Jumble Answers for 08/07/2018









Good Tuesday morning, everyone! The first two clue words were very obvious and didn’t cause me any hesitation. The last two took just a few seconds longer to decipher with MUMBLE being my choice as the hardest one. It’s also the oldest clue word in the lineup having last been used on 10/18/16 and it was jumbled in the exact same order we see today. I have a sneaking suspicion that some folks are going to sound it out as EMBLUM (EMBLEM) which will definitely cause problems during their final solve.

The setting for today’s cartoon is a small hotel room where the focus is on a mattress. Two men can be seen having a conversation while an older (or should I say well used) mattress leans against the door of the room just behind them. Jeff did a superb job detailing the differences between the two mattresses with the new one having a soft pillow top exterior that looks very inviting while the older one is discolored, torn, and sagging at the edges. If you look closely at the bottom left-hand corner of the old mattress, you can see a small tear where something is coming out of it. It better just be some stuffing that he was attempting to show us and not some creepy crawling critters — GROSS!

One of the main characters is a balding gentleman that appears to be a member of the hotel management. Since he’s not wearing a name tag he could quite possibly be the owner of the establishment. He concedes that he’s known about the mattress “issue” for some time and he’s happy that the problem has been resolved. The other gentleman appears to be a delivery person and his cap has four Z’s on the front. He is also wearing a pair of heavy-duty gloves which is a very good thing after moving that other disgusting excuse of a bed.

There were a few well placed details in and around the room that Mr. Knurek took the time to add which make his piece more visually appealing. The largest one was the artwork on the wall which features a relaxing scene of a flowing river along with a couple of trees. The peep-holes on the hotel room doors were also great additions along with the keycard readers. My favorite detail was the small tag on the new mattress that makes me want to go for a pair of scissors and clip it off. Loose tags on furniture and clothing really bug me and I always cut them off the second that I see one!

The letter layout of the final solution was 10-letters in length and kept the answer well hidden. Luckily, I saw MUCH after staring at the letters for a few seconds which made the rest of my work a piece of cake. BED came next leaving DER for the finish. The answer was such an original pun that it left me excited to see what they have waiting for us the rest of the week. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!