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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today’s puzzle was a ton of fun, wasn’t it? Well, fun for everyone except the guy on the scale. Weight loss is very difficult for some folks and even though the cartoon poked fun at the end result, I applaud the mindset of our character to stick with it. His conscious effort will lead him to the goal if he can figure out how to incorporate exercise and diet changes into his lifestyle. After all, I have the been there, done that T-shirt to prove it!

David took a break from adding any new clue words to to the puzzle, but all of our anagrams are popping up as new. None of them slowed me down and my brain was able to chew them up and spit out the answers just as fast as I could write them down. The poll indicates that PELVIS is the rotten apple this morning. We saw PELVIC back on 2/7/14, but to find PELVIS, I had to search all the way back to 12/30/11! That makes it our oldest word by far with SKUNK clocking in as our most recent on 6/18/18.

Our cartoon brings us to the Battle of the Bulge. No, not the 1944 German offensive to push the Allies back from their home territory, but the more personal conflict that most people battle with at some point during their lives. Our Jumble character can be seen standing on the scale while the dialogue informs us that his campaign will last much longer than the five weeks it took for the Allies to succeed.

The panel had all of the elements one would expect from a bathroom scene. The vanity had a single bowl sink complete with a faucet and water pull stop. Just above it was a mirror with four reflection lines. There were also two mounting holes on the left side which leads me to believe that it’s a single pane of glass and not a functioning medicine cabinet. On the wall is a bar to hold towels, but the absence of linens makes me think that they’re probably in the wash. We finish our tour with a beautifully tiled floor and it’s there that we bump into the dreaded scales of injustice! The arrow is strategically positioned in the middle of the hash marks but there were no numbers to delineate his exact weight. I’ve never worked at a carnival, but I’d guess he’s in the 260 pound range.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. David’s wonderfully cryptic layout was a single letter longer than yesterday’s and the jumbled letters seemingly spelled out sausages. GUESS came into view first followed by A GAIN for a tasty and satisfying finish. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!


26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/20/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone. Have a great day! 🙋🏻

    ° When the SKUNK darted out from under the deck, Tom jumped to get away but pulled a muscle near his PELVIS…and to make matters worse, he had to HAGGLE with his Dr’s receptionist after she rudely told him “GUESS AGAIN” when he asked ABOUT an immediate appointment…

    ° The funny thing ABOUT weight gain…it comes in little bits
    You go along enjoying life…and then your clothes don’t fit…
    What’s funnier is in this case, if it had been reversed?
    The guy would have been called a SKUNK and probably be cursed.
    We women HAGGLE with our men, but when they do the same,
    We often get offended and we’re quick to shift the blame…
    (I want to make a remark where the PELVIS would fit in,
    But since this is a family blog… I’ll stay off ice that’s thin)…
    No one feels good to put on weight…but should it happen…then
    We need to weigh words carefully…and probably GUESS A-GAIN

  2. PELVIS got my vote. I thought the solve could have been something like “You got WEIGHS TO GO” I was wrong
    Good day Angela! Missed you. It’s Tuesday, still some week left , maybe I’ll get better

  3. Good morning. Took two days off because I was in Atlantic City with one of my kids family. Not a winner but we saw Legends in Concert and really enjoyed the show. This time we stayed at Harrah’s hotel where the concert was. With the new format for hardest word I got side tracked. Pelvis was actually my choice for hardest word because it did take me like five minutes longer to get then the rest. The cartoon answer also took me some time to get and liked the outcome. Angela,loved your use of the words. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Was giving you one more day before the APB went out…Glad you’re back. Thanks for the Shout Out. Stay cool…🌞🙋🏻

    • Your lack of posts was the first thing I thought about this morning when I started writing. Glad to hear you had a great time, and welcome back! 🙂

  4. I also thought weigh or weight would be in the solution,but w no t,that was clearly a bad guess.Gain came into view next,followed by the guess again solution.Rainy and stormy here,which cancelled my Tues morning golf,league game.

    • Good Morning, Professor. With David using the word WEIGHED in the question, there’d be no WEIGH he would repeat it A GAIN in his answer! 😉 Sorry to hear you got rained out, Prof. but I hope you can have a great day just the same.🙋🏻

  5. Hi Everyone –
    Pelvis had me stumped until I was able to back in. Getting “a-gain” was helped by yesterday’s “a-boat.” I think “a-boat” is how some Canadians say about.

  6. Because he had to HAGGLE with his insurance company ABOUT his PELVIS being fractured in the accident, some people considered him to be a SKUNK of a man.

  7. Another vote for pelvis here. As I recall it tripped me up last time too. Did get the cartoon answer without difficulty – clever puzzle today. Happy Tuesday to all.

  8. Hi all – Got all the words. Saw “A GAIN” and thought TRY AGAIN, but the letter layout and the fact that TRY was in the dialog showed GUESS.

    Mike, especially since you wondered about his weight, the guy should have been wearing GUESS jeans.
    Excellent poem, Angela.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “If he tries to HAGGLE with the SKUNK ABOUT living under his house, he’ll soon find out what the varmint’s PELVIS moves will lead to!”

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