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Good Monday morning, everyone! Today’s puzzle started off with repeat clue words, but their anagrams were brand new. Both of the five letter words were instantly visible while the six letter words took some extra time to work through. CRANNY took the longest to decipher making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. I thought it was CANARY at first glance until I noticed the N’s at opposite ends of the anagram. Using the “double letter” trick of coupling them together brought the solution into view with no trouble whatsoever. Our oldest clue word of the day was LIMIT and was last used in gameplay on 8/12/16 where it was jumbled as MILTI. And on a final note, I noticed that all of our solved clue words were in reverse alphabetical order.

Our cartoon brings us to a bowling alley where we see two Jumble characters having a conversation. The male half is behind the counter and can be seen pointing to one of two cameras that are mounted overhead. The cartoon sentence informs us that there have been some thefts recently so the cameras were necessary to help catch the suspect(s).

Cartoon artist, Jeff Knurek, utilized every bit of space within the panel which made this piece visually appealing. The bespectacled gentleman behind the counter has just finished spraying some antifungal/deodorant spray in one of the shoes and we see a cloud of the product lingering above it. The display case shows us two bowling pins and a single ball on a pedestal base. I noticed some tiny writing on the woman’s shirt and zoomed in for a closer look. Embroidered on her shirt is the name “Doris” and she is drawn looking rather perturbed. The cartoon didn’t tell us what was stolen or whether the suspect was an employee, but either way she is disgusted by the act.

In the background we see a man that has just rolled his bowling ball down the lane. The action line shows the path of the ball as it makes a perferct curve and seemingly takes down all of the pins. Just to his right is another lane where we see two open seats and a small table. Jeff even added the ball return for some extra flair!

The layout for the final solution consisted of an 11-letter anagram. The IKS coupled together brought STRIKE to mind leaving AGAIN to be found in a flash. Have a magnificent Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Good morning. Thanks Mike for all your information. Especially about all the hidden treasures. Just one tinny weeny correction on one of your comments. You won’t see us tomorrow but will most likely read from us tomorrow. I think I made that same mistake myself. Anyway,today was another easy Monday jumble. Agree with you on which was the hardest word(s). When it came time to the cartoon drawing it was an instant read. Until tomorrow as always,stay well.

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    • Happy Monday, Paul! I know I won’t physically “see you” tomorrow. It just means that my words will be here to greet you in hopes that the reader will stop back again. A vicarious presence if you will. 😋

      Today’s puzzle seemed like a Wednesday or Thursday solve. Just enough of a challenge to get the week started off right.


  2. 🎶 I like to go BOWLING with my friend Bert, with my BOWLING BALL and my BOWLING SHIRT…I like to roll the BALL down the LANE…On a good day, I throw a few STRIKES…Making some SPARES after what I like…BOWLING is my kind of game…I ain’t for the one, and two, and three and four, five pins down the LANE…With the boom and the bang, they hit the floor…And i throw the BALL again…I like to go BOWLING with my friend Bert, with my BOWLING BALL and my BOWLING SHIRT…BOWLING is my kind of game…🎶 “The Bowling Song” – Asleep At The Wheel 2001

    🎳 When looking for a social aspect that blends cardio,
    There’s nothing quite like Bowling, all around the way to go…
    You join a league, you make some friends, a TANGY shirt you’ll wear,
    No LIMIT to the fun you’ll have the time that you’ll spend there.
    The food may not be KOSHER, and I say that tongue in cheek…
    The food is usually lousy, and the coffee most time weak…
    But you don’t go there for dining, ’cause the Food CRANNY won’t do..
    But a quick bite wouldn’t kill ya..if the hunger gnarled at you.
    So grab an ball and lace those shoes…and let the games begin…
    Just feed yourself before the hunger pangs might STRIKE AGAIN! 🎳

    Bowling seems to be showing up once again in our puzzle today. Over the months, we’ve had quite a few to SPARE… I did a little research this morning and found that we’ve had five before today that I can see. There may be more, but that was all I was able to PIN down…We go back to 2/4/17, 8/24/17, 4/4/18, 6/10/18, and most recently 7/28/18. Pretty impressive SCORE I’d say. And if I were better at Math, I’d work out the AVERAGE percentage of it showing up, but with my Math SKILLS?…I know I’d just end up STRIKING out!

    With the words easy, breezy, and the dialogue telling us that this thief had robbed them before, the answer was pretty LANE and simple today..They were worried that he might..STRIKE AGAIN! Good one, David…You’re definitely the King PIN around here…

    So, eye candy…While our Doris is wearing Red and White Bowling shoes to match her Red shirt, our PROprietor is clad in Blue. His shirt has those two breast pockets that we don’t see that much of anymore…I think you’d have to ROLL back the clock a little to find them. The Bowling shoes on the counter that have just been sprayed, are a very cool looking two-toned peach and brown. Not a WASHed OUT looking color either…I think I could get HOOKed on a pair like that…The Cash Register is bathed in Blue as is most of the panel, but I like that the poled Customer Display is still visible..Nice detail, Jeff. And way in the background at left, past our Bowler there’s a LANE set up for play, with its PINS lined up. So what’s the eye candy? I think I’m going to go with our PROprietor’s hair. That wisp that’s curling up at THE BACK? I think he should just FOLLOW THROUGH and cut that off…He’d look much better in the END. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll LEAVE you with a thought from before…Let’s not be DEADWOOD today. Try LEAVEing your comfort zone, and doing something new…We shouldn’t have to expLANE anything to anyone…Life is too short, and SPLIT happens! So let’s get out there and STRIKE it rich! 🎳🙋🏻


  3. Hi Everyone,
    Kosher and tangy, which I see has no votes yet, gave me a tough time. I backed into both after getting the easy answer. I didn’t vote, Mike, because I couldn’t say which word was the hardest. Should I vote for both if that’s possible?

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    • Hi, Caroline, and excellent question! When setting up the poll, there is an option to allow for multiple answers. I’ll have to enable it next time. I bet I’ll hear from Steve about not having an “all of the above” option! 😋


  4. Cranny did look like canary at first, but the double n corrected that error. Being an avid bowler in my previous life, strike again was an obvious solution, which allowed me to back into kosher, which I see got the most votes for the most troublesome anagram.

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  5. Kosher stumped me this morning. Had everything else solved but had to work backwards on that one. Happy Monday everyone.


  6. Hi all – Yes, an unusually hard puzzle for Monday. GNATY became TANGY, CANARY became CRANNY, and even with the letters, I almost gave up until seeing KOSHER at the last second.

    Great sentence Earl! A man of few, but well-chosen words.

    I’ll add the detail that the inverted triangles above the lanes show that they’re using AMF equipment as opposed to Brunswick.

    Nice song Angela, and from a group that somehow has flown under my radar.
    And is it the fact that the bowling guy’s shirt has two pockets that’s unusual?
    (Fashion info needed 😂)

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Special suggestion for Jeff – next time you draw a bowling alley, throw in a couple of pinball machines off to the side. I suggest “The Addams Family”, and “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. Now *that’s* a picture I’d buy! (If I can afford it!). Don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I did once try to buy a painting from a bowling alley for my game room. They had a set of six that were about to be removed in a renovation. One had an attractive women about to roll the ball, and the title was “Striking!” But what I really liked was that it also named her, and it was one of my wife’s middle names, “Greta”. That would have been a great conversation piece!

    PS – Love the turkey avatar, Mike!

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    • Thanks! I figured that I’d get an early jump on the holiday.

      An arcade close to me has tons of glass panels from the old machines mounted on the walls. I’ll have to check for the two that you mentioned.

      And finally, I was looking at the cartoon again this afternoon and noticed that Doris has a couple of loose threads hanging from her left shirt sleeve! They were so tiny that I missed them the first time around. Just thought I’d mention it. Have a good one!!!


    • Hey Steve…Thanks, it’s a fun quirky song…But think back…I’ve used them before, and you told me then that you remembered them as a Bay Area band at the start of their careers…As for the two-toned shoes…Sorry, G..but it’s a STRIKE, AGAIN. 😉 And I’d hate to give you an ARGUMENT, but they’re just pLANE old bowling shoes, albeit a little stylin’ as they say in Brooklyn. No SPATS here…You know spats must have buttons…to SPARE. And it was always buttons they used to attach them…never PINS! 😂 I guess that’s just how they ROLLed back then..Hope you’re having a good one, G! 👞🙋🏻


      • Hi Angela – I remember the group, but just never happened to hear any of their music. Have a good evening! 🙋🏻‍♂️


      • Hey G. Same here really. Except for this that I remember since last time, the only other piece of theirs that I know is House of Blue Lights, and thats only because we did a Blue Party years ago, and we searched for “Blue” music…They’re very country..🙋🏻


      • Wow, there are some memories! Wikipedia:

        “Little Richard made reference to the “house of blue lights” in his 1958 hit “Good Golly, Miss Molly”. The song itself was later recorded by Chuck Miller, Earl Richards, Merrill Moore, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddy Cannon, Canned Heat, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, The Flamin’ Groovies, Mitch Woods, Meat Puppets, George Thorogood and others. A cover by Asleep at the Wheel peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1987.”

        Saw a bunch of ten inch 33 1/3 albums at the thrift store. My grandfather had a couple, one even on colored vinyl. 🙋🏻‍♂️


      • Hey…Meat Puppets? ??😂😂? That’s the thing with them. All their hits were on the Country Charts. 🙋🏻


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