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Good Morning, Everyone!         🏹 ROBIN …From The Rich…🏹

🎶 Here is a switcheroo of ROBIN HOOD’S loyal crew…King Richard forgave them all, here’s what they had to do…They became his Royal Rangers and were very good…So that ends our little tale of ROBIN HOOD…(ROBIN HOOD, ROBIN HOOD)🎶 “Robin Hood” – Louie Prima 1946  https://tinyurl.com/yy872ee3

🏹 It’s said that Robin Hood was known for robbing from the rich,
And then he’d help the poor in turn…it worked without a hitch.
He had a FLEET of Merry Men, none looking fine as him…
He’d make girls SWOON, especially the fair Maid Marion…
The poor would not know STRAND or want, he kept them in the black…
Today a man with skills like his could probably be a hack!
…And as I sit here patiently looking at our last word…
I can’t help wonder..”Why, Dave, why”? It’s totally absurd!
Pretend that I rhymed PELVIC, so I can end my spiel…
Like Robin now I’m feeling that I too need NERVES OF STEAL! 🏹

While no new words are added to the Jumble Archives today, two of our anagrams are old favorites also. SWOON, going back to 2014, was anagrammed as it is today, back on July 12th, ’17. It also appeared quite recently, on January 24th, as ONWSO, thereby making it both our oldest and our most recent entry.  And FLEET, seen for the 3rd time today, was in play on August 27th, ’16, and October 15th, ’18, surprisingly appearing both times exactly as it does today, as LEFTE. And while STRAND’s been used each year since 2015, PELVIC was seen only once before, back in 2015. And it was also the only word that caught 7 of the 11 Early Birds with their pants down…no pun intended! CLIP entered their minds, and it was hard to recover after that…So PELVIC STEALS the show as the stumper of the day…

ROVING over to our cartoon, today we find ourselves in England, Sherwood Forest to be exact, circa the 15th century, give or take a decade or two. We see our main character, ROBIN HOOD, dressed in his signature Lincoln Greens, surrounded by his BAND OF MERRY MEN. discussing the layout of their next adventure. Known for robbing the rich and giving to the poor, Robin’s overheard telling his crew that this job “is going to be risky”. And we all know that with risk comes that element of danger. Reading further that they’ll need “to be BRAVE to pull this one off...”, I thought we’d detect a QUIVER or twobut the men don’t seem to be NERVOUS at all…yet maybe they should be. Because from the looks of that layout, getting away from this ROBBERY may be an ARROW escape…So, in answer to our question…What Robin needs…are NERVES OF “STEAL”! Good one, David…Another FEATHER in your cap!

Ok, eye candy. The background is lined with blackened silhouetted trees. King Richard’s Castle can be seen in the distance. Standing with Robin, left to right, are the lovely Maid Marion, Robin’s romantic interest, Much the Miller’s son, one of the first Merry Men, Friar Tuck, a religious ally, whose HABIT it was to overindulge in food and beer, and Little John, Robin’s right-hand man. Stretched between and tied to two trees, we see a cocoa-colored hide, the blueprint of the Middle Ages, outlining the site of the upcoming risky job. Upon it, we can see a tower, flanked by ladders with a man on each, and an ARROW depicting what must be their means of entry. A man is stationed atop the tower, clenching a bow, two are shown to the right, and to the left beyond the tower we see two more men, also brandishing bows, hiding behind bushes. Tiny lines of retreat are shown. Robin is holding his trusty bow in his left hand, while gesturing towards the layout with his right. But as cute as the little details are, I just can’t find it RICHly rewarding…So, I think I’ll just go with the Friar’s hands clasped in what I hope is prayer…Looks like they SHERWOOD need it…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!  And I’ll leave you with one for the road…

Robin and his Merry Men were in Sherwood Forest one night celebrating and heavily imbibing. They all became inebriated. Friar Tuck began to sing, becoming louder and louder with each drink. Robin, fearing that the Sheriff of Nottingham might hear them, dragged the Friar deep into the woods. He then dunked him into the river, but the song lingered on….

The moral of the story? . . . You can lead a drunk to water but you can’t make him hoarse. 🏹🙋🏻


12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/22/2019

  1. Good morning. The hammer fell very hard today. Pelvic was my first downfall followed by the cartoon answer. Rather than be frustrated for hours I decided to end my agony sooner rather than later. Angie if Louie was the song choice,I was unable to play his lovely music. Also, if your closing joke was on the Gong Show,I would be looking for the big hook. Sorry. It’s all in fun though. Especially on this very dreary day. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. PELVIC..Definitely the BONE of contention today! You’re soooo not alone. I’m hearing it from early this morning…there was no love lost amongst my friends. What can I say? David ended the work week on a high note, it is a stumper! And I apologize for the music link, I failed to double check..it wasn’t activated. Thanks for telling me, I didn’t even notice it until you did. My closing groaner? 🙄 POOR choice? …Ok, I owe ya one. Have a great day, Brooklyn! 🏹🙋🏻

  2. It bothers me when the cartoon is very specific (Robin Hood) but the answer is general (answer could be applied to any group of thieves). I was looking for an answer that specifically pertained to Robin Hood- trees, forest, etc.

    • Good Morning! You make a good point. But I have to admit, it’s not something I’ve ever really noticed before. But you’ve given me food for thought. I think I’ll look back and see…Are there any that you recall off hand? Thanks for commenting, and I hope you enjoy your day! 🏹🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – FLEET and PELVIC both took me an extra look today, and I actually found FLEET a bit more difficult.

    My favorite detail was the fact that Jeff didn’t want any artistic competition from Robin Hood, and so had him drawing the classic stick-figured men.

    Have a great Friday, everyone! We’re looking at rain off and on for the next week, but the fish will like it and it’s nice to no longer be in a drought.

    Treading extremely cautiously here, I’ll offer this:
    “The sailors on the Hawaiian STRAND needed NERVES OF “STEEL” not to SWOON at the FLEET PELVIC action of the hula dancers.”

    Three things, Angela.
    I couldn’t find an example of STRAND as “strand or want” and it makes me curious where it came from.

    You’re absolutely KEELY-ing me with your PRIMA song selection! Can’t get a lot more obscure than than!

    And since we’re trading jokes, I’ll give you this one that the “Car Talk” website sent me – Did you hear about the landscaper who was so excited that spring finally arrived, he wet his plants?

    • Hey G….
      You question where the STRAND came from?
      Well I can tell you this…
      At 4AM one delves into the deep of the abyss…
      Poetic license comes to play…a thought maybe too FLEET?
      Aching from head to PELVIC bone…I needed to retreat…
      Can I expect a SWOON from you for each and every ditty?
      Of course not…yet I try to be precise, while also witty…
      So answering your question…Was my use of words ideal?
      Interpretation’s welcome…but just bring your NERVES OF “STEAL”

      🎶It’s Only Words…🎶 http://tinyurl.com/y4rv5392
      Here’s 🍷🍷to a good one, G! 😉🙋🏻

  4. PELVIC was a struggle for me, as was the answer. I was pretty sure the two-letter word would be OF and finally I saw STEAL. The puzzle reminded me of the TV program I enjoyed watching many years ago. Wishing all a great weekend.

    • Hi Caroline. Pelvic definitely had everyone shaking their head. But I think the answers’ clues were picking up on risky and brave to get Nerves. A few of my friends just gave up on it this morning though. They zeroed in on Forest, and couldn’t get past it. I wonder if David had that in mind the whole time! Hope your day’s going well! 🏹🙋🏻

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