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Good Morning, Everyone!            🗣 WHAT DID YOU “JAY”? 🗣

🎶 It’s NEVER EASY, and it’s never clear…Who’s to navigate and who’s to steer…So you flounder, drifting ever near the rocks… You do your best to keep your hand in play…And try to keep those lonesome blues at bay…You think you’re winning but it’s HARD TO SAY sometime..🎶. “Hard to Say” – Dan Fogelberg (with Glenn Frey)  1981

🗣While walking through the airport, the conversation dwells,
On whether or not language is gonna be a tell…
The FOYER-like walkway is clear, a sign is up ahead…
That welcomes them to Reykjavik…but just how is that read?
I doubt there’d be a STIGMA, if tourists got it wrong…
No SHIFTY looks be given…they still would get along
No law says they must talk the talk, they’re free not to ABIDE, 
it’s not an easy word to say…off the tongue it don’t glide
I’m sure they need not worry…and just enjoy their stay…
A Capital idea I think…but then…IT’S HARD TO SAY!🗣

Todays’ words are giving us a split decision. While they’re all ones we’ve visited before, two of them are doing that double-duty thing. We have DEBIA showing up on 03/10/15, and GITAMS on 10/10/18.FOYER seen last year, goes back the farthest, to 02/22/10, while SHIFTY, also seen last year, snuck in on 04/02/12. And it’s ABIDE that comes in as our newest entry, as of 03/01/19. But it was FOYER that caused a bit of turbulence this morning, because two of the Early Birds attacked it as Forey, and were pronouncing it as Foray. It got a little dICEy there for a moment too…until I had to step in and say…”I VOWEL toss you guys out of the group if you don’t stop tripping”…It was totally ridicjulous...Anyway, that concludes our word portion for today…and now let’s travel over to our cartoon…

Landing at REYKJAVIK, the capital city of Iceland, and walking through the terminal of the REYKJAVIK Airport, we overhear todays’ featured couple discussing the proper way to pronounce the Capital city. And I’m wondering if this is their first trip to Iceland, since the man is questioning the “J”, while the woman is saying that she never pronounces it the same way twice. I guess we can say she’s got a terminal case of  mispronunciation…But the truth is, the Icelandic language is ranked one of the hardest languages  for English speaking people to learn…So in answer to our question? IT’S HARD TO SAY, period! And not just the Capital!

And as far as eye candy goes? What we see is what we get. A flight information board can be seen off to the right. There’s another couple, walking in the opposite direction of our main characters, while a man with a child is silhouetted in black against the window looking out onto the apron. And a plane can be seen departing, while the tail end of another is visible upon the ground. But that’s all there is to carry on about this morning…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And let’s all hear it for Google Translate…🗣🙋🏻‍♀️

19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/30/2019

  1. Good morning. No problem with either the words or cartoon answer. They all came lickety-split. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. Good Morning, Brooklyn. I’m with you. Lickety-split it is! Have a good one, Paul! 🗣🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. I must admit, these weren’t the easiest words to work with. Were they the toughest in a while? Hmm..IT’S HARD TO SAY…🤷🏻‍♀️

    🤷🏻‍♂️Worried that because he failed to ABIDE by their rules, he’d bear the STIGMA of their disdain, he noticed their SHIFTY looks as he passed through the FOYER, and upon hearing their whispers, he was resigned to admit that IT’S HARD TO SAY…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🥃 While painting walls in the FOYER, Bob couldn’t help but note,
    The other painter’s attitude and how he’d often gloat…
    He said he was a drinker…and didn’t really care
    If it placed a STIGMA on him…and he said it with a flair…
    But being Pentecostal, alcohol Bob ‘neer ABIDE,
    And he knew he gave off SHIFTY looks…something he couldn’t hide.
    So he thought that he might quit the job…unsure if he could stay…
    Do you think Bob just gave up and left? I think IT’S HARD TO SAY 🥃

  4. The authors simply gave up. They can’t pronounce Iceland’s capital because IT’S HARD TO SAY. To me it seems they could do better and try to pronounce it and come up with RAKE YOUR VEEK. There are cities that are harder to pronounce than Reykjavik, though; for example, Szczecin, Poland.

    • Gave up? Jim…they’re not in the business of dispensing elocution lessons! They’re here to entertain…and I think they’ve done a fine job of SAYING it this morning! Clever, as always! Have a good one, Jim. And you never know…Maybe they’ll try Polish next! 🗣🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Have no idea how to pronounce the capital But then I’m a math guy.Speaking of football,which we haven’t been,as a huge OSU Buckeyes fan,go OSU and beat that dreaded team up north,which Woody Hayes would never call out by name.

    • Good Morning, Professor. RIP Woody Hayes, and with all due respect, but I have to differ with you here today…my good money’s on the Wolverines…And as far as pronouncing REYKJAVIK…I included a link up there in my post…Amazing what you can learn sticking around here, huh?😉 Have a good one, Prof. See ya at the coin toss…🏈🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Hope you didn’t put that much of your “good money” on Mich.
        My Buckeyes scored 62 on them last year and 56 this year,ouch!

        • Well once you lose, it’s not “good” money anymore! 😉 But I saved myself by taking the over…and those boys definitely went over…A great win…🏈🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi all – Got the words. For the answer, thought “It’s easy as pie” which didn’t make much sense, but a little more pondering showed it.

    Very clever in the voting panel! You made me look up and learn a new word. So for a bill to become law in Iceland, The “Althing must pass” it?

    Have a great day and weekend everyone! The temps are warming some, but we’re in for a week of rain.

    “He decided to move to a less ritzy building when he could no longer ABIDE the SHIFTY looks and STIGMA when sitting in his own FOYER in his tracksuit.”

    • The Althing is ALL Mike…nICEly done! …And sooo much easier to pronounce than Alþingi, 😂 And nICEly done sentence too! Have a good one, Steve! 🗣🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Foyer tripped me up this morning but eventually got it and no problem with the cartoon solution. It’s funny because we were discussing Iceland the other day and only my son knew the correction pronunciation of it’s capital so he gets the gold star. Hope all of you have a gold star sort of day. I have a few friends who went to OSU, Chuck. They become completely crazed when you play Michigan. So Go Buckeyes! Personally I’m a Golden Bear fan and Cal beat Stanford last week so life is good here.

    • Good Morning, Betty…Here’s ⭐️ to your son! And yes, this is definitely THE GAME being played today. It’s always a great event…Have a wonderful day! Enjoy! 🗣🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Hi Betty, stay warm!
      As long as you’re talking Bay Area sports (!), here’s a little trivia for you and Angela – When The Sharks’ Patrick Marleau won a game with an overtime goal earlier this week, he became both the youngest and the oldest Shark to score a game winning goal in franchise history.

        • I can sympathize with the question because I’m not particularly good at multitasking – BUT – I *am* planning to watch the Sharks tonight and then switch over to Cal/UCLA. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

      • Thank you, Steve. Didn’t know that. I actually don’t watch Hockey regularly but I do always root for the Sharks. And how about those Niners? Are things finally turning around for them? And then there’s the Warriors 😱 – so many injuries.

        • We’ll know more about the Niners after the great game against the amazing Ravens tomorrow in the wet cold. The Warriors – here’s hoping for a high draft pick after the season! Although if you’re into omens, how about the brand-new $1.4 Billion Chase Center having to replace a basketball floor after the *first* rainstorm flooded it? 😱 I drove right past it just as it started to rain last Tuesday night because my wife had an appointment at Mission Bay, and the UCSF garage is literally across the street. Biggest outdoor video screen I’ve ever seen!

  8. Yes, and the bolts on the new Bay Bridge were corroding before they even opened it up to traffic. Apparently folks are just cooking if they sit in the sun at the Niners stadium and if I remember correctly they had to replace the grass at the football field as well. Who designs these things??/

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