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  1. Good morning. I had a slight pause on Poetic and the cartoon answer but it wasn’t that hard to figure out. The clue was evident with the tails wagging. You might say besides me being clever the cartoon was to. Until tomorrow say well and safe.

  2. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🐕🐕‍🦺🙋🏻‍♀️

    🎶 But we see all the TELL TALE SIGNS…Let’s stop our love slipping away….We’ve seen all the TELL TALE signs…Of our love slipping away…🎶 “Tell Tale Signs” – Kylie Minogue 1989 https://tinyurl.com/y5wa9rp4

    🐕‍🦺 Two happy dogs wagging their tails…like SIXTY miles per,
    Obviously they’re happy…welcoming the him and her…
    There’s Gizmo with his skunkie and the SLANT in his right ear,
    And some POETIC justice goes to Fifi, she’s a dear…
    And what we see just shows us whether GLOBAL travel or not,
    Homecoming to the pets we love proves we are not forgot…
    They miss us and they wait for us, with them there’s no blurred lines
    No matter how much time goes by…there’s always TELL-“TAIL” SIGNS! 🐕

    Today’s warm welcome goes to none other than our graphic artist, Jeff, and his lovely wife Kathy. Returning home, their two 10-year old rescue dogs, Gizmo, left, a white Chiweenie with a broken ear, and Fifi, right, the princess black Papillon, couldn’t be happier to see them. The welcome mat is out, and there’s no BONE to pick with those wagging tails…They’re a dead giveaway…as is our puzzles solution…You can’t miss those TELL-“TAIL” SIGNS! https://tinyurl.com/y5nowb98…They’re imPAWSible to ignore!

    Here’s hoping we all have a good LEASH on life…that no one HOUNDS us, and that we all get to celebrate a day that’s not RUFF…Be well, Folks…and stay safe out there…🐕‍🦺🐕🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. 📚 Trying to find a new SLANT for teaching GLOBAL history to his SIXTY students, the professor tried a POETIC approach…and looked for any TELL TALE SIGNS of boredom…📚

    🗣The SIXTY people gathered, and considered self-distance,
    This GLOBAL scourge we’re living with… it just brings insistence…
    They’re all here for the contest, POETIC fans are they,
    Zoom meeting’s how they’ll do it…cause it’s just the better way…
    They opted for this virtual SLANT to share their different rhymes,
    It’s smarter and it’s safer not to look for TELL TALE SIGNS! 🗣

  4. Good morning once again. Just want to put a shout out to Angela for broadening my music 🎼 sense abilities. First time hearing Kylie Minogue and the song. Enjoyed it and as always love 💕 your pun-tastic abilities. Take care

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Thank you! 😘 I’m glad you enjoyed it…She does have a nice voice…and I’m always happy to bring you a smile…How’re your kids doing? Most of my family on LI are back up…there’s only 2 that are still waiting on PSEG…And the clean-up continues…🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. No problem w the anagrams,but other than tail being in the solution,I thought it would be tails as the 5 letter word,I was in good company,by the vote,being stumped by the overall cartoon solution.Global seemed a familiar repeat,reminding me of “Goball” ,a game played in PE classes.

    • Good Morning, Professor. You’ve a good memory, since GLOBAL was last seen back on 12/28/19. And for a good while there, the solution have and have nots were running neck and neck…but you’re right, it now looks like more people are having trouble coming up the final piece to the puzzle. Be well, Prof…and stay safe out there…🐕🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Being over SIXTY, puts a SLANT on life.So I’m looking for some POETIC justice. I wonder if it’s local or GLOBAL.? So far, no TELL “TAIL” SIGNS. If you know the phrase 3 dog night, and what it means, you are my age.!

    • Okay since there were no takers on 3 dog night, it means if it was freezing outside, a person would go to bed with 3 dogs to keep from freezing to death.

  7. Hi all – No problems with the words or answer today.

    Thanks Angela, I was wondering what the dog had – never heard of a “skunkie”, thought maybe he had his own scarf.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “Around nineteen SIXTY three, purely POETIC rock lyrics took a SLANT toward commenting on pressing GLOBAL issues.”

  8. Knowing the answer was easy and I could work backwards to finding the unscrambled words.

  9. I initially saw global as bologna but once I got past that one the rest of the puzzle fell into place nicely. Hope all of you have a good day.

  10. The only word difficulty for me was poetic, must be some kind of justice for how easily I figured our the solution and the other jumbled words……

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