Jumble Answers for 07/22/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!          🔋 RESULT…AND BATTERY? 🔋

🎶 We want the POWER FOR THE PEOPLE..That’s all we ask in our country dear. The sick and the hungry are unable, protect them and those who may live in fear…We as the young wish to say in this song…God Bless great America, We give thanks to the old for acheiving their goal…It is now up to us and we know we must build up a trust…And we want the POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…That’s all we ask in our country dear…The sick and the hungry are unable…Protect them and those who may live in fear.. POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…POWER FOR THE PEOPLE…🎶 “Power To The People” –  Curtis Mayfield 1974 

Trying to be MODEST, the woman who stated that she would OPPOSE any man attempting to solve the contests’ RIDDLE, came forward and said that she would PREFER being assigned NUMBER One…and stood there for AWHILE as the judges mulled it over…

Good Morning, Everyone! Typical Sunday morning…Running late!! And out the door to make 7 o’clock Mass…A sentence, not in lieu of my Poem, just something until I get back to finish…See you in AWHILE!!! 🔋🙋🏻

🔋 Tom Edison was quite the man, a MODEST sort of bloke…
But since we’ve seen him recently, surprising as I woke.
Is this a sort of RIDDLE? Has Jumble made him key?
First May, then June and now again? Today makes NUMBER three!
I’ve nothing ‘gainst this noted guy, you won’t hear me OPPOSE,
His presence here, it’s quite alright…if he’s who Jumble chose.
He’s kind of like the Horseman, I think we’d all concur
Some characters show up a lot…I guess the Guys PREFER
A certain few distinctive men…after AWHILE we see…
Recurring characters they like…So Tom’s ok with me.
He isn’t Dick or Harry…or David, Jeff or Jim….
It’s Edison we have again. So…MORE POWER TO HIM! 🔋

May 13th, Mothers Day…TOM EDISON. Exactly a month ago, June 22nd...TOM EDISON!  Today…TOM EDISON! Hey..Who’s in CHARGE of this cast of characters anyway?  EnLIGHTen me, please! Ok… our words…I loved the anagrams, masterfully done, but I have to say,  as MODESTly as I can…whether they’re CURRENT words or not…I CONNECTed with them immediately…My friends, my early morning Jumble CONTACTS? It looks like RIDDLE slowed them down just a tad, and AWHILE…Well, took AWHILE! Ok, on to our cartoon…As I mentioned earlier, TOM has definitely LIT UP these pages! He’s like CURRENT events…Always there! Today we see him showing his newest INVENTION, the ALKALINE BATTERY to some adoring fans…Hey, wait a minute…I remember AL KALINE..He’s a Hall of Fame Baseball Player, who played his entire 22 year career with the Detroit Tigers! Remember him, Folks? Talk about staying POWER, right? …Oh, sorry..Where was I? Went off on a TANGENT there…Ok, let’s get to this solution…Having already INVENTED the Light Bulb and the Phonograph, just to mention two, TOM just took it with a grain of SALT..and BATTERY appeared! So WATT did people say? MORE POWER TO HIM!  Good one, David! No wonder you’re in CHARGE of these witty phrases!

Ok, eye candy…I’m going to keep it LIGHT today…The clothing? Where’d they shop at an OUTLET? I know I may seem to PLUG fashion a lot…But who looks Period perfect, and who looks like 1964…I’m just thinking it seems a little disCONNECTed, that’s all….So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! It’s been storming here in NYC for hours and hours on END…And it kept me up all night…Thank God we didn’t lose POWER, but I’m feeling DEAD already! I think I’ll take one of those POWER naps I’ve heard so much about..Hopefully it’ll RECHARGE me! 🔋🙋🏻


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/22/2018

  1. It’s a RIDDLE why some would PREFER a NUMBER puzzle and OPPOSE card games but show a MODEST interest in the daily Jumble and struggle with the solution for AWHILE.
    No problem with any of the clue words but I had to stare and think about how to arrange all those circled letters to get the clever solution. I’ll leave it to others to do research on that alkaline battery–had no idea Edison was the genius behind it.
    Great song Angela—one that I have never heard but has a powerful message.
    Your sentence shows your multi-faceted ability to not only play with puns but put perspective on playing with words in general.
    Have a great day. I’ll check in later.

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    • Good Morning, Earl! It’s a RIDDLE indeed! This Jumble is ZAPPING my STRENGTH! 😂 Just joking…Actually it CHARGES me up..but it is time consuming… And it just seems like these Sunday mornings are RUNNING me ragged! The solution came to mind in a FLASH, and yes, I agree…it’s very clever indeed…I think it’s adorable! So glad you like the song choice, it’s one of the more obscure ones in my collection, but the minute I guessed the solution, I knew I had to go with it…Thanks for the Shout Out..It was either making Mass, or writing the poem and post..As it is, I must CONFESS, there were rhyming words going on in my head when I should have been concentrating MORE on the Word of the Lord! Mea culpa, Mea culpa…I pray I’m not CHARGED with blasphemy! 😉 Love your sentence, and your alliterative OFFERING!…So, I thank you for your thoughtful tidbits, and I’ll try to take a little more time to re-tool my Sunday tasks, so as not to tend to traipse through here with too much trial and error! 😉 Have a good one, Earl! 🔋🙋🏻


  2. Morning, all –
    I also like the message of your song choice, Angela, which I didn’t know. Earl, your sentence was a brain teaser.
    For the answer, I separated the vowels and consonants and then tried to make two letter words. I came up with three but only TO made much sense. That led me to HIM, with fewer letters left to sort out for the rest.

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    • Good Morning, Carloine…Were you rained out also? We got bombed here…Going to and from Church, I saw so many downed tree limbs, and I know there was flooding on the south shore…Such crazy weather…But seeing some other parts of the country, I count my blessings…I like your approach to the solution, and I agree that Earl has a very interesting imagination, indeed! 😉 Thanks so much for the Shout Out, and I hope you’re having a good morning, and wish you a wonderful day! 🔋🙋🏻.


      • Hi Angela,
        I haven’t noticed much here. Just rain last night as far as I know. Sorry your area got hit hard. Have a great rest of the day yourself!

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      • Hey Caroline..I’m glad you were spared…Thanks for your concern. Sun’s been out now for a few hours…Craziest weather…You never know what to expect anymore! I think we’re predicted to have rain all week..Summer, right? Take care! 🙋🏻


      • Hi Caroline…LOL..Thank you! His name comes to mind every time I buy batteries! I’m such a creature of habit! And I’m happy you remember him too! ⚾️🙋🏻


  3. Being away,the link connected me,modest had me momentarily stumped,as did the final solution,as I figured out that it was more “power” to him,but was lacking the p,as I wrote down refer,rather than prefer,when copying from my IPad .Lacking a hard copy newspaper puzzle,makes it even more of a challenge.Speaking of a challenge,I was in charge of my 4 yr old twin grandkids,yesterday afternoon,with gramma away on a ” bacation ” ,as the twins said.She’s at a sisters reunion in Colorado.

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    • Good Morning, Professor! I’m LOL, because you’ve solved a puzzle of my own! The twins are your GRANDchildren! I kept thinking..a college aged daughter, among other children…and 4 year old twins? Talk about staying POWER for sure! 😂😂 NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT! As the Seinfeld episode has taught us all! 😂 But I’m thinking..And how and when does this guy find time for Golf and the Accordion??? ROTFL! I’m sorry, Chuck, I apologize for pushing the envelope…it’s just that you did have me wondering! Congrats on your beautiful family, Sir…both generations of it! Ok, the puzzle…Glad you had access to the online version at least…but I can see you’re a creature of habit, and rather the hard copy…I can understand..But you overcame and that’s what counts! And MORE POWER TO YOU, Sir being in CHARGE of the twins! Bacation or no bacation, that’s quite a handful! Have a good one, Chuck…And again, I hope my curiosity hasn’t offended…You’ve been quite enLIGHTening this morning! 🔋🙋🏻


  4. Just to clarify,I have 3 kids ,a daughter ,who has a daughter and 3 sons,a middle son who has 2 girls,and my youngest son,who is the Dad of the twins.So being a retired math prof,I’ll help you out,that’s 8 grandkids: 5 girls,and 3 boys.
    And you’re right between the grandkids and accordion,golf has taken a hit.

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    • ROTFL! I’m up to my elbows rolling meatballs, but I’m stopping for this! You have me LOL! I may be Math challenged, Sir…but addition was never the problem! 😂 😂 And I hope you know I wasn’t prying, just marveling! You have a wonderful lot there! Mazel, Chuck, you done good! God Bless, ❤️ you’re a lucky man! So…Just where ARE the twins while you’re busy here? 😂😂 Have a good one, Prof! You’ve made my morning! 🙋🏻


      • LOL…No, it’s never was! Trouble started much later with the Geometry and the Trig…I was COUNTING boys by then..and it was cramping my style!!! 😂😂😂 🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Only the last two words caused a pause, once to see the old-fashioned nickname “Poop-se” before putting the OP first and seeing OPPOSE, then considering feeding Mentos to Dr. Demento before seeing MODEST. I have no idea how I saw the answer – I stared at the letters for about 2 minutes and was just about to give up when it magically appeared.

    They could have said “Ohm my God, this current invention is the best yet”.
    Credit to Alessandro Volta for inventing the generic battery though, and making Edison’s possible.

    Angela, Mediocre Minds think alike – I’ve also always thought that if the Detroit Tigers outfielder had been used in an emergency to pitch one inning and catch the next, he would have been his own Al Kaline battery.
    And your song inspired this memory:
    🎵”I gotta ask you comrades and brothers
    How do you treat you own woman back home?
    She’s got to be herself so she can free herself
    Singing power to the people, right on”🎵 – John Lennon *1971*

    Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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    • Hey G…Lennon very, VERY briefly crossed my mind this morning, but it’s not pure..and you know how I’m a stickler for the pure when it comes to my music. Got the PLASTIC Ono Band in that mix..Enough said, eh? 😉 NEVER a fan of hers at all. And she couldn’t hold a CANDLE to Mayfield! As for Al Kaline…Old BATTERY joke from when I was a kid, so I thought I’d throw him in…And his rare STAYING POWER just clinched the deal…😉 But we do share the mediocre mind…and we’re not PLASTIC…We’re proud to admit it! Volta? You mention him, you may as well bring up Plantè, Leclanche, and Gassner too…It’ll be every TOM, Allessandro, and Harry! Don’t STEEL the man’s THUNDER!! It’s just a cartoon, G, it’s America! ALVA have none of this NEGATIVITY here! Next thing we know, we’ll be all WET if we don’t mention the Energizer Bunny! 😂 Edison was LIGHT years ahead, IMO….He was just born a LITtle too late! And I’m going on RECORD to say that he was POSITIVEly the best! 😉 OHM..men! 😂 Have a good one, Steve! Keep PLUGging away, Bud! 😂🔋🙋🏻


      • 🎵” ’Hello son, I hope you’re having fun’
        ‘You’ve got it wrong Sir, I’m only the cleaner’
        Robbery, assault and battery, the felon and his felony”🎵

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  6. Good afternoon. Like Earl I never heard that song before. You Angela certainly broaden my musical narrow scope of music. It is a powerful number. I didn’t have much trouble with the words today. Even though I had to make a third pass to get them all. The cartoon answer just took a little studying before I solved it. This whole week was fairly easy. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Afternoon, Brooklyn! It was getting late..I thought for a minute there you might have gotten stuck at a HIGH Mass or something! Happy you made it! Thanks for the Shout Out! And you know I’m happy to broaden all your interests! 😉 Just jet me know where I can be of help! 😉 I’m glad you got a CHARGE out of todays’ song…And as for 1st pass, 2nd pass, 3rd pass…Who’s counting? (Maybe just Chuck…but he can’t help himsel)! 😂 As long as you had fun getting there, that’s all that MATTERs! 😉 It has been a pretty easy week, right? ..Let’s hope the CURRENT trend continues! Ok, more serious matters..How’s the allergy going? NUMBERs down a little today…Brooklyn’s looking at a Moderate level for grass…I hope you’re feeling better, Bud…And I hope you’re enjoying your day! Ciao, Bello! 🔋🙋🏻


      • I went out and got the 24hr Claritin-D. I’m hoping I’ll feel like a human being again. It’s been over four years at least that I felt this bad. I did enjoy Al Kaline growing up.

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      • Hey Paul…That’s what I take. I didn’t want to say it to you y’day, since you really can’t go around telling people what meds to take..My Father used to say..”What’d’ya got the shingle hanging outside”? 😂😂 My Dr told me to get it OTC a few years ago, when I went to him twice SWEARING that I needed anti-biotics for my throat!! Twice! He told me not to come back any more! (He shakes his head at me a lot too…A whole lot…He says I should be written up in a few of the Journals…(don’t ask for what))!!! It’s really helped me, I’ve been using it the last few summers…Try it out..but if you go 3-4 days, and you still feel like crap? I’d see a Dr. Just Sayin’…Al Kaline…”Mr Tiger”! .22 years with the same club! Imagine? That’s some run…..Did you hear the latest? Syndergaard on the DL with hand, foot and mouth disease? You can’t make this stuff up! The Mets can’t win for losing! SMH…He was working at some kids camp…I keep telling everybody…Those kid gems? Get ya every time!!! Hope you’re gonna watch the game…We’re Mets fans…Watch the game? You’ll forget YOUR troubles… Hang in there, Bud…I hope you feel better….🤒🙋🏻


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