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Happy Thursday Jumble friends!  I wouldn’t consider myself to be Trypanophobic since I’ve had my labs done regularly for as long as I can remember.  It’s generally a quick and painless process that‘s over in a couple of minutes.  The only sticky part is the skill-level of the phlebotomist, nurse or Doctor conducting the procedure.  If they aren’t well-trained, or have difficulty locating a suitable vein, then you’ll probably end up with quite a bruise and injection-site tenderness.  Luckily, the tyke in today’s cartoon needs nothing more than a quick immunization or booster shot.  And he’s actually being well-behaved!

Mr. Hoyt added a new clue word with today’s addition of CROUCH.  I immediately saw COUCH and the leftover “R” blended straight in to seal the deal.  LENGTH earned the prize for today’s hardest anagram because it was the only one that I initially couldn’t see.  The big clue of the G&H being placed so close together never really dawned on me until after the puzzle had been completed.

It’s time for your Doctors visit and they’ve noticed you’re due for some shots.  The exam room eerily transforms into the loneliest place on earth and you quickly realize the nightmare of something sharp pricking your skin is about to become a reality!  Luckily mom was there to assuage your fears and the nurse lady was so fast that you hardly felt a thing.  I particularly enjoyed the jars filled with cotton balls and tongue depressors on the cabinet.  And the crinkle in the paper covering the exam table wasn’t half bad either!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters.  I easily found THEY as it was conveniently clumped together in the center of the layout.  The rest of the answer was visible in the remainder and our delightful puzzle was finished in a flash.  Oh, and your visit today was free of charge — no co-pay required!  Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.




8 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/12/2020

  1. Good Morning, Everyone. Stay safe…And have a great day…💉🙋🏻‍♀️

    💉 It’s annual World Kidney Day…we have a medical theme,
    And many people CROUCH in fear…when seeing needles gleam…
    It might just be the LENGTH of them that causes some to clash,
    But really if it’s given quick…most fear we all can STASH…
    I know we don’t ENJOY them…but if there’s no choice we’ve got…
    Relax and bite the bullet…and then easily THEY ARE SHOT 💉

  2. 🍫 When he saw that the kids chose to CROUCH down behind the couch, he laughed at their silliness thinking..”THEY ARE SHOT”…but then realized that it was to ENJOY his STASH of chocolate they had found, and knew he had to lecture them about it at LENGTH…🍫

    🎬 She did ENJOY “The Irishman” albeit not its LENGTH,
    But there was no denying the characters ruthless strength…
    She brought a STASH of candy, and a few times she did CROUCH,
    A scene or two had prompted her to actually cry out “Ouch”…
    And later she thought of a pun about the movie’s plot…
    Describing scenes could one use double entendre…”THEY ARE SHOT”? 🎬

  3. Good morning. No problem again with either the words or cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. We always ENJOY the LENGTH of time at Easter that we have to CROUCH behind and under furniture in order to find a decent place to STASH the kids’ colored eggs.

  5. Easy one today for this retired nurse. Until 1954 syringes and needles were reused. Needles were checked for burrs and resharpened if necessary and syringes were made of glass. They were autoclaved between use. This process seems positively medieval today especially in view of the emergence of Super Bugs. Wishing all of you good health and remember Nurses Call the Shots! 😷 💉

  6. Hi all – Got the words, but then even assuming the answer started with THEY ARE, it took an extra look. HOST? HOTS? Oh, it’s SHOT! (duh).

    When I worked in a lab, I always set my Windows cursor to be an animated syringe (the plunger moved in and out). It was appropriate, and had the added benefit that you could point to the exact pixel you needed.

    Have a great day everyone.

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