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Good Morning, Everyone!          📺 WHAT’S NEWS…? 📺

🎶 What’s NEWS Pussycat?…Whoa…What’s NEWS Pussycat? Whoa oh oh oh oh…🎶 “What’s New, Pussycat” – Tom Jones. 1965       http://tinyurl.com/ybbnmacm

📺 With ratings so important, and those ad dollars so key,
The competition to be best is plain for us to see…
The OLDER sponsors staying with a channel that they know,
The newer ones a SHINY prize still looking for a show…
Behind the scenes the newscasters may MUTTER now and then,
And wonder if their job is still as good as way back when…
(And I’m wondering where I can fit CABANA in this rhyme
‘Bout newscasters and channels and the ratings of Prime Time)…
The bottom line? We watch the news, and take time that we rationed,
To see familiar faces at the channels where they’re STATIONED 📺

With all our words Sweet Repeats once again today, we do have the pleasure of seeing all new anagrams. OLDER comes in as our most recently played entry, last seen on September 29th of last year, while MUTTER goes back to 2014. And I found it amusing that CABANA, used twice before, had all three A’s at front, same as today. But it’s a tough word to disguise, because  CABANA still wasn’t hard to see…And while none of our words stumped any of the Early Birds this morning, there was a little MUTTERing over MUTTER

Today’s cartoon takes us inside the Broadcast Studio of Channel 54. Seeing three characters, we’re focusing on the two sitting behind the News Desk, our featured NEWSCASTERS, Hugh Ardair, and the newly married Gwen Didit-Happen. Former reporters, they’ve both now advanced in their careers to manning the local Nightly News Report. Hugh, appearing a bit more seasoned than Gwen, is heard saying that the Ratings this week at Channel 54 have surpassed those of its closest rival, Channel 32. Gwen, having spent the last two years saving for her wedding, had considered CHANGING CHANNELS, in an effort to earn more money, and thereby BOOST her credit RATING. But we hear her now telling Hugh that she’s “glad she stayed”…And as you may have guessed by now…This is all FAKE NEWS! I just thought I’d embellish a little, since we all know there’s not much humor in today’s news…But ok, enough of a STATION BREAK...let’s get back to the real STORY. And today it’s a simple one…These Newscasters report from where they’re STATIONED! Good one… since they’re STATIONED behind that News Desk! Way to go, David…You always know how to CHANNEL that wit!

Ok, eye candy. Since I’ve yet to REPORT on our third character, and never meant to disMIST her, I’ll start there. Augusta Wynn is seen in the background, against the Weather Green-Screen, which is colored black. We see the forecast for Sat: low-34, high-56; Sun: low 36, high-62; and Mon, which is mostly hidden. Sat and Mon show a 10 and 20% chance of rain…and Augusta, despite looking a little WEATHER-beaten, is fashionably clad in a WARM shade of brown. Our Newscasters both appear in dark attire, and there’s that open slot atop the desk where the finished written copy goes…EDIT probably has a name, but I’m not CABLE to tell you…The Channel 54 logo is printed in READ, and in a cute TWIST, Hugh can be seen wearing a coiled headphone in his right ear…But I’m going with the Screen Control device held in Augusta’s right hand…It just seems to CLICK…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and I hope we all get to CHANNEL some good thoughts today…📺🙋🏻

12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/12/2019

  1. Good morning. Interesting song choice Angela. Tom Jones always put on a Whale of a show. There was no blubbering in his singing. You were able to clearly understand every word he sung. Thanks for the extras. Little trouble with the words but they did make you think. It wasn’t automatic. The cartoon answer came after realizing the hint to the answer was in channel 32 and 54. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn, Good Morning. Interesting, perhaps, but it wasn’t what I really wanted…I mean it popped into my head real quick, but it hardly fit the bill. I just couldn’t get with the PROGRAM this morning… No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t feel it ..the music or the puzzle..Oh well, maybe because I was WATCHING the NEWS…and it depresses me! 😂 And yes. If you CHANNELed the hints clearly, the answer was a gimme. And kudos on your blubbering Whale, Brooklyn..it came off SWIMMINGly! As for Tom Jones? Now there was a CATCH! 😉 Hope you have a great day, Paul! 📺🙋🏻

  2. At the pool with the sun creating a SHINY reflection off the CABANA windows, the OLDER son was heard to MUTTER- “Why in the heck don’t we move?”

    • Good Morning, Chuck. I think you sailed right past me. I didn’t see your post come in before I sent mine. I have so many emails coming in, I need to turn the sound off…otherwise it’s like a barrage of wind chimes here! I like your take, 👏🏻👏🏻 The imagery works well. Once again, we got one of those words that tends to tie your hands, right? …CABANA?. Not much leeway there…And as I mentioned, STATIONED kind of KEPT me in PLACE too! 😉 Hope your day’s going well. Enjoy! 📺🙋🏻

  3. Good Morning, Chuck…This is all I got…The word STATIONED throw me a little ..🙋🏻

    The OLDER man, known to MUTTER to himself as he searched around, passed by us, STATIONED outside my CABANA, while on his quest for SHINY objects…

    The teenage guys would congregate and sing their Do Wop tunes
    While all the OLDER women stopped to MUTTER as they crooned…
    They’d sit by a CABANA and slowly shake their heads
    And often bite their tongues so that their thoughts would go unsaid…
    These guys, greased hair all SHINY, with duck tails hanging down..
    The older women couldn’t help but look at them and frown..
    To think that they’ll be famous? ..Oh please what in tarnation?
    This noise that they call music? They better get re-STATIONED!

  4. Older was problematic from this ‘older’ guy.But the solution,stationed, was a quick solve,as were the other anagrams even cabana and mutter.

    • You can’t be faulted, Professor…It was a good anagram. And I agree, the puzzle was pretty much a given. Hope you’re having a great day, Prof! 📺🙋🏻

  5. Had to back into older but other than that no problem with the other words or cartoon solution. Happy Friday to all.

    • Hi Betty..I have to be honest..I never saw that coming. Older. But the numbers are definitely telling me something else! Have a great Friday! 📺🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – I mistook “OLDER” for “DROLE”, but my wrong word still gave me the correct letters, which I needed to see the answer. I’m surprised that OLDER gave so many people trouble today.

    I love the name Augusta Wynn, Angela. I think I’ve seen her sister Alberta Clipper on a rival station.

    Have a great day and weekend everyone!

    John, my clerk at the DMV yesterday was a young guy with an official MLB hat that said something like “Opening Weekend”, so I said “Nice hat. Did you go to Japan?” He said “Yes, I did”. “Did you see Ichiro retire?” “Yes, I did!” Now there’s a memory that will last him until he’s as old as I am!

    I guess I got a compliment or at least a nice welcome at Peet’s today. As soon as I walked in the door, the “song from the ceiling”, called out:
    🎵”At laaast!
    My love has come along”🎵 😂 (Etta James)

    • Yea….And then there’s their maternal cousin…Paula Ricecapp! 😂 And as I just told Betty, I’m surprised too…If I didn’t see the numbers..I’d swear it was a SNOW job! Have a good one, G! ❄️🙋🏻

    • Thanks for the shoutout, Steve. Those games in Japan with Ichiro must have been a treat. Ironically, I am in Seattle now and am catching two games tonight and tomorrow with my boys. We are hoping for a continuation of the magic that is Mariner baseball so far this season!

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