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Top O’ The Mornin’ to Ya’ Everyone!  ☘ HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! ☘

🎶Over in Killarney, many years ago, My Mother sang a song to me in tones so soft and low…Just a simple little ditty in her good old Irish way…And I’d give the world if I could hear that song of hers today…Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral…Too-ra-loo-ra-li…Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral…That’s an Irish lullaby…🎶  “Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral”   Bing Crosby   1944 http://tinyurl.com/y4cwojxm

☘ With a QUIVER in their voices ’cause the day looks to be cold,
We see the marchers gather, for St. Patrick Day unfolds…
And they hope the weather holds up, ’cause it NEARLY looks like rain,
And they’re all AFRAID a storm may start…surely a marchers’ bane…
The Parade is not a RADIAL one, the THEORY’s always been,
That the straight and narrow works the best…like life without a sin…
And hopeful that the day stays dry, the lads and all the lasses,
Will happily strut through the streets…and then they’ll lift their glasses…
With green PEANUTs and beer to match…all dressed in shades of jade,
In honor of St. Patrick…please Don’t RAIN ON THEIR PARADE ☘

Once again today, all of our words are old favorites. THEORY seemed very familiar, and sure enough, I found that it was used on January 14th, making it our most recent entry, with QUIVER having appeared on March 9th, 2015 ranking as our oldest. And according to the Early Birds: While each word was easily solved, four of them caused a slight bit of pause. The exceptions: NEARLY and THEORY…(must be that familiarity thing)!

With today being St. Patrick’s Day, we’re brought to the scene of the parade about to begin, and from the looks of the skyline, I think we may be in Chicago. We can tell a storm’s approaching, since the clouds are shown darkening, and our dialogue tells us that the winds are picking up. Eleven characters are being shown, eight men and three women, which is a lot for the average Jumble panel. At the forefront, we see the three women, their beautiful curly hair wildly frizzing and blowing upward from the wind, and a gentleman who may be the Grand Marshal.. Oddly enough, he’s having no problem keeping his hat upon his head. The man behind them, on a float depicting the PROVERBIAL POT OF GOLD at the end of the rainbow, is trying to hold onto his hat with both hands. At back, we see three members of the marching band, two buglers and a drummer, and three balloon handlers having a bit of a struggle holding on to the traditional Leprechaun Shamrock-emblemed hat. So, with the Grand Marshal saying:”I hope we get this in”, (before the storm), and the darkened clouds looming heavy and low, in answer to our question…They hoped it wouldn’t…RAIN ON THEIR PARADE!   Go bhfuil ceann maith, David! That’s a good one!

Ok, eye candy. The women are dressed in yellow Gaelic-designed dresses with green jackets, knee-hi’s, and head bands. They’re all redheads, and the two at back are holding a banner reading, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”, in a Gaelic-inspired font. The GM, is in a green suit and yellow shirt, and his hat is brown banded with a gold buckle. He’s holding an Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh (a walking stick) in his left hand. Also red-headed, he’s sporting a full red beard. The float is completely green, as is the suit of the man upon it, with the kettle black and the coins gold. The six men at back are also shown in green, as is the hat balloon, which is adorned with a gold  band. There’s lines of motion showing the movement of the baloon in the wind. The winds are so strong, that the handler at left is brought to his knees, the middle man is lifted slightly off the ground, and the man at right has his right knee bent, all in an effort to balance themselves while maintaining their grips. The faces of the two that can be seen show the grimaces of their struggle. Nice details, Jeff. But what caught my eye is the tiny SHAMROCK in the GM’s hat band...that LITTLE BIT OF LUCK! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone, and…May the road rise to meet you, and the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm on your face. and the rains fall softly on your fields…And don’t ever, EVER let anyone RAIN ON YOUR PARADE...☘🙋🏻 http://tinyurl.com/y45ht79aDon’t Rain on My Parade” Miss Barbra Streisand 1964

“Bennachtaí na Féile Pádraig dhuit!”…St. Patrick’s Day Blessings to You…☘🙋🏻



18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/17/2019

  1. Good Morning, Chuck. Couldn’t seem to work the answer into the sentence…My brain is naturally geared more towards rhyme…But I’m still mulling it over. Radial was hard to work with, but I stretched…🙋🏻

    ° Having NEARLY choked on that last PEANUT, and possibly even pulled her RADIAL nerve by the way she flailed her arms, her lip began to QUIVER, thinking that the THEORY of ‘what can go wrong will’ held true, and she began to feel AFRAID…

    ° The THEORY holds that life is short, and we should just enjoy…
    The things that make us happy…a PEANUT or a toy…
    New RADIAL tires for our car, bikinis NEARLY there,
    Be happy and not feel AFRAID, don’t QUIVER with a tear…
    Just make the most of life itself the sunshine and the shade…
    And love thy neighbor as thyself…don’t RAIN ON THEIR PARADE

  2. Chuck…Went back to the drawing board. 🤔Meh…Still a stretch, but I got it in.🙋🏻

    ° After the mound of PEANUT shells NEARLY punctured his RADIAL tires, and AFRAID his THEORY of passing inspection with them so bald might not hold true, he gave a slight QUIVER realizing that there goes the kids’ trip to Hershey Park…now he’d have to RAIN ON THEIR PARADE

    • Good evening, Angela. We’ve had back to back birthdays, (younger daughter and wife), so we’ve been sorta busy here. The wife saw the puzzle answer right away today and I didn’t have a clue. I hope your weekend is (was) great. Will try for a sentence tomorrow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

      • Hey Chuck…How lucky are you? Two March women! The best kind! 😉 Happy 🎈Birthday to them both!🎈…Glad you had a good weekend, and thanks for asking, mine’s going well too…Long, but good…(Whenever St Patrick falls on a weekend….it’s a longggggg one!)!😉 Have a good night, Chuck, and Happy St Patrick’s Day to you also! ☘🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all. I had little trouble with the words except for Peanut. I was able to get it after I looked at the cartoon and had a blind solve and realized I needed the letters NPE. Another great finish for the boys. Angela,two good song choices today and nice use with the words. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Sunshine! Thank you..❤️ I’m always happy when you enjoy my music..I thought the solve was a given also. We don’t have the poll up today, so we won’t know how many people agree with you on PEANUT. As I mentioned, my guys paused on it too. Pretty easy go of it for a Sunday though, and it’s always nice to see a puzzle that celebrates the day! Have a good one, Brooklyn! ☘🙋🏻

    • Hi Professor…Let’s hear it for the easy solve! At least it gave you the letters you needed! Have a good one, Prof! ☘🙋🏻

  4. Another vote for peanut. Doesn’t seem like it should have been that hard to solve but it was for me. I had to work backwards after solving the cartoon answer which wasn’t that difficult. It’s a gorgeous day here today so everyone Irish or not will be celebrating. A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you.

    • Good Morning, Betty..I think it’s the prominence of the E, with the U at the end of the anagram. It tends to throw us off track as far as looking for the consonant sound…As I told Chuck, good thing an easy solution paved the way…Enjoy the beautiful weather..and a Happy St Patrick’s Day to you too! ☘🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – I had to laugh at my own reaction to DAALIR, because the first thing I thought of was the “sponsored content” on this and other web pages when I first saw “AD LIAR”. RADIAL appeared soon enough, though. For some reason PEANUT took me the longest. First saw APENUT, which sounded like a healthful breakfast cereal that tastes like gorillas.

    That sure does look like the Windy City, and it’s too bad he didn’t have room to work in the Chicago River dyed bright green as it is every year.
    On a different site, someone was complaining that Americans always draw 4-leaf clovers when they should be three leaf shamrocks, so I was glad to see that Jeff got them all right.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll leave this song that also came up on that other site – Silvia Syms from 1956 singing “English Muffins and Irish Stew”

    I had a sentence about a man who began to QUIVER when he read a new THEORY about food ingredients that made him AFRAID he had NEARLY eaten PEANUT butter in his sandwich, but RADIAL made it a complete failure.

    Were you trying to sneak this past us Angela?
    🎵”(With a little bit, with a little bit)
    (With a little bit of bloomin’ luck)”🎵
    It’s literally blooming luck!

    • Hey, G. As of March 3rd, Jeff marked 11 years of drawing the Jumble. Was there any doubt he’d get those Shamrocks ☘right? (Or were you worried about me FOURgetting)? 😉 …And I guess you too have joined the PEANUT Gallery today! Well HOWDY do! 😉 …And you’re right, I too got TIREd trying to get RADIAL to FIT right… But it TURNS out 👏🏻👏🏻 we both made it work! 😂 Here’s 🍻 to St Patrick’s Day, G! Enjoy! ☘🙋🏻

  6. Hi Everyone –
    PEANUT wasn’t easy for me, but RADIAL was definitely the toughest.
    It snowed a little here yesterday but not on the parade.
    Lovely song choice, Angela.

    • HI Caroline. Thank you very mich. I like your parade comment…😉 And the weather has been totally erratic. We had 75 Friday, and then it dropped 40°.I just have my fingers crossed that we get a “real” Spring…And Radial caught readers last time out too…Another of those words that doesn’t come up much in everyday conversation…Hope you’re enjoying your day, Caroline! Be well! ☘🙋🏻

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