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Good Morning, Everyone!  ⚱️IT’S A NEW DAWN, IT’S A NEW CLAY⚱️

🎶 What goes UP must come DOWN…SPINNIN’ WHEEL got to go ‘ROUND… ‘Talkin’ ‘bout your troubles it’s a cryin’ sin…Ride a painted pony let the SPINNIN’ WHEEL spin…🎶 “Spinnin’ Wheel”- Blood, Sweat & Tears   1968

Remembering the movie that made this all the rage,
I jumped on the bandwagon…in my book it’s still a page

I sat up in the FRONT, and figured..”I could do this I’m no simp”..
I should of realized that I’d be the sacrificial CHIMP…
We sat inside an ATRIUM, wide open with much light…
I started thinking “Maybe this won’t be the ideal night…”
‘Cause once that wheel began to spin a THORNY thing took place,
The clay was flying everywhere…some hit me in the face…
But not to be deterred so quick…I wasn’t one to quit…
I did have fun…only I’d starve before I’d TURN A PROFIT⚱️

Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle..or aunt..because one of our words today, CHIMP may just TURN out to be another Jumble newbie. Our other three? Familiar old favorites, with ATRIUM having been seen about a year ago on 06/11/18, THORNY going way back to 01/19/2012, and FRONT SETTLING in at 07/17/17. And with that said, let’s TURN to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves trying our HAND at POTTERY. Inside a Pottery Studio, we see SPIN and DOTTIE (think about it…), discussing Spin’s new Pottery Wheel. Faster and more precise than her previous one, it’s obvious she’s FIRED up about how much more productive she’s able to be. And Dottie’s telling her how she’s become a regular bull in a CHINA shop, knocking out pieces come what CLAY…I tell you Folks, these girls are BOWIed over…And Spin, as quick with her wit as she is with her hands, is saying how the new wheel will certainly help her “URN a living”! Boy, some people and their puns, huh? She’s KILN me! But she is making THROWING look so easy. And it is, if you POT your mind to it and have the POTience…I know I did enjoy it…once I realized that you can’t just THROW caution to the wind, and think you’ll come out in a GLAZE of glory. But that’s me, and my feet of CLAY…Always in a rush. Anyway, in answer to our question…Spin, in looking to UP her URNing potential…hopes she’ll be able to…TURN A PROFIT! Good one, David…You CROCK me up!span>

Ok…eye candy. Three vases of different heights are visible. Dottie holds one of chartreuse, while a low rounded one of blue sits on a platform next to a red bowl. At the foreFRONT another blue one can be seen. Spin’s foot is on a pedal, which would mean the wheel is electric, but there’s no visible wiring. And there are rounded lines showing the SPINNING motion of the pot being made. But I think I’ll close how I opened, with the thought of clay everywhere…I can definitely relate with the three remnants of gray clay on Spin’s shirt…So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with a quote supposedly attributed to George Ohr, the ‘Mad Potter of Biloxi’…”And the Potter said unto the CLAY…’Be WARE’…and it was”!  




38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/15/2019

  1. The talented potter was way out front
    Throwing his wares in the shopping mall atrium
    The work was arduous and sometimes tedium
    At times too much water made the product go limp
    And when it happened made him scream like a chimp
    A perfect product was not thorny to touch
    For when it did he sold it for much
    As the day progressed his plan to make it
    Came full circle to prove his art and new wheel would:
    “turn a profit”

    • Good Morning, Jim! Where’ve you been? Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 I love seeing the different takes on the days’ words, and you’ve “turned a profit” here yourself! Wishing you a great day! ⚱🙋🏻

      • I’ve been busy with work of all things. Try to get the jumble and crossword done before out the door as it sets the tone for the day. I’ve been watching and reviewing comments. Just not enough time to rhyme. I trust you are well and hope we all can begin to enjoy some good summer weather. Off for the week and headed deeper into the Cape for a little R &R. Till then take care.

        • Hi, Jim! I can understand…obligations first. And yes, I am well, thank you. I trust you’re the same…How lucky are you? A week on the Cape..it’s so beautiful there. I wish you good weather and better company…And with today being Lobster Day, I trust you’ll have the most wonderland dinner out there tonight..I’m doing a slew of Lobster Tails on the grill..I can’t wait…My mouth waters just thinking about it! 😉 Here’s to a fabulous week of R&R…I hope you’re a fisherman! Eat well, and enjoy, Jim! 🦀🙋🏻

  2. The chimp in the front cage of the simian atrium did nothing to help the zoo turn a profit as it pelted thorny leaves & flowers from a bougainvillea at the visitors. Said a keeper, hoping to diffuse the situation “Pay him no mind, he just likes to monkey around.”

    • Jamu…You have me LOL! Good Morning! Too funny, and very well done! 👏🏻👏🏻 Here’s to a good one! 🐒🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. I’m sure Atrium will clearly be the winner for hardest word as it took me as long to finally get as the other three words combined. As for the cartoon answer that was almost a blind solve. My first thought for the first word was SPIN. But seeing no S killed that thought. A nice easy one to prepare us for a Father Day Surprise. Nice job Angela and JimO on the use of the words and our girl Friday nailed the song choice as usual. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. Good Morning! I think you’ll be right about Atrium, it’s not exactly an every day word. Thanks for the Shout Out, and I’m glad you enjoyed the music…What did everyone think about the news coverage? I watched it again, and I really think it’ll shake things up. Hope your day goes great, Brooklyn…the weather’s beautiful! Enjoy! 🌞🙋🏻

      • The ones that were there when they did the interview knew about the time it was going to be aired because they called one person. A lot of us just forgot about the time. Word got back already that now they will let us repair the overhang and buy the material to fix the court. It’s still being worked out. Because one says we can and then Parks Dept says no. Like always,it’s pass the buck routine. At any rate Diaz did a great job because he came back when it was raining and showed what happens to the court. It’s amazing how they spend millions of dollars and it’s still not done right.

        • Yea, the raining coverage was in the video. I couldn’t believe how wet the court was. It really is a shame especially considering what was spent…And it’s such a nice looking court too. But I think I’d be a little leery about buying any materials…NYC takes forever to get things straight, and you guys could end up holding the bag…Get it in writing…and then have Diaz cover it on TV..you know for “insurance”! 😉🙋🏻

  4. My SPIN on it…⚱🙋🏻

    ° Wanting to get a FRONT seat, they waited in the theater ATRIUM for the latest CHIMP movie, (which was sure to TURN A PROFIT), to begin….but the atmosphere turned THORNY when the start time was delayed…

    ° He knew things would get THORNY when the others pulled in FRONT…
    They needed to get men on base, perhaps to try a bunt?
    The teams’s mascot a silly CHIMP was in the ATRIUM
    And he called out for someone to please listen to him…
    He heard the next two batters talking ’bout the long ball hit
    And he wondered if the manager thought that it’d TURN A PROFIT

  5. Atrium also gave me reason to pause.I also thought the first puzzle word was make rather than turn,but lacking the ‘e’ turn came into view along with the final solution.Being on the road again,I had to turn to the online version of the Jumble.Big weekend with our son’s birthday on Sunday,Father’s Day,plus Phil Micelson’s birthday, also on Father’s Day,with his trying to win his first US Open.Go Phil Go.

    • LOL! So you’re planning on having a cake for Phil? That’s mighty big of you! 😉 I like the guy too…Enjoy the weekend, Prof. Let’s hope the weather cooperates…⚱🙋🏻

  6. Good morning, Angela. I took a different route. It became a THORNY problem right up FRONT when the vet told the family that their pet CHIMP was having a serious problem with its heart ATRIUM.

    • DING DING DING!!!🎊🎊🎊 We have ourselves a winner! Heart Atrium? Brilliant, Chuck, brilliant! Major Kudos! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I love it, and I tip my cap! Good Morning to you! ⚱🙋🏻

  7. Atrium was the easiest word for me as I have been doing these for 60 years my first job the ladies that I worked with would do them in the morning and then I would go and let them go to lunch they and they made a copy and told me to see if I could work the puzzle before they got back I have been doing them every since

    • Hey WV…I’m not sure how to address you, so if WV isn’t it, please let me know…I’m with you on the Atrium, I didn’t blink, but the poll numbers are showing that it stumped a good number of readers today. And it’s good to hear from a veteran Jumbler…I think once you start doing these puzzles, it’ becomes an addiction! 😉 Thanks for commenting, and I hope you do so again in the future…Wishing you a great day! Enjoy! ⚱🙋🏻

  8. Like others I struggled with atrium. It took me a while to get it even after I solved the cartoon and knew what letters I needed. But eventually I figured it out. Hope all of you have a good day!

    • Hi Betty. Good Morning! You’re definitely in good company…Atrium’s proving to be the stumper of the day. But here’s to the solve! 🍷Have a good one, Betty..see you t’row! ⚱🙋🏻

  9. The school I went to concentrated on Pre-med & Pre-law. During lunch, students at the table traded books & quizzed each on opposite majors. I quickly discovered that to me, Pre-law seemed easier. So heart atrium went far over my head. Yes, it’s a chamber for dispersal to different organs, but wow! And Angela, you never cease to surprise me, so stand by – In spite of my weak paragraphs using the clue words, I am now going to try thymes! Grab that Pinot Noir or bottle of aspirin, it’s coming!

    • LOL! Jamu, the surprises come from you! You’ve managed to SPIN things quite a few times already, so I’m not going to doubt your poetic ability…😉 And I don’t consider your past entries weak at all..I love any kind of creativity…So bring it on…the wine’s always chilled and ready here! 😉 Oh and the Heart Atrium? Yep, Chuck done really good with that one! 🍷🙋🏻

  10. Angela: Stop doubting & start forgiving! You’ll see. Maybe TWO bottles of aspirin!!!

    • Jamu…You’ve lost me…Where did I doubt? And what/who should I be forgiving? Did I miss something? 🤔🙋🏻

      • He thinks you’re going to have to take aspirin and forgive him for his bad verse.
        To which I say:
        “Roses are red, come on Jamu,
        We like your puns; try some poetry too!”

  11. Hi all – THORNY took a second look after trying TY at the end. Then ATRIUM took the longest before I happened to see the IUM. First thought TURN A CORNER in her business, but the dialog showed PROFIT.

    “Urn” a living – cute! As long as she’s able to collect what she’s ODE. It’s pottery in motion. (If it had been a man, I would have said “SHELLY try collecting what he’s ODE?” but then found out it’s Keats anyway. Never can get those three straight!).

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Had to laugh at the beginning of the A’s game last night. They just returned from a road trip through Texas and Tampa Bay. They always start the broadcast with the gametime weather, and our announcer says, “It’s 60 degrees —- and MAN does that feel good!” 😂

    Angela, was that the adventures of Spin and Dottie? “Be WARE” made me laugh also.

    “The hotel tried to TURN A PROFIT by displaying a CHIMP in their FRONT ATRIUM, separated from the guests by a THORNY barrier.”

    • I was going for Spin and Marty…Thank God Lou got it…For a minute there I thought maybe the voices in my head were lying to me! 😂 Nice TWIST on thorny! 👏🏻👏🏻 Have a great day, G! ⚱🙋🏻…(Who’s Spin and Dottie)? 🤔

  12. Good evening. The CHIMP living at the ATRIUM of the famous Rainforest restaurant fell off his swing and landed on the THORNY cactus causing needles to stick the FRONT part of his hand.

    • LOL! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Brooklyn’s in the house! I love this! I was thinking cactus too this morning, but I couldn’t work it out…What’s inspiring you tonight? The Mets (hopefully) kicking Cardinal butt? A Chimp on a swing! Bravo, Bud! …So, did you eat some Lobster today? I did the day justice! And then some! I may not eat for the next two days…HA..who am I kidding? I got my gravy going as we speak…getting a jump on trow…Lasagna’s on tap…Thanks for the smile, Brooklyn..You never fail me! 😘🙋🏻

      • What am I missing with lobster for today. You really have a hard time watching the Mets today. Even though they won. They were extremely lucky. Thank goodness for the kid McNeil. He knows how to play. They have no pitching this year. All the pitching is mediocre.

        • PHEW! Right? I was sweating there for a minute! The Mets are the reason I get gray hairs! The bullpen’s hurting…I hate when we go thru this EVERY year…My friend just said I almost jinxed them tonight! LOL! …Brooklyn, Today’s National Lobster Day! I thought you checked that calendar every morning! 😉 But don’t worry…I ate enough for both of us…Actually both of us and another soldier! 😂😂🙋🏻

  13. Hi guys! Noticing your interest culicidaes (flies), I should inform you there’s a series of Tv programs on them. It’s on “Mosquito. Net”
    (HAD to do it. Sorry?)

    • …Tried watching, but it sucked…Really got under my skin…😂🦟🙋🏻
      Jamu…Why are you posting on Saturdays page? 🤔

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