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Happy Wednesday Jumble players! What a friendly neighborhood coffee shop. I’d espresso my gratitude as well if I was regularly served a latte with foam art. My local Starbucks is about as “artisinal” as it gets when it comes time for an afternoon pick-me-up. They’re never fancy with their froth though, and I’d suspect they’re too busy to get overly creative. At least they never screw up my order. It’s not like a tall black with soy milk is too complex anyways. My wife, on the other hand, has an order that always makes me cringe. If I’m driving, I let her place it from the passengers seat so as not to make a mistake. I think her usual is a venti strawberry refresher sweetened with no berries, less ice, and a nitro lid. Don’t quote me on it though!

David surprised us with a new clue word this morning! SUNTAN is now part of the Jumble lexicon and it took me quite a few tries to shake it loose. ABATE was another doozy, but we saw it thirteen days ago so it was perhaps a bit too fresh. The remaining scrambles all solved instantly and with very little effort.

My favorite detail had to be the smiling face staring back at our perplexed patron. It seems like she didn’t remember ordering a side of artwork with her usual cup of Joe! Despite her surprise, she still managed to remember her manners and thank the barista. And is that David in the background getting ready to place his order? If they know him well enough, they probably top his with an anagram or two!

The final solve contained 12-letters. The SKT at the end of the layout brought THANKS to mind which left A and LATTE to be quite visible in the remainder. Although the answer is technically new, we’ve had similar solutions over the years. “LOVED HER A LATTE” was the answer on 2/14/16 and “LATTE PROBLEMS” on 11/14/18. My favorite was “COUGH-EE SHOP” on 3/12/16 though. That one was bold choice if you ask me! Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.



12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/19/2020

  1. Good morning. I had no trouble with the words and just a little hitch with the cartoon answer but I stuck with it and after a brief moment I was able to solve the dreaded quotation answer. I went back to yesterday’s post and saw the remarks about Burl Ives. Loved his voice. I have two of his albums and remember that western movie very well and his voice in the kiddies Christmas movies. Such a big man with a smooth sounding voice. Thanks for the good memories. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. There is a problem here. I looked up LATTE and found that it is pronounced “LAHT-tay”. It comes from Italian, not French, so the final e is pronounced. So “THANKS A-LATTE” would be pronounced “Thanks a Lot Tay” which doesn’t seem to make sense. Further, there are English speakers who distinguish the “o” in “lot” or “hot” from the a in “father” or “latte”, although I am not one of them. And other possible solutions don’t seem plausible, such as “TATTLE A-SHANK”.

  3. Suntan had me stumped until I was able to back in. I recalled a difficult guest Jumbler cartoon, also with latte, and that helped me come up with the fun answer.

  4. ☕️ Who doesn’t love their coffee, ‘specially to fatigue ABATE?
    It’s like the LATCH upon a gate…security’s satiate…
    And sipping’s like sunbathing…where a SUNTAN has set in,
    She gets a glow from every SKETCH of foam art that has been…
    They know her name and what she drinks..these people make her day
    Baristas make her favorite..and she says THANKS A LATTE! ☕️

    🎨 As an artist, he tried to LATCH on to the idea that the SKETCH of the woman brandishing the horrible SUNTAN was just a fluke, but in reality if a burn like this didn’t ABATE, it’d be very dangerous…so he told them “THANKS A LATTE, but I’ll pass…” 🎨

  5. While creating a SKETCH on the open shore, the artist decided to LATCH onto some SUNTAN lotion as he waited for the heat to ABATE.

  6. It doesn’t seem like suntan should be that difficult but it got me this morning. Thought I was going to have to back into it but did figured it out. The cartoon answer was easy. We have both Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee Houses on the same block in my neighborhood. Both are always very very busy. Happy Wednesday to all.

    • Agree suntan was a stumper.Our granddaughter ,Emily,is a freshman at Loyola U in Chicago,and is a Starbucks fan,so her grandmother rewards her with Starbucks gift cards.

  7. Hi all – The ‘K’ gave away SKETCH, so my only problem was the third word. I saw TAUNTS at first, but the letters weren’t right, but when I wrote it down I saw SUN which showed it. Since the dialog said ‘espresso drink’ I figured I should try names, and my first guess was “latte” and made the answer obvious. It was even easier since I buy one for my wife most every morning at Peet’s.

    The last time I saw coffee foam art was online the day after the Super Bowl. Peet’s sent out a picture of – yes, a latte – with the 49ers “SF” logo on the foam, with the subject line “Yes, you still have to work today” and the message “We heard you might need this. Your post-big game cure”. 😂

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “She locked her door LATCH and turned on some SKETCH comedy to distract herself while waiting for the pain from her overzealous SUNTAN to ABATE.”

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