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Happy Wednesday everyone!  Anacondas are massive creatures, sometimes weighing in excess of 550 pounds, and typically live in the warm, tropical climates of South America.  And that’s 100%, A-OK with me.  I’m not scared of snakes, but the further away we are from one other, the better!  Since Anacondas don’t have venom, they rely upon their massive weight and strength to constrict and suffocate their prey.  There’s something very unsettling about a 30 foot long animal that regularly crushes white-tailed deer to death for breakfast!

Still no new clue words this week, but both of our 5-letter words were original scrambles.  It took an extra look to see HERBAL, but other than that it was 4-up and 4-down.  When it came time to make my pick for today’s hardest offering, I noticed something about the lineup that hadn’t occurred to me before.  I’ve noticed that the anagram in the #3 spot is almost always the hardest word of the day.  I’m not sure if it’s merely a coincidence but it’s something I’m definitely going to keep tabs on.

Fun cartoon of a couple of condas hanging out by the edge of a stream.  The markings on their backs are slightly different though.  The one on the ground has small ovals while our slightly more athletic friend has dashes.  I’d conduct a search to find the difference between the species but I feel as though I’ve reached my Slytherin creature quota for the day!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters.  It hid the answer beautifully and also offered a bit of misdirection by making viable yet erroneous words.  Both TREE and GREEN jumped straight out at me, but the leading nature of the sentence led me to settle on THERE first.  BELONG was easily found in the remainder to complete our punny payoff.  Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




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    • Instead of being quick to judge, why not offer up an answer that you’d consider an acceptable alternative? It’s often easier to criticize someone else’s work than it is to create your own…..

    • The answer is there…threefold…Within the dialogue, the cartoon, and the question. By the one snake quoted as saying that there’s so much room to spread out, the inference is made to “LONG”. By the cartoon showing them coiled so many times, showcasing their great length, again…”LONG”. And since Anacondas are “known” to be found in tropical South America…(which also reenforces the dialogue of the other snake…”can’t imagine living anywhere else”)….https://tinyurl.com/7c5tr28 ….it’s a given that they…BELONG THERE. It’s not a pun, it’s a play on words. And it’s extremely clever. Have a great day! 🐍🙋🏻‍♀️

  1. No problem with the words or cartoon answer this morning though herbal has stumped me before. You make an interesting point about the third anagram being the most difficult, Mike. I’m going to have to keep track of that. There’s often at least one of the words that give me pause so I’ll have to pay attention which place in the puzzle it occupies. I’m truly glad that anacondas belong in South America. Snakes give me the creeps. Happy Wednesday to all.

  2. Hi all – No real problem with the words, especially OUTLET again. Had to write the answer letters and saw it after a couple of tries. I didn’t see what the pun was until I realized it must be that the snakes are very LONG. I see also that they like to SCALE the trees!
    Harry Potter now too Mike? Did you and your family get into that? I didn’t, but it was wonderful how it inspired reading by kids.

    Ok I BE runnin’ aLONG now. Have a great day, everyone!

    “The ENTRY of the Canada GEESE into the HERBAL supply OUTLET caused a major ruckus, since they obviously didn’t BELONG THERE.”

    Song from the ceiling at Peet’s: “Stay (Just a Little Bit Longer)”, the original. Been a long time since I’ve heard anything but the Jackson Browne live version.

  3. 🤷🏻‍♀️ She was curious to learn about HERBAL remedies, but bristled when mention was made of an ENTRY that included feathers from GEESE as a “natural” OUTLET…did that BELONG THERE?

    🦃 She needed one more OUTLET along the kitchen wall,
    Since working at the counter, there were times the phone would fall..
    She started working longer, with the HERBAL recipes…
    And having the phones wire hang did not put things at ease…
    She made a mental ENTRY…give the electrician a call,
    ‘Cause tIme to cook the GEESE she bought would very soon befall..
    She needed extra room to prep…and didn’t want to fear…
    That she would end up without things that had to BELONG THERE 🦃

  4. I found that the snakes ” belong” there and their being “long” an interesting analogy.I had no trouble with the anagrams Nd the obvious cartoon solution.

  5. I would have divided belong into 2 words with quotation marks. That would make it punnier!!!

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