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Good Morning, Everyone!            🎬 PICTURE THIS! 🎬

🎶 You oughta be in PICTURES,…You’re wonderful to see,…You oughta be in PICTURES, Oh what a hit you would be!…🎶 “You Oughta Be In Pictures” – Rudy Vallee  1934

🎬 So Jumble’s now a movie…we’re at a casting call…
We see the actors gathered…there’s four of them in all
It’s funny though you wonder are these guys the type to read?
Well three of them I question, cause their names equal succeed
The fourth one is alluding me…a SHAWL across my eyes
I’ve thought about it for a while…but I don’t recognize
The one wearing a hat somehow don’t PROVE to ring a bell
My mind’s a little KNOTTY…I don’t know, I just can’t tell…
I’m gonna leave it up to you…I’m BEATEN up enough
Maybe I’m just not seeing it this morning off the cuff
So today, Folks you’re on duty…lets see who comes up smart
Help me to name the actor…with our puzzle you’ll TAKE PART! 🎬

Ok so…Lets be honest Folks…After you’ve scene Actors, and Role, and Audition in our question…is there any doubt where this is leading us? I mean, if you followed your P’s and Cues, did it TAKE much time for the word PART to appear on screen? No, it’s definitely written out for us here…This puzzle today..uh, considering that it’s a Friday? Well, all I can think of is that David’s obviously cast under the same spell as we are…He’s got the “What Day Is It Anyway”? syndrome too, and he’s acting accordingly…Because he’s definitely written us an easy, breezy, worthy-of-a-Monday puzzle. Not that we should complain…it’s still a box-office hit…And…cut

Scene…Our words. Pretty easy to read, wouldn’t you say? Except maybe for SHAWL? Which seems to be making its debut today…The Early Birds did have a tiny bit of trouble wrapping their heads around it…Three of them needed a take or two on that one…In fact, one of them, my friend Sal, was convinced it was Walsh…He was insisting…And I was like…”Walsh? In what Universe, Sal”? Walsh, indeed. Sometimes I swear, I don’t know what makes Sal tick..ets like he doesn’t even try…out of his league, I’m afraid…And maybe I should mention BEATEN too…there was a pause by two of the players, Matt and A to be exact…(A’s short for Anthony…sometimes we call him Tony…but that didn’t come into play today)…But at least neither of them acted up…like Sal did, so I didn’t have to reel them in…I tell you, Sal can definitely make a scene…Trust me…he’s Oscar-worthy at times…Anyway, let’s get on to the main attraction…

So…Is this a cartoon, or what? Talk about whimsy…this takes the cake! And speaking of…CAKE. Cake? Why can’t I put my finger on it? Casting a pall over this whole thing this morning…Tell you what, let’s start with what I’m sure of…

We’re at a casting call for the “Jumble, The Movie”…Whether or not the part of David’s been cast, what we’re doing today is holding auditions for the lead role, the part of Jeff. Ah, that whimsy, huh? Skipping past the guy at front in the hat, going clockwise…Tom Cruise, with his line from Jerry McGuire. Samuel L Jackson, donning his signature Kangol beret, ditto Pulp Fiction, and Tom Hanks, in the smiley face shirt, Forrest Gump. But it’s the script in Toms hand that’s definitely the best part of this puzzle…its reads as such: Jeff: “I can’t draw that”! David: “Sure you can, you’re amazing”. J: But they’ll fire us for that pun”. D:”Trust me! It’s April Fool’s Day. They’ll get it”. J: “Okay. If you say so”. ..What’s that all about? What’s the pun? How bad could it be? So many questions….Annnnddd…we’re back to Square 1…Questions..The actor at front? …Who is that? Jeff Bridges in the Big Lebowski? But the hat? It reads “WARM”, and his script reads…David: “What do you think of my puns”? Jeff: “They’ve groan on me”. D: “Are you hungry”? J: …”‘Bout some…n cakes”. And that’s all he wrote! So I ask you, readers…Who is this guy? Is it Jeff Bridges, playing Jeff Lebowski, wanting to play Jeff Knurek? “DUDE”, see what I mean about questions??? Is it just my skitzophrenia at play? So, as I said, I ask you Folks…How do you read it? TAKE PART in today’s puzzle, dispel the “Not Show Business” rule, and help me name the disheveled guy, wearing the Jumble shirt, and the knit cap reading WARM…With the strange dialogue about Cake…Oh…and beyond the Casting Director? Sitting in the room? David with his ever present cup of coffee, and the man of the power…Jeff on his phone…And…Phew! That’s all she wrote!

So…There you have it, Folks. Almost Done! Wishing you all a wonderful day…Be well, be safe…and see you at the movies! 🎬🙋🏻‍♀️

30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/22/2020

  1. 🧵Realizing she ended up with too much of a KNOTTY situation with the SHAWL, she knew she had to PROVE to herself that she wouldn’t be BEATEN…that she could definitely TAKE PART in the knitting contest…🧵

    🪑When things were getting KNOTTY, he wished it wasn’t so,
    He had to PROVE to everyone that he was set to go…
    He took her SHAWL down off the hook, and draped it ‘oer the chair
    It hid the small crack and for now he’d just let it stay there…
    Refusing to be BEATEN…he hoped with all his heart
    That he’d get past the judges…and that he’d get to TAKE PART…🪑

  2. Good morning. Not a problem again today. This was five days of ground hog day. This week was a row of Monday’s. No problem with either the words or cartoon. The only difference between me and the solution is I had Part Take not Take Part. Apple 🍎 Oranges 🍊 all the same. Angela you really dug down deep into the archives to come up with that song choice. Before my time but I do remember him. As for your name picking I’m thinking of the movie analyze this where Robert de Niro is pointing his finger at Billy Crystal saying “You’re good, you’re really good”. Meaning I’m pointing my finger at you. I didn’t give a second thought to who the guys were but your picks could be spot on so I’ll go with you on the hat guy being Jeff Bridges. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…Definitely an easy, breezy one today. But I’m not too sure about the Apples and Oranges…Part Take? I mean it’s not dinner! 😉 So, the guy in the hat…you think maybe Robert De Niro? Could be…there is a resemblance…but what about the hat? Where’s the hat come in, in Analyze This? (Great movie BTW)…And, whoa! Rudy Vallee? Before YOUR time? My Dad was hardly born in ‘34! 😂😂 Be well, Paul. Stay safe…🎬🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Good morning jumble friends. Your missing the point Angela. De Niro is me pointing my finger at you being good because I think you could be right about the hat being Jeff. In my warped brain I thought I explained it right. Hope this clears it up.

        • Hey, Brooklyn…Sorry. It went right over my head.😉 No sleep again last night…it’s taking its toll! Thanks for the Shout Out…I definitely missed your point. 🎬🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Good Morning. The puzzle I remember well, from 2011, but your saying…”I can’t draw that” made me think it was something risqué….Ok, so one down…😉🙋🏻‍♀️

    • “There’s nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious meal? Are you hungry? Then you’re gonna eat it.“- Jack Black.
      It’s a stretch…but there is a resemblance…🎂🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Agree,an easy Jumble for a Friday,with knotty popping into mind as a recent repeat anagram.Let me comment on a couple of late day comments from yesterday regarding being blessed by overhead pigeon droppings.I took music lessons in the Terminal Tower building on Public Square in Downtown Cleveland as a youth.My Dad would pick me up after the Tuesday night band practice ,and I was also ‘blessed’ by the overhead pigeons while waiting in front of the Tower building.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Knotty? Not all that recent, July of last year. You’ve a good memory! And the pigeons? LOL! Another “lucky” victim, huh? That little conversation last night put a bit of a damper on my spaghetti and clams…I couldn’t get the thought of it out of my head! 😂🐦 Be well, Prof. Stay safe…🎬🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi Everyone –
    Agreed – another easy one. The puzzle made me think of a movie theater here that has a Covid/movie message where the name of the attraction would normally be. Once it said something like “Here’s Looking at You Kid From a Distance” and another time “E.T. Stay Home” instead of ET phone home.

  5. Yes, indeed a really easy puzzle for a Friday. I like the messages on your movie theater, Caroline. We have a barber shop in the neighborhood that has a sign that says,” I promise I won’t cut my own hair, I promise I won’t cut my own hair, I promise I won’t cut my own hair before this shop is open again”. They are quite literally going to have their work cut out for them when they are finally allowed to reopen. Stay well, all.

    • We have a winner! Yes, he does have a SAG card. I asked him on his family’s quarantine show, The Tweedy Show. I created the art for the show which is now available at thetweedyshow.com . ERATG OBJ, SAERTE!

      • …And speaking of shows…I loved seeing Wil Shortz on “To Tell The Truth” last night! He looked like he was having a great time! Be well, Jeff. Stay safe. 🎬🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi all – Just happened to try SH first and see SHAWL. Then the last word reminded me of Hoyt Axton:
    🎵”Well I never BEEN-TA Spain
    But I kinda like the music”🎵
    Needed to write down the answer letters, but then saw it right away.

    I guess it’s good to be the cartoonist – at least you can make yourself the lead role!  I didn’t know about the mystery man, but to me his partial script looks like “Are you hungry?” Answer “How about some pancakes.” No idea what it means, except that I haven’t been to a movie in a long time.

    Great job on your writeup today Angela. I especially liked slipping the Tony awards “in play.” 😂

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The difficult task of producing a perfect KNOTTY SHAWL would PROVE to have BEATEN many a talented weaver.”

    • You could be right…”Pancakes and Whiskey”…And thanks for the Shout Out…😉 Be well, Steve…stay safe! 🎬🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Knotty was a gimme, as usual with a word with y, just put the y as the last letter.

  8. Since I do the puzzle in the LA Times, I couldn’t tell that the scripts actually had words written — too tiny.

    • Hey Kirk…You’d never be able to see any of it from the newspaper. Unfortunately, I doubt any paper in the country prints a panel bigger than 2 inches or so. We go on line to see the details…You can use the link here to get a good copy of the puzzle in black and white. You can then enlarge the panel, and rotate the picture to get a clear reading of both scripts. The ones being held by Cruise and Jackson are just a series of squiggly likes…I hope it helps. Thanks for commenting, Kirk. Be well, and stay safe…🎬🙋🏻‍♀️


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