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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! All of today’s clue words may have been repeats but I did notice one interesting fact that I believe is a Jumble first. Both CABLE and WALLOP were used in the same puzzle on 5/27/17 and they were both jumbled the same exact way we see them today! TARIFF was the only anagram coming up as new and it also pulls triple duty this morning as being my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day and our most recent repeat (12/2/18). Our oldest word was SLASH with a gameplay date of 11/20/15.

Today’s cartoon introduces us to four Jumble characters that are having a meeting. The female that is standing appears to be the leader of the group while the other three are seated at a large rectangular shaped table. The cartoon sentence informs us that this meeting of the minds is for a new restaurant chain and they are in the final stages of dishing up a new healthful menu at all of their locations. The dialogue of the team leader lets us know that they’ll be opening 25 new restaurants this year and I couldn’t help but chuckle after noticing the play on the word “skinny” in her opening!

There were plenty of extra details in today’s panel so I’ll start with the large map of the United States on the wall in the background. The dialogue of the team leader indicated that they’ll be opening 25 new locations this year, but after counting the pins on the map I noticed that there were 29 of them. Maybe the extra four are the original locations and they were included on the map to show their entire territory. The food on the table that the employees are sampling appear to be items from the new “diet dinners” line. Starting from the back we can see something that resembles a box of grass, a veggie burger with a bun made out of rice cakes(?), a cup of steaming hot beans, and a french fry style box full of celery sticks. The only item that we can’t see clearly is the box of food in front of the gentleman on the left as it is obscured from view by his right hand. None of these food items are particularly appealing to me so I think I’d drive right on by and keep a lookout for the golden arches instead!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 7-letters which was not nearly enough to keep the answer hidden. The combination of WO at the rear of the anagram brought LOW to mind leaving CALS clearly visible in the remaining letters. Even though it was a simple solve, the play on words solution definitely satiated my Jumble appetite for today. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/06/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike..Good Morning, Everyone! The puzzle was easy, breezy, huge give-away clues with “the skinny”‘and “Diet Dinners”. OLIVE Jeff’s cartoon, COD it be any cuter? And I find it an amusing touch that he gave both MEN pierced ears with STUDS. Hmm…CORNy? Perhaps…But our girl with the 3 piercings? It’s PIN awhile since that’s really stylish…
    As for the puzzles’ theme…These places are beginning to SPROUT up all over. But it’s BEAN a while since a new one opened here on the Island. I do have one close by though, and PEAple CLAM it’s aMAIZEing. And I do know a lot of PEAple that have altered their APPLEtites, although there still are a good number who don’t CARROT all, and swear by the HERB your enthusiasm theory. I guess it’s best to just take it with a GRAIN of salt, and find a compromise BEETween LEAVEN and KALE…Wishing everyone a good Ash Wednesday! 🌽🍎🌶🙋🏻

  2. Because of the WALLOP my income has taken from the TARIFF wars, I have decided to SLASH my spending on CABLE .

  3. Good Morning, Chuck. Freezing here…I went to get ashes at 6:30 Mass, and thought I’d freeze to death…And I’m praying away last nights’ debauchery… I may not eat for a week! Wishing you a blessed 🙏🏻 Ash Wednesday.

    ° Trump’s WALLOP of a TARIFF threat may “cause a deep SLASH in our relations with India”, CABLE news reports.

    ° To advertise on CABLE instead of network stations,
    Would be less of a WALLOP and their cash they tried to ration…
    They’d SLASH the budget once again, if it was really dire,
    Though self-imposing TARIFF-life was nothing to admire.
    So back and forth they worked the books, a blow to their morale,
    Unless they got creative, there would be no Chez LOWCALS.

  4. Hi, Angela. Shoveled about an inch in brisk weather, but one feels so good after returning inside after doing same. Yours and Mike’s entries for the day are so similar to the one I was going to submit, so I think I’ll pass on submitting mine. I hope your day is improving.. Stay warm!

    • Hi, Chuck… Snow..again? I thought we were bad enough with the cold…but I agree, it is invigorating. Yes, Mike and I both veered in the same direction, they’re fun words to play with, but a tad limited in interpretation. And thank you for asking, the day is going well. Hoping yours is too…🙋🏻

  5. Hi Everyone –
    Very clever and timely sentences today!
    No problems with the puzzle. This is my kind of food. I wish I had started eating beans and veggie burgers a long time ago.
    Steve, we just tried a package of Pete’s. 👍

    • And you appear to have survived with all your faculties intact! 😂 Hope it’s anywhere near as good as the original (or at least better than Starbucks).

    • PS – I just got an email promo from one of my supermarkets offering 100 bonus points if I buy either Peet’s or “Deathwish Coffee”. I think I’ll stick with the Peet’s!

      • I never heard of “Deathwish Coffee,” but I see it’s from New York. Interesting that the coffee has made it’s way to the west coast.

  6. Double letter day today with wallop and tariff,otherwise the anagrams and solution were a snap.Winter will also not give up its grasp here in Illinois, either, with a forecast of 2-4 in. of snow again,here tomorrow .

  7. Good morning. The CABLE Company took a WALLOP when they had to SLASH their prices due to having a TARIFF placed on a monopoly. Another easy breezy jumble on both ends. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…I hilighted your key words…Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻 your sentence is aMAIZEing! 🌽🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – SLASH and TARIFF both took second looks, but not more than that. No idea about the answer until i wrote down the letters; then it was obvious.
    I suspect some might think “Wallop” is a bit archaic, but I recognized it from being one of my “mis-heard song lyrics” for a long time.

    I see the veggie burger as being in a sesame seed bun rather than rice cakes, and thanks for pointing out the celery sticks in the french-fry-like package! Maybe with some hot sauce — Nah!

    Angela, I had to laugh at the cartoon’s meals after reading your posts about your food yesterday and Lent starting today! Probably just a coincidence, but funny anyway.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • You don’t eat celery? It’s so healthy…full of nutrients…It’s always served with my Buffalo Wings..Hot Sauce optional…I take the hot sauce…😉🙋🏻

      • I do like celery a lot, just not when I’m expecting a container of French Fries! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Ah, of course. But if you STALKed out the place before going in, you’d know that there’d be no fries to be had there…grEASYily done. 😉🙋🏻

  9. Tariff and slash were little difficult to figure out. But I enjoy doing the puzzle.

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