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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. A good STEAK pun is a rare medium, well done…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🥩 There’s those who like their steak to be without a drop of red,
    No JINGLE-jangle to this meat…it’s definitely been bled…
    They’re stubborn as a BURRO, well-done’s not even close,
    Not suitable for dining…if it’s rare, then they’re morose…
    The dining duo don’t agree, as one another NUDGE,
    And think that using steak sauce’s tantamount to spreading sludge,
    Like WILLOW trees grow moist and cold, there’s those who’d definitely run…
    From any steak that wasn’t dry…they want a JOB WELL DONE 🥩

    I’d never STEER you wrong, so I’m going to say that the guy at back left may be more than MEATS the eye. He looks like a real person…I wouldn’t STEAK my rep on it, but he just doesn’t look like the usual run of the mill character. I could be miSTEAKen, and I don’t have any SAUCE document to back it up, but we know it’s not unHERD of to see real people in the cartoons. Either way, I’d have no BEEF with it…he’s not the main character today anyway…That goes to the diner at front, who seems to have a somewhat RARE look about himself too…I don’t know…maybe the STEAKS are just too high here this morning…But I will give a HEADS up to the bib, and the “J”umble Steak Sauce is a bit of eye candy WELL DONE…Enjoy your day, Everyone. Be WELL…stay safe. 🥩🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🎶 As their signature JINGLE began playing, he stood there in the BURRO costume, and gave a NUDGE to his friend dressed as a WILLOW tree, and said…”We did ok…it’s a JOB WELL DONE”…🎶

    🐴 He liked the little BURRO, though he wasn’t fond of farms,
    And he leaned against the WILLOW hoping it would bring no harm…
    The JINGLE of the bell it wore could be heard loud and clear
    And it gave an air of comfort…cause he definitely felt fear
    But all at once he felt a NUDGE, and there the burro was…
    How’d it get close so quickly? …he could even feel its fuzz…
    Now trapped against the tree he was, no… this no longer fun
    And the burro looked so smug…as if this was a JOB WELL DONE 🐴

  3. Good morning. Enjoyed today’s jumble today. I’d say just a wee bit harder than our normal Monday gift. The only word I had to go back to was Nudge. But I don’t think I’d put it as the hardest because it didn’t take minutes longer to solve. The cartoon answer drew a blank at first and like yesterday I put it aside just to grab a cup of coffee and when I looked at the letters a second time the answer came to me. That guy use to be me. I always had it well done, even burnt. One of my daughter-in-laws (the chef in the family) convinced me to try it at least medium rare. I must admit, it’s ten times more enjoyable and juicier with red showing. I couldn’t eat it her way. I’d swear you can hear a moo when she bites into her steak or burger. Until tomorrow stay well and please be safe.

  4. I found the anagrams and cartoon solution to be a Monday snap.My parents insisted on their steaks being well done to the point of being burned or charred black,so that’s how I grew up eating steaks.After getting married ,my wife convinced me to back off to medium well,with a hint of pink.

  5. Easy one today. Good way to start off the week. I’m with you, Chuck, medium with just a hint of pink. Though to be honest I’m not really much of a meat eater. Have a good Monday all.

  6. Hi all – I had to try BURRO a few times; otherwise got the words and answer.

    I thought the guy in the back was saying “Eww” because he likes his steak rare (although then I wondered if he’s a vegetarian). If the former, he’s a wimp compared to what this cartoon reminded me of. Has everyone finished their lunch? Ok then – One of the great 49’ers of the late 50’s and early 60’s, Hall of Famer Bob St. Clair, was famous for eating *his* meat raw, and this was before steak tartare became trendy, this was just the real thing:
    “St. Clair once explained that he developed a taste for raw meat because his Yaqui Indian grandmother fed him blood gravy and bits of raw beef when he was a child.”

    The main character looks like he’s from the era where he’d put a big pat of butter on the steak also.

    Good wishes and Bon Apetit!

    “There wasn’t much snow in Oaxaca at the end of December, so he had to decorate the weeping WILLOW with Christmas lights, strap some JINGLE bells on his BURRO, and NUDGE him to get moving for the pageant.”

  7. A piece of steak!!! “Job” gave the rest of sentence. I hesitate a few seconds with LGENIL. Good Jumble specially with my BBQ steak on Sunday.

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