Jumble Answers for 08/02/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!      🚀👾 FLY BY FRIGHT? 👾🚀

🎶 EARTH Angel, EARTH angel…Will you be mine? My darling dear, Love you all the time…I’m just a fool, a fool in love with you…I fell for you, and I knew the vision of your loveliness…I hoped and I pray that someday, I’ll be the vision of your happiness oh, oh, oh, OH!…EARTH Angel, EARTH Angel,..The one I adore, Love you forever and ever more…I’m just a fool…A fool in love with you…🎶 “Earth Angel ( Will You Be Mine)” – The Penguins – 1954

🚀 There’s Science Fiction lovers who could WATCH this stuff all day
And swear that they could PROVE to us that Aliens are ok…
By us I mean the ones out here who’ve never been quite THROWN
By green monsters and spaceships…and whatever else is shown.
A ship from Space that stays AFLOAT and then comes down to see…
What goes on here and people actually will speak to he?
You want me to believe in this?…I’ll pass, for what it’s worth…
The Science Fiction’s not for me, for me it’s...WHAT ON EARTH? 🚀

With all of our words today being Sweet Repeats, I did find it a little ODD to see WATCH since it was just part of the July 3rd Jumble. Such a short TIME ago, right? But our other words are all late 2017 entries…OK, our cartoon: Today, Jeff brings us out to an open field, perhaps in Roswell, New Mexico. We see a SPACESHIP that has landed, and an ALIEN emerging, to the astonishment of a gathering crowd. The ALIEN, one-eyed, mustard-colored, and resembling an OCTOPUS, with his eight arms, seems friendly enough… but let’s face it, Folks, he’s still an ALIEN. He asks to be taken to an AQUARIUM, which I thought to be very ODD at first, until I realized that the inside of the SPACESHIP  has a watered floor, and there’s water trailing down through the opened door. WATER you know! A CRYING SAUCER! And despite it not being colored blue, Jeff’s drawn it in such a way as to have a rippled effect. Nice touch, Jeff. So, with the looks of total disbelief on the faces of our humans, and the SPACESHIP having landed ON EARTH, our solution to the question of what the people said? …WHAT ON EARTH?!  Good one, David! You ROCKET!

Ok, eye candy. The gentleman saying “WELCOME“, sporting a walrus type mustache, is dressed in some sort of uniform. Like the Government Agents in ET? Fringed epaulets and some medals can be seen. There’s a woman taking a picture with her phone, and a second gentleman who’s shown dropping his cup of coffee. Mouths agape are shown on all…And there’s a small dog, ditto on the gaping mouth…All nice details, but nothing EARTH Shattering…But then, in the background, are two more men. One, a runner, who’s staring and exclaiming “WHOA” at the sight and looks like he may go OFF TRACK, …and another who definitely should make the COMET books! Head down, totally SPACED OUT...He’s missing the whole thing! He’s texting on his phone!...And I had to laugh remembering how once upon a time…all we could do was “Phone Home“! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! I’m setting my PHASERS to PUN….and I’m OUTTA here…🚀👾🙋🏻