Jumble Answers for 08/04/2018







WI   DC   ERL   OE   =   “CREWED” OIL 

Good Morning, Everyone!        ⛽️ ONE FOR OIL…,AND OIL FOR ONE ⛽️

🎶 There’s a million OIL RIGS pumping that black gold all over the world…Sheiks and cowboy billionaires, in limousines loaded with sparkling girls….But money can’t buy happiness, just listen to the stories they tell…All you need to really succeed in life is ONE GOOD WELL… It takes ONE GOOD WELL, deep and ever flowing, It takes ONE GOOD WELL, to draw from night and day…Pure and fine it’s yours and mine and it’s always enough…We got ONE GOOD WELL overflowing with everlasting love…🎶 “One Good Well” – Don Williams 1989

⛽️ I imagine they hold classes to instruct on how to drill,
And one ENROLLs to learn the ropes of tanks and pipes at will…
We see a rig and see it BOUNCE, how much do those things WEIGH?
I’m sure this work’s exhausting and these guys well earn their pay…
A man in my opinion’d be a DUNCE to act the fool,
And not work well within his crew and follow all the rules…
The work is hard, the pressure’s on, this job is sweat and toil…
And camaraderie excellence results in this “CREWED OIL“⛽️

Feeling an immediate CONNECTION with today’s words, and sensing something oddly familiar with WEIGH, my search to UNEARTH their former appearances brought me a pleasant surprise. In addition to being all Sweet Repeats, merely 35 days ago, on June 30th, not only was WEIGH one of our words, but the Puzzle that day featured DRILLING for OIL! How’s that for a CRUDE awakening? If I didn’t know better, I’d think this wHOLE thing was RIGged! But let’s face it Folks, aCRUDEing all these words, day after day…I can OILY imagine how hard it must be…So, if it bOILs down to us visiting the SPILLAGE PEOPLE again today?…WELL, you won’t get an AUGERment  from me! Finding ourselves standing somewhere out in a FIELDS of BEAMS, today we see three ROUGHNECKS and two DERRICKS on the JOB. A 5-man CREW. Considering that DRILLING for OIL must be BORING, the three guys shown here are said to be WELL-fitted for the job, and prove that they OIL CAN get along…In fact, one of the DERRICKS is shown saying…”They work WELL together”! Boy, some people WELL do anything to sell a pun..huh? Anyway, with our question asking what they DRILLED for together..”CREWED” OIL! Now how’s that for a pun? It’s OIL in the DELIVERY, Folks! Really good one, Dave! TOP of the LINE!

Ok, eye candy…Aside from all the blue shirts, and yellow gloves and hats, there isn’t a HOLE LOT to CONCENTRATE on…But one ROUGHNECK stands out from the QUEST…The one farthest right…For one thing, he’s making that Jeff move…You know the PROJECTing Reflecting? Whereby his tongue’s hanging out…Once again, I’m not sure if any LIP service is due…But see there in his hand, some sort of device? Is it a DUROMETER,  an ANEMOMETER, a FLOW METER…or a I’ll METER after work tonight? I have no idea! But if there’s anyone out there who’s FLUEnt on this? Feel free to DROP me a LINE…I’m always WELLing to learn something new…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And OILways remember…OILS WELL, that ends WELL!...⛽️🙋🏻