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Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! If you thought yesterday’s puzzle was a gimme, well then hang on to your hats! Today’s game took all of ten seconds to complete with the majority of the time being used to fill in the answer boxes. All of the anagrams that we saw today were new, but their solutions were familiar old favorites. Not being stumped by any them meant that I’d have to rely upon the poll to come up with today’s most difficult word. In a surprising twist, the majority of you voted for the “none of the above” option. In a distant second was GENTLY so I’ll go along with the group and make it my pick too. Our oldest clue word was TEETH and it was last used on 7/11/17 while FORGET was our most recent repeat from 8/3/18.

The setting for today’s cartoon brings us to a haberdashery where we encounter two Jumble characters. The gentleman on the left can be seen trying on a rather large cowboy style hat that matches seemlessly with the outfit that he’s wearing. His dialogue indicates that he’s quite impressed by the hat and the saleswoman, perhaps sensing a possible sale, happily agrees.

There were a total of eight different hats on display within the panel with a portion of a ninth being obscured from view by the table mirror. The cartoon gave me the emotional response of happiness as we see everyone smiling and in good spirits. Not to get too picky, because Jeff always draws amazing cartoons, but I thought the black backside of the mirror was a missed opportunity for some more great detail. It was like looking at a large black hole and it detracted from the warmth and charm that we see throughout the rest of the panel. A surprise detail that made up for it was the bespoke belt buckle that the gentleman is wearing. Looking closely at the image, I was surprised to see that it showed a couple of unicorns!

The answer to the cartoon was an anagram consisting of 9-letters that would solve into two words. Even though it contained one more letter than yesterday’s, it was still a snap to solve. The wording of the sentence and the visual clues presented made the answer flow naturally into place. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! Yee haw!!!


13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/02/2019

  1. It’s hard to FORGET the time our pet schnauzer GENTLY planted his TEETH into the backside of the howling ALLEY cat and scared the daylights out of it.

  2. Somehow alley looked like delay to me,but there was no place for a ‘d’ in the obvious felt great puzzle solution.Seeing I needed an ‘a’ rather than the ‘d’ brought alley into view.

  3. Good morning. No problem with the words or cartoon answer today. Nice job Chuck. I actually had one using the alley cat but was unable to post earlier. This new format is annoying me. I have to keep checking when it’s available to use. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. Way behind schedule.⏰..Here’s to a good one! 🍷🙋🏻

    ° Despite the office being down a long dark ALLEY, she still preferred going there since the Dentist was so adept at GENTLY treating her TEETH, and she could never FORGET how she FELT GREAT the last time she had an appointment…

    ° While at the Bowling ALLEY, Joe really “followed through”
    The ball slipped off his fingers and through the air it flew,
    But being so new to the game, his teammates did cajole…
    “You’re only cutting TEETH today…we’ll teach you how to bowl”
    And GENTLY with great patience they told him..,”Don’t FORGET
    A bowling ball goes down…this isn’t tennis, there’s no net..”
    And Joe soon got the hang of it, and bowled 148…
    And that night went home smiling, because it all FELT GREAT!

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