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Happy Monday, folks! Our beloved Jumble puzzle began with four clue words that were tried and true favorites. Even though they were all repeats, David skillfully crafted the words into brand new anagrams to give us a challenge. It wasn’t enough to thow me off track as they were all quick to be solved and with minimal effort. MINNOW did require an extra glance to figure out the placement of the double N’s so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. It also served as the oldest clue word of the group with a gameplay date of 12/27/17. The other 6-letter word, TOWARD, ended up being our most recently used on 10/7/18. With all of the anagrams out of the way, it was time to head over to the cartoon portion of the program!

The setting for today’s panel brings us to a bedroom where we encounter our first two Jumble characters of the week. We see the male half struggling to fasten the button on his pants while his wife watches on amusingly. The cartoon sentence lets us know that these are the pants that he wore on his wedding day, and the picture of the couple on the wall in the background gives us a glimpse at a time when they used to fit perfectly. But time moved on, and apparently so did the extra pounds, and her dialogue attempts to assuage his frustration by admitting that they’ve both gotten a little horizontally challenged over the years.

The extra details in the cartoon were slim, but there were a few that made it visually interesting. The closet is open and we see three shirts hanging. Judging by the floral design of the middle shirt, I’d say that it’s her closet that we’re looking at. The picture hanging on the wall was in an oval frame and we can see the bride holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. My favorite detail, though, had to be those pesky pants. Jeff had action lines around the characters hands to indicate his attempt to fasten them. And look at the length of the pant legs — they’ve shrunken too! Did she accidentally wash and dry them instead of having them dry cleaned? She was quick to offer up that they’ve both put on some weight so perhaps it was said in an effort to cover-up her misdeed. I’m guessing she’ll never tell!

The answer to the final solution came in the form of an anagram consisting of 11-letters. The first word of 5-letters was in quotes so we knew that it was going to be a play on words. The visual clue of the pants and the WA coupled together at the rear of the anagram brought WAIST instantly to mind. OF and TIME were quite visible within the remaining letters which completed the solve and offered a very punny finish! Have a magical Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




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  1. Good Morning, Mike…Happy start of a new week. Hope it’s a good one for you! 🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. I don’t know about you but this new format is a pain in the neck. First off I can’t solve the Anonymous problem and then sometimes I can get on early and then like today I have to play around to finally make a comment. Thanks Mike for all you do. Today was a typical Monday. Little problem with both sides of the jumble. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Hi, Paul. I just made a post from another computer and you just have to add your name in the “name” field — it worked perfectly. As for comments, you won’t be able to make any before the full post is up. I’m sorry if the timing doesn’t work for you and I appreciate you checking back to leave your thoughts once it has been completed. Have a great start to the week!

  3. Good Morning, Chuck. Good Morning, Paul…Good Morning, Everyone!
    Words with more than one meaning. I like these. This afforded me an opportunity to play around a little….Here’s to a great day! 🙋🏻

    ° Out on the beach, he watched a MINNOW that swam in the sea
    And mused that turning SIXTY wasn’t all he’d hoped it be…
    The air was fresh, the sun did shine, he looked TOWARD the west,
    And hoped that he could FORCE himself to see what would be best…
    He wondered now if he’d still hear…”The man is in his prime…”
    And hoped that so far his life wasn’t just a WASTE OF TIME..

    ° Tired of hearing from the neighborhood MINNOW that it was a WASTE OF TIME, and not appreciating their attempts to FORCE her hand, she decided to look TOWARD the future, and voted against the other SIXTY members …

    ° After hitting those SIXTY Home Runs, and being dubbed a FORCE of nature by the organizations’ MINNOW, he decided any further practice was a WASTE OF TIME, and looked TOWARD a little partying instead…

  4. SIXTY minutes was plenty of time to FORCE the MINNOW bait TOWARD the large school of bass which should mean a great angling day at the lake.

  5. After Gilligan steered the sixty foot S.S. Minnow toward the reef, it was a waste of time to bail water due to the force of the collision.

    • 👏🏻 👏🏻 I’m gonna SKIPPER small talk and tell you HOWELL you’ve done here…..she GINGERly told him! I not only tip my cap to you…ISLAND it to you! 😉 Kudos, Clay, Kudos! 🙋🏻

        • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Clay…You know all too WELLS that I’m always THURSTON for a good pun! As we speak, I’m dressing in my MAROON skirt that ISLAND to my niece MARY ANN all the time, and getting ready to go out on our boat….And since I’m in such a rush, I haven’t showered…I figure I’ll just WASH UP ON SHORE..🙄🙋🏻!

        • Oh, and Clay? I’m looking to RUSSELL up a few HALE and hearty guys to BACKUS up in case my LOVEY turns into a SHIPWRECK on me…so RADIO me if you’re ON BOARD…😂🙋🏻

      • That’s great how you use those names, Angela. Somewhere Sherwood Schwartz is smiling

        • Ha! Mr Schwartz! Perhaps his heirs may be listening…and might consider speaking with me aBOAT a position on one of their BOARDs…After all, he was a Jersey boy…and we East COAST denizens should always stick together…like LITTLE BUDDIEs! You get my DRIFT…WOOD be a good TOUR de FORCE for me! 😉 Thanks Chuck! 🛳

      • GRANTed, but you cannot get to DENVER by boat. Geez LOUISE! You will probably just BOB awhile even if you CASTAWAY by DAWN. ISLE call the Coast Guard in case you try.

        • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Touché, my Clay! LOL! ….But au contraire, my Dear! We’re not headed for DENVER…We’re just planning to CRUISE around Staten ISLAND for a while…maybe 2 or THREE HOURS, you know like TOURists…We pLAND to rehearse for a play. There’s SEVEN of us, and the CAST, AWAY from their usual SEAne, needed a place where they’d find some peace and quiet…a little ISOLATION…We figured we’d have a few TROPICAL drinks, (there’s also some GINGER Ale for those who don’t indulge), and we’d just DRIFT for a while…I guess I wasn’t PACIFIC enough at first…but ISLE like you to know that I appreciate your concern….🛳🙋🏻

  6. Thanks Mike. Time to see if it works. Angela,it’s alright to drop my name. You won’t be hurting my feelings. I’m satisfied with being in the anonymous group. You and Chuck did a good job on the words. Almost makes me want to dive right in the water. Almost,that is. Take care.

  7. The 4 anagrams were a quick solve,even minnow and toward,but not so much for the solution to the puzzle,but waist seemed obvious,quickly followed by ” of time”.

  8. Hi all – Pretty easy Monday puzzle. MINNOW took me the longest. For the answer, I thought “Stretch” might be in it, or “Groom”. Another look at the dialog showed it.

    “After needing to apply SIXTY pounds of FORCE to his fishing reel to bring his catch TOWARD the boat, he realized that this was no ordinary MINNOW and cut the line quickly!”

    Have a great day, everyone.
    (I’m also going to try adding just my name and not my email address as I have been doing and see what happens. Wish me luck!)

    • Just FYI, looks like it gave me a different icon. I’ll put my email and name on this again as a test.

      • Steve…We COD DISCUS this until the TIDE COMES IN…it’s just a WordPress FLUKE I guess…😉🐟🙋🏻

    • Maybe he didn’t put enough MUSSEL into it…He probably COD have PERCHed himself a little off to the side…so as not to KEEL over so easily…Anyway, as long as it’s EEL ok now, and he isn’t CARPing aBOAT it….🐟🐟😉🙋🏻

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