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My heart is heavy as I write this, since today, the Holiest Day of the year for people of the Christian Faith, we’re hearing news of the Church bombings in Sri Lanka, one of the countries whose citizens are members of our Blog. My post was already written, but in a show of respect, I’m foregoing my poem and the music I originally chose…And instead, I offer this….And to our brethren in Sri Lanka, I offer my prayers and my condolences…🙏🏻😢

With no new words offered this morning, five of the six have appeared from June through December 2018, and all of them are SCRAMBLED anew. EGGcept for GROGGY. Last seen as recently as February 26th, 2019, it was anagrammed EGGSactly as it is today. And the Early Birds felt that the only word to cause a pause was INVOKE.

ROLLING over to our cartoon, we find ourselves outdoors at an Easter Sunday SHELLebration. HARE we see that a family of five, parents with two sons and a daughter, are joined in an Easter Egg Hunt by Grandparents of the children. The Grandfather is overheard sayingthat he loves watching the kids “COLLECT the EGGS every year”, while both of the parents are offering words of encouragement to their children. And if we’re LOOKING for an EGGSact answer to our puzzle’s question, it’s HIDDEN right there in the dialogue. The FAMILY, GATHERED together, is GATHERING eggs…It’s a FAMILY GATHERING. EGGcellent, David…You’ve made it Plain and DIMPLED!

Eye candy? Our panel today is brightly COLORED in PASTEL shades that are appropriate for our Spring Holidays. The green grass carpets the yard, EGGStending out to the yellow house and fence. But oddly, all the eggs that we see are white. Surprising, since most Easter Eggs are colored, for a little DYEversity. The Grandfather, holding an empty basket, seems to look like a “real” person, but the Grandmother has the ORGANIC look of most of Jeff’s characters. I looked back through past puzzles, in an effort to identify him, but nothing panned out. Sometimes my instincts aren’t all that they’re CRACKED up to be. The Father, sporting a white polo shirt with a little BUNNY logo, has a basket holding two eggs, and he’s reaching for a third, as he points out to his kids the three additional eggs nearby at the foot of the tree. The bow-tied boy behind him is holding a basket with three eggs, while his pig-tailed sister is parting tulips to uncover two more. And beyond her LAYS one more..But the eye CATCHer today? The little boy at back, has an empty basket..and while his Mom is trying to give him some EGGStra help, and show him where EGGS marks the spot…if you look real closely, you can see a single tear falling from his eye...I guess it hasn’t been all that EGGSciting for him…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And to all our readers celebrating, I wish you a Holy Day of renewed Faith, and a Holiday of family, friends and food… Happy Passover 🌷 and Happy Easter! 🐣🙋🏻





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    • Hi Chuck. Good Morning. I don’t know what you celebrate, but Happy Whatever you do, to you and yours. Yes, I sat in Church, and cried, and the song started playing in my head. It just felt appropriate, I don’t mean to sound maudlin, but I felt I had to address the sadness someway. So much hatred in the world…I just can’t wrap my head around it. Anyway…I’ll get off my soapbox…and send you wishes for a peaceful, joyous day with your family…🐣🌷🙋🏻

    • You’re very welcome, Chuck….and Thank you too. I hope I haven’t discouraged you from posting your sentence…In between the lasagna prep, I wrote one, only INFAMY put a little damper on my spin, so I was forced to switch gears…But if you post yours, I’ll post mine…🐣🙋🏻

  1. Hi all – INFAMY might have taken longer except that after INHALE and INVOKE, I was trying IN at the beginning of everything.

    That was a nice touch to include the left-out kid being consoled and helped.

    ‘Till tomorrow, I hope you all have a great Sunday.

    • Hey Steve. Yes, Imagree, it was, especially since it’s so true, There’s always one kid that can’t keep up with the others…and of course there’s always a few kids that are very …”aggressive” shall we say? But it was a cute touch. Happy Easter to you and yours, and I hope you enjoy the day! 🐰🐣🙋🏻

      • There were enough times I could relate to that kid. Happy Easter to you and all your family and friends!

        • Yea, I think we all walked in those shoes one time or another….But look at us now, huh? 😉 Thanks, Steve…Here’s to better days! 🍷🐣🙋🏻

  2. Here goes, Angela. To the MARVEL of some, after observing some of the population INHALE a STRONG substance, which proceeded to make them GROGGY, the mayor had his moment of INFAMY when he had to INVOKE the city ordinance prohibiting same.

    • Bravo, Chuck! Very imaginative! And these days there’s a lot on inhaling going around! Kudos! 👏🏻👏🏻 I made the mistake of staying with the Easter theme…but as I said, INFAMY threw me! I may try again later if I get a chance…The cloud’s lifting, and I’m counting my blessings for the rest of the day….Blessings…but not calories! 😉 Have a great day, Chuck! 🐰🙋🏻

      ° Feeling GROGGY from not enough sleep, he awoke to INHALE the STRONG aromas emanating from the kitchen, and began to MARVEL…but then INVOKE memories of a few past Holidays that had unfortunately gone down in INFAMY…and he hoped this FAMILY GATHERING would not follow suit…

  3. Easy puzzle today which is good because I have to get busy in the kitchen. Yes, very sad news about the church bombings in Sri Lanka as well as the ones in our own country. Bouna Pasqua Angela, Happy Easter & Passover to the rest of my Jumble buddies.

    • Good Morning, Betty. Yes, it was easy, and cute too. I just hope I didn’t put a damper on everyone’s Holiday spirit….it wasn’t my intention. Thank you, Betty, and a Blessed Buona Pasqua to you and yours! MANGIA, Bella! 🍝 Enjoy! 🐰🙋🏻

  4. My Heart Thoughts and Soul are with the people of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 as well this Easter 🐣 morning. 💙🐭❤️🐰🐇🐣😕

    • Hi, Charlu. Thank you. We can only pray that these senseless bombings come to an end. Be well. 🙏🏻🙋🏻

  5. My sympathy as well to the people of Sri Lanka.Puzzle was a snap with 3 of the 6 anagrams starting with in,and the puzzle a give away with family gathering,Happy Easter to one and all.

    • Hi Professor, Thank you, and a very Happy Easter to you and yours also! Yes, the puzzle was an easy, breezy one, and perfect for an Easter Morning! Have a good one, and enjoy your beautiful Family, Prof! 🐰🙋🏻

  6. Hi Everyone –
    I think David went easy on us today in light of the holiday. Three IN words, two Y words and no Scampis.
    Wishing all who celebrate a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover, and also hoping for an end to bombings in Sri Lanka and around the world.

    • Hi Caroline! LOL! No Scampis! Sad that it’s getting such a bad rap, because it’s soooo delicious! I’ll be thinking of the Jumble every time I eat it now! I was in such a rush this morning, that I didn’t even pick up on the 3 IN words. And I’m sure that it’s a first, too…I don’t know if you noticed, but there was a little glitch this morning, and the “None of the Above” category was left out of the poll. And I mentioned to Mike that I had a feeling a lot of people would have agreed with it…I too felt that it was an Easter Gift from David! Thank you, and a Blessed Happy Easter to you and yours, Caroline…Enjoy the day! 🐰🐣🙋🏻

      • Hi Angela,
        I noticed the None of the Above option was missing because I was going to cast my vote for it. I’ve heard of shrimp scampi but never knew scampi was a kind of lobster. I’m impressed that you actually cook it. Have a good day yourself!

        • Hi Caroline. Yes, I was going to vote for it also, but by the time we realized it, Mike said it would have had to be totally reset, and the votes already cast would be lost. But Sundays are slow anyway, and with today being Easter, it’s practically a ghost town…Yes, the words, “shrimp scampi” are actually redundant. Scampi is a large shrimp, a prawn, more “lobster-like”. Somewhere along the line, people began thinking of the style of cooking it as scampi. I blame the Italians! 😉 But I have to tell you, you needn’t be impressed…😉 It’s such a simple dish, and so easily made. All you need is oil, breadcrumbs, garlic, butter, lemon, parsley and some optional red pepper flakes and white wine. Maybe a shallot or two if you’re feeling daring! And it’s all done in one skillet, within 15 minutes. It takes longer for the water to boil and the spaghetti to cook, if you’re serving it that way. The only hard part? Cleaning and deveining the little buggers…but that I don’t do! I mean, I have to draw the line somewhere! 😉 I just buy them “good to go”…And Caroline, if you like shrimp…you’ll love this dish, trust me! Ok…Cooking 101 has ended…I’m getting ready to go eat! And knowing me, despite the gargantuan feast we’ve prepared? Now I’ll be thinking about scampi! 😂 I hope you’re having a wonderful day, Caroline. Enjoy! 🍤🍤🙋🏻

    • Hi Edward. Yes, agreed, It was an easy go of it today…Thanks for commenting, and please drop by again. Have a good night! 🐰🙋🏻

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