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Good Morning, Everyone! 🎛 ROUND-TER PRODUCTIVE? 🎛

🎶 AIR I go again, I hear those trumpets blow again, all aglow again, takin’ a chance on love. AIR I SLIDE again, about to take that RIDE again…STARRY-eyed again, takin’ a chance on love….AIR I SLIP again, about to take that TRIP again….I got that GRIP again, takin’ a chance on love…Um – I’m in the groove again, takin’ a chance on love...🎶Taking A Chance on Love” – Miss Ella Fitzgerald. 1940

🎛 I’m not real big on Outer Space, I don’t crave any knowledge,
It never interested me, from grade school all through college…
I don’t mean to sound UPPITY, it just could not INVADE
Into the thoughts inside my head, what I read usually fades.
I know we need much study, much purpose does it serve,
But to me HOURLY Space Study would just throw me a curve…
For what it does EMBODY, and for those HUNGRY for it,
I know the work is vital, but with me it doesn’t sit.
The work of a Space CLINIC, the good that it will do,
I understand the reasons why, but still I bid adieu…
I’m happy with my feet on Earth…I need the atmosphere,
To float around in Outer Space? No way, I’m staying here.
My hat is off to those up there, whose findings are constructive,
But I would never volunteer…nor be HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE! 🎛

Words…The word “word” keeps going through my mind. Words, sound bites, lip service…I’ll apologize in advance, but my heart’s just not into this this morning. Two more mass shootings. TWO…MORE…And a two month old baby one of the victims? 29 lives taken? There are no words. None that will do justice anyway. I’m angry, I’m scared, I’m heartbroken. And I’m sorry to be saying it here, but it’s just too much. When will it end? What’s the answer to all this carnage? I wish I knew….So, I’ll give you the puzzles’ details, because the show must go on, but it definitely won’t be my usual light-heated fare. And to our readers, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters in El Paso and Dayton…I’m so sorry. There are NO words…

Except for UPPITY, a new entry, we’ve seen each of our other five words a few times over. EMBODY, our oldest, goes way back to July 2008…but we’ve also seen it in 2018. Actually the same goes for all five words..used here and there throughout the years, but all being in game play last year, with the most recent being CLINIC, which appeared on 10/20. And I found it interesting that HOURLY is making its 10th appearance since 2010, with a new anagram; yet with all the different combinations, it was only one, RUHOLY that was repeated. We saw that in 2014, and twice in 2017. And from what I can tell, the rest of today’s anagrams are all new also. And while none of our words posed any problem, there was a slight tic or two with UPPITY and HUNGRY. I’d also like to mention that I think I’ve counted about 30 uses of our words today, so it’s quite an accomplishment, IMO, to see so few repeated scramblings. Hats off to you, David.

Today’s puzzle places us aboard the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. We see three Jumble characters, two main ones, a man and a woman at front, and a third way at back. As I mentioned in my rhyme, I’m not knowledgeable about the Space Station, so I’ve included the link for you to read through if you choose. The dialogue is telling us that perhaps our two Scientists weren’t on the ball in the past, but now that they’re “264 miles (HIGH) above the Earth”, they’re “finally able to get the experiments going“. They’re finally PRODUCTIVE. The busy Scientists are: HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE. It’s a good one, David, but I have a feeling it may stump a reader or two. The Early Birds looked for Gravity, Overly and Greatly at first thought for the first word, and nothing was coming to mind for the second. But once concentrating on why the woman was mentioning the exact distance in mileage…? HIGHLY came to mind…and ‘Busy’ and ‘Work’ gave way to PRODUCTIVE. It’s very clever, but as I said, it went OVER a few HEADS…

The eye candy…The interior of the Space Station is shaded in gray. At the left wall, a three-tiered control panel is colored red, blue and yellow, from top to bottom. The control panels at left overhead, and the ones at right are nondescript. Our two Scientists may be in a uniform of some kind, since they’re both clad in the exact black shirts, with light blue pants and white shoes. And they’re holding what appears to be a octagonal- shaped sphere, with a smaller round one inside, enclosing a small animal – a gerbil or a hamster. It looks like this But what it is they’re studying? Who knows…There’s a label on the sphere, but it’s not legible. So, what’s the best little detail this morning? Way back, pretty much impossible to see, is that third character I mentioned earlier. Bald, bespectacled, and dressed the same as the other Scientists, he seems to be reaching up to adjust something on a panel to his right. But he has a rather bewildered, lost look about him. TBT? With or without the glasses? I think that might be David…on a Word Search...So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s to hoping that we find some answers…🎛🙋🏻





30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/04/2019

  1. Funny funny ha ha ha. A favor from anyone. Does anyone have the full joke for 05/03/2017? It showed the answers to the clue words and the answer to the scrambled letters but the sentence that led to the scrambled letter answer was not on the page for that day. Does anybody have that?

  2. John…You’re right. For some reason the question is missing. The puzzle that day, 05/03/17, read as follows: “After a long day of showing off his new electric bulb, Thomas Edison was – – – ”
    And the answer was “Out Like A Light”. 🙋🏻

    • Angela, YOU ARE A SWEETHEART! Thank you for your quick response. Make you let the webmaster of this site know so that can be corrected on that page. HAPPY PUZZLING!


      • Thank you John, and you’re welcome. And I’ve already added it on to the page. Have a good one. 🙋🏻

  3. Hi Chuck..Good Morning. I was thinking it over, and it came to me on the way back from Church. Divine interMENTION…🙄. Another rhyme? Maybe after another cup of coffee…🙋🏻

    °As far as he was concerned as Director, the actions of the power HUNGRY, UPPITY HOURLY employees of the CLINIC did so INVADE the privacy of his patients, and it didn’t EMBODY what the institution stood for…so despite their HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE results, he was determined to dismiss them all…

  4. Chuck…I think I got inspired more by the lasagna I’m making, than the coffee…but here you go..🍝🙋🏻

    🍝 He wanted to EMBODY an air of elegance,
    There wouldn’t be a gaudy sign or any kind of fence…
    He hoped that there’d be HUNGRY folks, considering the CLINIC,
    Since blood testing would have them starved…and this would do the trick…
    The restaurant was his big dream, it always did INVADE,
    Whatever else he tried to do…the thought would never fade…
    He didn’t want an UPPITY place, just quiet dignity,
    And food cooked to perfection, that he’d do personally…
    He hired HOURLY workers, used decor Naples seductive…
    And couldn’t wait to open up…and be HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE 🍝

    • Also Angela – St. Michael texted me & said he was speaking for the rest of the Heralds; to ask you to let them sleep a little longer on weekends.😉

    Clinic is my choice for most difficult which should have been my easiest, considering the growing number of Dr’s visits. Anyway, I’ll be back (be forewarned), as soon as I can find a 16 letter solve. Have a super day all! Stay inside; 90-100° sunny afternoon.

    • Hey Jamu…I didn’t peg CLINIC for a problem, but now I jut saw that Steve says he got caught up with it too. Traffic is really slow, and I haven’t been checking the numbers, so we’ll have to wait and see if it proves to be the stumper. Most of what I’m hearing is that the words are a breeze, it’s the solve that’s causing the grief…And yes, it’s HOT. But thank God the humidity dropped off. It was a lethal combination these past few days…I went by the water for awhile…but there’s not much of a breeze at all…Summer in the city…🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Saw GURNEY before HUNGRY, then “HOLY-UR than thou” before the LY trick showed HOURLY. Even with putting IC at the end, CLINIC still took a minute. (In another sign of changing times, the SF’s Haight Ashbury Free Clinic is finally closing. Medical service to the community at its finest.)

    Not enough patience for the answer today. Thought GRAVITY was in there somewhere, but there was no “A”. More “Sigh-entists”, eh?

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “Clueless as to how they would EMBODY privilege and greed, the UPPITY HUNGRY millennials tried to INVADE the Free CLINIC to cadge food HOURLY”.

    Safeway Songs from the Ceiling were like turning on MTV in the 80’s – Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”, One Love by U2, and several more.

    • Hey Steve…Lou and a handful of the Early Birds immediately went for the Gravity..It just seemed like it should have been..But I have a feeling it was a set-up. David planned it that way. 😉 Your sentence gave me a chuckle. 👏🏻👏🏻 I think the day the millennials start showing up at a free clinic is the day we’ll all be on a bread line! Perish the thought! Hope you’re having a good one…🙋🏻

    • You make me smile Steve when you talk about Safeway. My first job out of high school where some of the Brooklyn Dodgers use to shop with their wives. My wife also worked in a different store in Safeway. Good memories.

  7. I,too,am bummed out by the incredible shootings.In truth no one is safe anywhere,be it a movie theater,stadium,church,mall,etc. Absolutely incredible.

    • Hi Professor…Yea, so true. I keep thinking what a sad way for our children to be growing up. Assault rifles on city streets…SMH. We’re at war with ourselves…Enjoy your day, Prof. 🙋🏻

  8. Hi Everyone,
    Another fail on the answer, which makes 3 out of the last 4 puzzles for me. I thought highly would be the first word but was convinced that the second word would end in ed.
    Steve, I was happy to see you back and learn that your wife is better.

    • Hi Caroline. You’re not alone. The solve today is stumping a good number of people. I wish we had a slot for it on the poll. Hope you’re having a good day…🙋🏻

  9. GOT IT!
    Angela, you’re our main correspondence, so
    I’ll ask you …should I share the solve? It only took me 5hrs. Whoaaa… I just looked back & noticed it’s already been done, so moot; however, also thought I had entered a missive earlier today, and NADA! Wha’ hop’pen?

    • Jamu..How you make me SMH. If the solve wasn’t up there by now, there’d be more to worry about than your solving skills…And I know you’re pulling my leg. As for your earlier comment, it’s there…and I replied to it. Scroll up…and I hope you’re having a good day! 🙋🏻

  10. Dear Jumble Makers.
    Not to sound like a Sheldon Cooper, but I found the answer not accurate to the clues. Example : When he says finally able to start the experiments, and she says it took 254 miles above the earth to get to work. They just started the experiments and had not proven a theory or found any conclusion to any experiments. So being productive should have been replaced with motivated. Just saying. Steve Sherwood

    • Hi Steve. While your comment is valid, one can be productive with any endeavor. They were productive in finally getting down to work. I guess it’s just a matter of how one looks at it. David Hoyt, the man responsible for the questions and answers, goes to great lengths to ensure that his wording rings true. And maybe if he gets to read this, he may have something to say about it. But thank you for commenting, and I hope you’re enjoying your day. (And PS..I’m a big Sheldon Cooper fan…young Sheldon that is)! 🙋🏻

  11. Steve you make a good point, now go to your room and sing “Soft Kitty”(I’m just in defense mode cause I finally got it)

      • Must admit you got me to shout out. Why hide behind anonymous. If that is the highest he went,he should be proud. A lot of us had to work to pay the bills. Not everybody was born with a free ride,some of us had to earn it the hard way.

  12. Good evening. Left early after church and never got back to solve the cartoon answer. Since it’s so late and relaxed with a couple of vodkas I decided to give it up.One of my sons actually caved and I consider him much superior then me. Besides I’m in a right place so why should I change the mood. Angela loved your song choice and post. Until tomorrow stay well.

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