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Good Morning, Everyone!              💍 BLING IT ON… 💍

🎶 I’ve heard of affairs that are strictly platonic…But DIAMONDS are a girl’s best friend…And I think affairs that you must keep the liasonic are better bets…If little girls get big baguettes…Time rolls on and youth is gone and you can’t straighten up when you bend…But stiff back or stiff knees you stand straight at Tiffany’s…DIAMONDS are a girls best friend…🎶 –  “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” – Marilyn Monroe 1953

💍 I think the sweetest woman when faced with this dilemma,
Could easily a TIGER be, to find out that her gem…er…
Is nothing more than imitation glass…just some cheap paste…
She’d have to wonder how much money did this guy just waste?
Financial crunches HAPPEN, and I’m sure no CRANK she’d be,
If he told her about it, that he was short money…
Instead he chose deceitfulness…and now can you blame she…
For being so upset and giving him a HOMILY?
Women in love would take a jewel smaller if ‘real ice’…
But giving her a fake?…uh uh…He deserves to PAY THE PRICE...💍

As we RING in the second day of our work week, we find that we have another new word…HOMILY. Our other three, tried and true…but with anagrams anew…and with HAPPEN going back as far as January 2012. That’s amazing, don’t you think?…Off the CHAIN as the kids would say…But it was our new entry, HOMILY that prompted a discourse this morning. Stumping almost every one of the Early Birds, it definitely came in as the word that they SPENT the most time on, in fact two of them said that it didn’t even RING a bell…

Our cartoon today takes us into the living room of HAL and his wife, who I’ll call GEMMA. A third character’s in attendance, and we learn her name is BARB. Barb is quick with the barb, asking Hal why he didn’t KARAT-nough to give Gemma a ring that wasn’t a knockoff. Obviously the one who uncovered the problem at HAND, her telling Gemma that her ring was a fake started this whole Diamond-in-the-Rough ride…And understandably upset, Gemma wants an explanation. So what does Hal have to say about giving her this shamROCK? That it’s just temporary…until the jeweler gets the real one in…COAL, Hal, COAL…I guess he was just under too much PRESSURE…But now that every FACETS come to light? Hal’s just gonna have to…PAY THE PRICE! Good one, David…you’re a real GEM!

Eye candy? We see Hal wearing slippers, obviously relaxing before Barb took her CHEAP shot. Dressed in a white Lacoste polo and blue jacquard print pants, he looks like he just came in from a round of golf, or maybe an afternoon at the Baseball DIAMOND…Except for the Jumble puzzle in the paper that he’s reading, the only real eye catcher is that RING. Looking closely? It’s huge…talk about a ROCK...So this brings up a question or two...Hal and Gemma do look a bit older…so if we’re talking an Engagement ring, just how long is it taking this store to give Hal a RING letting him know THE REAL THING came along? And If they’ve been married for a while, and it’s an Anniversary gift, wouldn’t Gemma have some idea as to how much money Hal had to spend? Did she really think a Rock of that size would come CHEAP? …And just who is Barb anyway? I don’t know, something here just doesn’t ADD UP. But then again, I’m easily distracted by shiny objects, so don’t MINE me…Bottom line? This may all boil down to it being a MOOD RING… An ex of mine gave me one of those once, and he was surprised at how quickly we saw it work. When I was in a good mood, it turned green. And when I was in a bad mood it left a big red mark on his forehead…the next time he bought me a DIAMOND! Moral of the story? If you KARAT-nough to give the very best? Your love will always RING true! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And ROCK on! 💍🙋🏻






23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/21/2019

  1. Good Morning…Paul,and Chuck….My entries are thrown into the RING…🙋🏻

    ° Thinking nothing would HAPPEN if they taunted the TIGER, the CRANK of a zookeeper, blasted them with a HOMILY and then had them all arrested, where they were forced to PAY THE PRICE…

    He always acted like a CRANK, so there was no allure,
    But then he got a tattoo and she did like what she saw…
    A TIGER crouching low with teeth bared…and she felt a thrill…
    Unsure why it did HAPPEN…but it was exciting still.
    She thought of Sunday’s HOMILY…’bout avoiding temptation,
    But something with that tattoo filled her with an agitation…
    She wondered should she walk away…and take the priest’s advice?
    Be just her luck that dumb tattoo would make her PAY THE PRICE

  2. ADDENDUM….I wanted a different take on CRANK…I didn’t realize that I used it the same way both times..🙋🏻

    ° He tried to ignore them, but he couldn’t understand why they had to CRANK the music up so loud…and after listening to 🎶Eye of the TIGER🎶 for the umpteenth time, he knew he couldn’t be responsible for what would HAPPEN next, and that they’d PAY THE PRICE, as he unleashed a HOMILY of complaints at them….

  3. I’d thought for sure the cartoon clue contained HAPPY, as in make her happy. But it didn’t fit. Then the two Ps reminded me of PIPER, but PAY THE PIPER didn’t work either. It was one letter off. I tried PAY THE and then the word PRICE came out. He still could pay the piper; he would pay the piper’s price.

    • Good Morning, Jim. I have a very strong feeling that our boy Hal is going to be paying the Piper for a long time to come. He made a major faux pas…(no pun intended)! He’s got some serious ‘splainin’ to do…Have a good one, Jim! 💍🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Loved your montage of work Angela. From your song choice to all the sentences using the words,we were enlightened with a plethora of information. I just HAPPEN to think that the HOMILY looking TIGER did CRANK out that horrible sounding roar because he was caught on camera before grooming himself. Today’s jumble was easy peezy. I had no problems with the words or cartoon. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Sunshine! You used the word plethora without cringing! How far you’ve come! 😂😂 So…do you think we’re so familiar with HOMILY because we go to Mass? The guys drove me half nuts this morning…the back and forth, the hominy grits, it was a trip! I like your grooming Tiger… I feel the same way…No cameras until I make peace with my hair! 😂😂 And I’m with you…the puzzle was a gift today,…Especially the answer..how our boy will be PAYING THE PRICE in more ways than one! Have a great day, Brooklyn…and thanks so much for the Shout Outs. You’re a GEM in my book! 💍🙋🏻

      • You know I just realized I screwed up. Maybe it was using plethora that I hate so much. It sidetracked my wave thoughts. Or was it the homely looking guy that gave the homily this past Sunday. Naw,it was this putz having a senior moment.

        • Brooklyn…What’s a vowel amongst friends? You didn’t screw up, you probably just didn’t squint at the right moment…😉 No harm, No foul…You’re still a Gem! 😘🙋🏻

        • Yea, anytime you see anything in the post that’s printed in blue, there’s a link attached to it…I just segued into another song because of the phrase I used…Hope you enjoy it! 🎶🙋🏻

      • Angela passed it up twice but finally caught it when I went back. A gem,which was the first time I ever heard the song. If they ever brought back “Name That Tune” you might just do well on it. You have a broad knowledge of music where I’m fixated in the 50s and 60s.

        • Get out…you’ve never heard 🎶Until the Real Thing Comes Along”? Oh, what you’ve been missing…Well I’m glad I can introduce you…The lyrics are PRICEless…Funny you mentioned “Name That Tune”….when I was a kid I played it for hours on end with my Father…that and Jumble! 😂😂 And I credit Him with my broad love of music. And I wouldn’t sweat over being stuck in the 50’s-60’s …those years produced amazingly beautiful sounds…Anyway, you stick with me, Brooklyn? I’ll be broadening your horizons in no time! 😂 Hope your day’s going well, Brooklyn! (Still no Bocce)? 💍🙋🏻

  5. Even after listening to the HOMILY given by her clergyman, the old CRANK of a woman decided that nothing was to HAPPEN to alter the way she felt about her TIGER of a man.

    • ROTFL!!’ Wait a minute…wait a minute…She’s an OLD CRANK… and she’s got herself a TIGER of a man? Are we talking a cougar here? Now I’m really curious…Who’s buying diamonds for who??!! Love it, Chuck! …You got me laughing out loud! Have a good one..Enjoy! 💍🙋🏻

  6. All of the clue words were instant solves, but the puzzle took a bit of work. Like jimvb13, I kept getting drawn to HAPPY. Finally saw PAY THE and things fell into place!

    • Hi John. I do the cartoon first. And going by the expression on his face and the words “worth” and “cheap” I figured something relating to money had to be in there, and the phrase just came to mind. It’s interesting though that three of the four men who’ve commented so far are drawn to “happy”. Psychology 101, anybody? Have a great day, John. 💍🙋🏻

  7. Agree the 4 anagrams were a quick solve,even homily,but I also thought the 5 letter word was happy ,but then I saw I needed the h for the 3 letter word,so pay the price came to mind.

    • Hi Professor. As I just mentioned to John above, the curiosity over “happy” is mounting. And yes, our words were easy breezy today…Have a great day, Prof. 💍🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – Just happened to see everything right off the bat today.
    My first guess at an answer (which I can’t tell you) didn’t fit anyway, but I got the correct one on the next glance.

    Always disappointing to discover that the family jewels aren’t as good as you had assumed. And speaking of diamonds, the most puzzling thing for me in today’s post was the lyric “And I think affairs that you must keep the masonic, are better bets”. That made no sense to me – what would the song have to do with the Masons, except that they deal in big rocks? The web consensus seems to be that it’s “And I think affairs you must keep liasonic” with the explanation that “Liaisonic is a made up word which derives from liaison, with the -ic added to rhyme with ‘platonic’”.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • G..Speaking as a woman…you have NO IDEA how disappointing it is to discover that family jewels aren’t as good as expected!!! (I’ll wait…)…😂 Ahem…But this wasn’t a family jewel, he bought this for her…Personally, I see no reason to cut him any slack…Honesty is always the best policy.., Anyway, I went back and forth on the lyric this morning and i actually found more masonic than liasonic…and I too had the same reaction as you, but I just did a quick copy and paste, and wanted to get some sleep, so I never went back to edit…Either way, the song’s a GEM! And did you notice around 2:00 in..that after she rejects them all with that tap of the fan? They all whip out pistols and shoot themselves in the head? Hollywood, huh? 😉 Hope you’re having a great day, Steve! 💍🙋🏻

      • Actually, I watched the version that just had the lyrics onscreen so I could check the word, but I know what you mean about that scene though, not too subtle, eh? Not even given a second thought by the 50’s audience, I’m sure.

        • It might have gone unnoticed..I think all eyes were glued to Marilyn! 💍🙋🏻

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