/19 as WOCARD

    NEKLE = Used on 09/14/57
    RAWCOD = Used on 02/11/61, 07/27/59, 02/06/59, 04/13/58

  3. Another Funyan….
    My wife got me to go to the OPERA where fat ladies float around singing loudly. I had to KNEEL to get her to let me escape. My experience was HYBRID due to being a COWARD.
    Yet I still enjoyed my J Day.
    Hope you all have recovered from the Fourth!

  4. Another easy puzzle today. There seem to be easier these days or am I just getting a little better about solving them.

    • Figuring out the word(s) that D&J don’t specifically mention is what usually leads me to the answer, Marlene. They’re a lot easier to solve once you’ve mastered that skill. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. Not to be a Broken Record but it was another enjoyable Jumble. When some Coward stole my catalytic converter, I had to Kneel down to look under my Hybrid car to see why it was as much noise as a Wagnerian Opera. “Ride of the Valkyries” from Apocalypse Now is about as much Opera as I know. And so it goes.

  6. Good morning. I got all the words fairly quick and as always check your see if everything is spelled correctly and low and behold the first word Kleen was not there. Instead it was Kneel. Don’t know where I came up with that and thought I was good on all four especially since I caught my mistake at first with Hybrid. I had Hybird and then realized I was wrong. The cartoon answer was a blind solve. At least I got that before putting down the letters. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🏃🏻‍♂️FEAT…REPEAT? 🏃🏻‍♂️

    🎶 I sound like a BROKEN RECORD, record…a broken record, record, record…All the times I said I was gonna change…I’ma sound like a broken record…🎶 “Broken Record” – Jason Derulo 2010 https://tinyurl.com/szbv2xbp

    🏃🏻‍♂️ What does he think, they’ll KNEEL for him? He’s really got some nerve,
    They’ve heard it now a zillion times…but he feels he deserves…
    This constant adulation…”I’m a HYBRID in disguise”…
    They really think he needs relent, this bragging’s just not wise…
    There’s no one here a COWARD, they’ve all proven their own grit
    But just because he’s fastest, he thinks he can do this bit
    Like OPERA fans to Rap music, indifference rears it’s head…
    That record of his? Played out…and now’s a BROKEN RECORD! 🏃🏻‍♂️

    • Good afternoon. Angela this morning I’d swear you forgot to enter the song. Here I checked you guys again and now you have it down. Keep in mind it’s just my impression but I didn’t miss anything the first time around. I played it and after the second chorus I bailed. Hey, your still queen of the songs in my book. Take care.

      • Hi Paul…You know we’re always good no matter what, so it’s ok if we’re looking at a hit and a miss every once in a while… But now you have me wondering about my choice for tomorrow. It’s already in my head, but it might not be your speed once again. I may have to rethink the whole thing! 😉 But for you, I don’t mind taking another look…Hope all is well, Brooklyn…and let’s hope we’re spared the storm…It’s already getting a little dark here. 😱Stay safe and have a good night…🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. 🗣 During rehearsals for the OPERA about a HYBRID, COWARD culture, the players were told to KNEEL so many times, it became a BROKEN RECORD…🗣

    🤦🏻‍♀️ The “Phantom of the OPERA” had left her feeling afraid,
    She’d never been a COWARD, but an image wouldn’t fade…
    She sat through HYBRID Sci-fi, and she never blinked an eye,
    But ever since she saw the play, anxiety runs high
    She’s doesn’t want to KNEEL to fear…the feeling she must shed…
    And talking to herself ‘bout it’s become a BROKEN RECORD! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Blind solve again… Must be getting great vibes from all the professional jumblers out there in Jumbleland. And easily solved anagrams. Lately, puzzles don’t seem so cryptic. Hope rest of week keeps up this un-broken record of mine !!

  10. The sprinter first past the post
    Was always given to boast
    Tho’ there were some who would hear him,
    Others wouldn’t go near him
    Hoping his record soon would be toast!

    • Hi Helen…Limericks are so much fun. And meant to have that humorous twist, they lend themselves to have so much leeway. You’ve made me chuckle two days in a row! Have you ever entered any of those limerick contests? I think you’d be a shoe-in for a first place finish…Here’s my thoughts on todays puzzle…😉🙋🏻‍♀️

      🏃🏻‍♂️ The fastest he’s proven to be,
      As for humble though, his way can’t see…
      There’s such arrogance there,
      That the others declare
      “Egotistical fits to a T”! 🏃🏻‍♂️

      • Thank you Angela. I haven’t seen a limerick contest lately. It may be more an American tradition. I write speeches in rhyming verse for family and friends for weddings, birthdays, retirements etc. They’re usually fairly lengthy. A limerick as you know has to be five lines and very pithy.

        • You’re very welcome, Helen. Except for Reader’s Digest, I believe it is, there may not be any ongoing ones here any more either. TBH, I haven’t looked into it for quite a while. I thought it might be different in Canada. I used to enjoy entering them, and got lucky quite a few times. The anticipation alone was always fun. I too write pieces for friends and family, most times using their input. It can be challenging at times, with some of the craziness they’re looking for, but again, it’s always fun. Lately I’ve been doing a lot with the Little Ones. Never too early to get them excited about words, right? I do the Jumble for Kids with them each week, and it’s so rewarding to see their progression. I have one niece, a 3 yr-old, who’s totally fascinated with rhymes. I’m teaching her phonics, because I feel it’s a valuable tool towards learning. Right now she’s obsessed with the “AT Family” and she cracks me up with her imaginative rhyming. Definitely a budding poet in the making! I’m hoping she continues to enjoy it. Have a great day, Helen…Be well and stay safe. 🔠🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I’ll see if I can come up with a daily ditty. I have a bit more time now that online teaching has finished for the year. Ouf! That was something else!! It was mandatory in Ontario as all schools were closed for in-person learning mid-April to end-June, to keep Covid at bay.

    • Good afternoon. Enjoyed you poem Helen. I just hate when one is a Braggadocious. In case your wondering, I didn’t spell it, my phone did. Take care.

  11. Broken record? What’s a vinyl record? Just kidding! Anagrams were a snap and the cartoon solution was a BLIND solve! Must have been the presence of a real newspaper.Unfortunately we hit the road again on Thursday,so no papers for a week or so.

  12. Hi all – Did pretty well on the words – thought KNELL before KNEEL, seen HYBRID and OPERA enough to recognize them, saw WARD which helped to get the last word. Got the answer from the letter layout and the dialog, although I briefly wondered how many people wouldn’t recognize the expression. I guess it’s still around though, like ‘dialing’ a phone number.

    Good wishes to everyone. I’m enjoying reading the fresh input from some of the newer Jumblers here, especially Helen’s limericks. The more the merrier.

    “The diva was no COWARD and refused to KNEEL before the music director’s order to sing an awful score that was an unfortunate HYBRID of Western and Chinese OPERA that sounded like a BROKEN RECORD.”

  13. Easy puzzle this morning. We seem to be on a rollJumble Wise with fairly straight forward solutions these past day. Then again, I might be speaking too soon as a real stumper might be right around the corner.

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